Winter Weather Checklist: 9 Things You Need To Prepare For

Posted by: on December 21st, 2011 | 2 Comments
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Winter is right around the corner. While you’re busy looking forward to the fun stuff — like cold-weather camping, winter sports, snowball fights and snow angels — make sure you’re prepared for the not-so-fun stuff like icy roads, frosts, freezing rain and heavy snow. Here are 10 things you’ll need to be prepare for winter weather and whatever it throws your way.

1.  Snowblower. We live in a busy world. Who really has time to be shoveling snow? A snowblower makes clearing your sidewalk and street faster and easier. Learn how to choose a snowblower that meets your needs.

2.  Portable Heating. A portable heater allows you to keep warm while reducing heating costs. Read all warnings and follow fire safety precautions when using portable heaters.

3.  Insulation. Now is a good time to update your home insulation. There are several insulation options including blow-in insulation. Watch our video tutorial on buying insulation.

4.  HVAC Check-Up. If you haven’t done so, now is a good time for that annual HVAC system check-up. The check-up can identify major issues like carbon monoxide leaks and problems with your furnace. (At the very least, change your air filters.)

5.  Air Filters. Replace air filters every three months. Also, check the filter manufacturer’s instructions. Some manufacturers have specific information regarding air filter replacement. Learn how to buy air filters that are right for your home.

6.  Programmable Thermostat. No one likes coming home to a cold house or receiving a huge heating bill because the heat has been left running all day. A programmable thermostat lets you set a time for your heater to turn on. Check out this video on how to program thermostats.

7.  Car Safety Kit. Don’t be caught in winter weather without a car safety kit – this year, create your own car safety kit. The kit should include a bag of sand, tools, a tire pressure gauge, a flashlight, a first aid kit (including any necessary prescriptions) and an ice scraper.

8.  Batteries. No matter where you live one thing holds true … winter weather is unpredictable. Power outages often occur during winter storms. Stock up on batteries and have them on hand when harsh winter weather strikes.

9.  Generator. A generator is a lifesaver during extended power outages. This back up power keeps your home moving without a glitch.


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  1. Scott Germaise says:

    You should note to be sure to get the proper gauge extension cords when you mention their use for portable heaters or lights. (And to use outdoor type cords if lights are outside.)