15 Tips to Prepare Your Patio and Outdoor Spaces for Spring

Posted by: on January 30th, 2011 | 2 Comments
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The bug has bitten!  Well the spring bug that is…

My sister up in Boston sent me some pics of her yard this weekend and it looks like at least 4 feet of snow everywhere! Here in Atlanta, we were lucky enough to have a weekend preview of this upcoming thing called “spring”.

Now I know some of you folks up in Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and throughout the country are wondering if spring will ever arrive.  Well hang on friends IT IS COMING!  It just may take a little while longer, but it is coming!

For all of you spring dreamers out there, it’s time to start planning for your gardens, patios and backyards. I know there may be a ton of snow covering everything up, but thinking about your spring plans now may just help you get through winter’s big push over the next month or so.

Here’s a list of the core 15-spring to-do’s for getting your outdoor living space ready for that great weather to come.  There may be more or less depending on your spaces, but these are the main steps to getting your patio or outdoor space ready when that first hint of spring comes knocking on your door.

  • Powerwash the patio surface, etc.  Gets all of the winter mucks off of your surfaces
  • Scrub your patio furniture cushions.  No matter how you store them, they usually need freshened up or replaced.
  • Uncover your patio furniture or pull it out of storage.  Fold and store your furniture covers in your deck box or shed.
  • Scrub your patio furniture with an environmentally friendly cleaner.
  • If you don’t have aluminum furniture or if your aluminum furniture has parts made of other metals, touching up the weathered or rusty parts with Rust Oleum is a good thing to do to keep everything in good shape.
  • If you have teak furniture or furniture made from another type of wood, you can clean and oil all of the teak or wooden surfaces.
  • If you have stored away your outdoor rugs, now is the time to bring them out before you place your furniture.  If your rugs have been outside all winter, a good cleaning (or even pressure washing depending on how sturdy the fibers are) will make it shine for spring.
  • Check all of your landscaping lights for any needed repairs or bulb changes.
  • Pull out and scrub your stored flowerpots with warm water (Don’t use any soap or any chemicals that will contaminate the potting soils that you will need to add.  Dawn works well.).
  • Give your grill a good spring-cleaning and tune up.
  • Trim any shrubs or stray branches that may have grown into your patio or path areas.  Be careful not to prune any of your spring bloomers!
  • Fresh mulch in your flowerbeds and landscaped areas dress up your space and give your plants and shrubs their spring protection against fluctuating temperatures and last minute spring storms.
  • Be sure to really inspect your flowerbeds or landscaped areas for stray garbage or other foreign objects that winter storms may have washed into your garden.
  • Treat your lawn and garden for late winter weeds and pre-emergent to keep weeds manageable throughout the spring.
  • Freshen up your outdoor living space by bringing your outdoor accessories or by adding new lanterns, lights, pillows, flower pots, etc.

Let me know the steps and ideas that you take to get ready for spring!

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