2011 EPA WaterSense Retail Partner Of The Year

Posted by: on October 6th, 2011 | 7 Comments
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Every year the EPA recognizes WaterSense® partners who are dedicated to increasing the awareness of water-efficient products, practices and services. And this year, The Home Depot is the proud recipient of the 2011 WaterSense® Retail Partner of the Year award.

The Home Depot was the first major retailer to sell only WaterSense® labeled bathroom sink faucets and now more than two-thirds of all bathroom fixtures stocked carry the label – including toilets and showerheads. Conserving water is a major initiative for us and we are committed to continuing to make water-saving products attractive, affordable and convenient without sacrificing quality or value.

Last year alone, The Home Depot helped save customers 27 million gallons of water and $174 million on water utility bills with our complete line of WaterSense® labeled products through our Eco Options brand. “We believe that success breeds success and that winning the 2011 EPA WaterSense® Retail Partner of the Year award will motivate us to do even more in promoting water efficiency,” said Ron Jarvis, vice president of Environmental. “We will continue to increase our assortment of WaterSense® rated products in 2012 and beyond.”

Visit homedepot.com for more information about our WaterSense® products and how they can help save you water and money, as well as our huge selection of bath products, accessories and hardware.

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  1. David Hecht says:

    Who do I contact about education on rain barrels or Rain gardens? Do you have any videos on these topics?

  2. David Stephens says:

    I just discovered this morning that another kitchen sink faucet has started to fail. This is the second one to fail due to the EPA mandated flow restrictor additions failing. Prior to these mandates, faucets would last decades. Now they last just past the warrenty and cost a geat deal more to replace. We tax payers are paying the saleries of those bureaucrats to impose these mandates on us. On average, those saleries and benefits cost the tax payer over $120,000.00 per year per bureaucrat and there are tens of thousands of them. The land fills are now getting many more plumbing fixtures that they used to get. Just this weekend, I replaced the garbage disposal. Due to the mandated low water flow, the unit has to run longer and as a result, wore out earlier. Same issue with land fills and garbage disposals. Since I run the water longer, no water is actually saved. Time is wasted in every way imaginable. If you can find some reason in this madness, I am willing to listen but as a physics expert with environmental awards dating back nearly 50 years, you will be a distinct disadvantage in the reasoning department. I suppose the increase in both cost and failure rates are of benefit to Home Depot.

    • Ayana Glaze says:

      I’m sorry you are having trouble with your kitchen faucet, David. I’d like to forward your complaint to the appropriate department so they can research this issue and determine if this problem is a trend with any particular brand. What is the brand name, product name and item number of the kitchen faucet is it that is giving you trouble?

  3. Darren Ryan says:

    Congrats to the entire Home Depot team!

  4. erik says:

    its too hard to apply for a job. make it easier for people.

    • Laura Fries says:

      Erik – Sorry that you’ve been having trouble! The website for Home Depot careers is careers.homedepot.com. Hope that helps.