Backyard Makeover With Color and Comfort

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Backyard Makeover With Color and Comfort: Eileen Beaver on her backyard deck with her dog Rowan

Even an interior designer can neglect the “exterior design” when moving into a new house. But the day comes when it’s definitely time for a backyard makeover.

That pretty much describes the situation with Eileen Beaver. She’s all about excellent design, as you’ll see on her blog A Creative Day, but her backyard was kind of underwhelming. 

That is, until she took part in our Patio Style Challenge. That’s where we send some of our favorite design and decor bloggers new patio sets from The Home Depot to generate great patio and deck decorating ideas. 

Eileen’s new, improved backyard is colorful and stylish, but keeps comfort and outdoor relaxation a priority. It’s great for lounging or entertaining. (We’re hoping for an invitation to brunch on her back deck sometime soon.) There’s a hanging herb garden, too!

Take a look…


The mister and I are true South Carolinians–year-long outdoor living is our way of life. The weather is gorgeous most of the year, which calls for many backyard brunches, glasses of wine and grilling. We bought our 1940s bungalow in the winter of last year and spent most of the year renovating the interior, which left our sadly neglected back yard to be tackled this spring.

When The Home Depot asked me to participate in the Patio Style Challenge, it was the perfect push to create a welcoming living space out of an area that had definitely gotten the short end of the stick!

Backyard Makeover With Color and Comfort: Brunch on the deck

Here is a glimpse at the backyard before we got to work on improving it:

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Backyard Patio Ideas: A Pergola, DIY Decor and Family Fun

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Backyard Patio Ideas: A Pergola, DIY Decor and Family Fun

If you don’t have a patio, build one! Add a pergola over your new patio, and the decoration possibilities are endless. 

Blogger Joni Lay was just brimming with backyard patio ideas… even though she didn’t actually have a patio. That made it a cinch that we should invite her to join our Patio Style Challenge. We send awesome design and decor bloggers new patio sets and gift cards from The Home Depot. Then we stand back and let them blow us away with their creative patio decorating ideas. 

Joni (and her husband and her dad) created her patio and pergola from scratch, and then used her DIY skills to turn it into a splendid outdoor living room suitable for family time or easy entertaining.

One more thing: You’ll see from her blog Lay Baby Lay that Joni often gets her three-year-old involved in the decorating process. That’s the case here, too. Prepare to be amazed.   


I’m the mama of two active little girls (3 and 14 months!), and we spend a lot of time outdoors, so I was very excited to participate in the Patio Style Challenge with The Home Depot. It was a chance to do a little work on our backyard and make a space that is comfortable for our family to enjoy. We also recently turned the dining room of our bungalow into a nursery upon Brigette’s arrival, so we are excited to have some more dining space!

Backyard Patio Ideas: A Pergola with DIY Decor

While we have a smaller home, we actually have a pretty great yard with a lot of room (and we love throwing parties!), but we haven’t been making great use of the space. I loved this little area underneath a lovely dogwood, so that is where we decided to build a patio and pergola.

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Patio Decor for Easy Outdoor Entertaining

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Patio Decor for Easy Outdoor Entertaining

Lifestyle blogger Carrie Waller knows how to throw a party. For ample proof of that, just take a look at her charming DIY wedding. She makes it look so easy.

And easy entertaining is the subject we’re interested in here. Easy outdoor entertaining, specifically. We asked Carrie to show us how she’d set her backyard deck up for a little dining al fresco with a few friends. It’s part of our Patio Style Challenge series in which we send a Home Depot patio set to prominent lifestyle bloggers to see the amazing patio decor ideas they come up with.

Carrie served up a delicious grilled pizza recipe, a couple of easy DIY projects for the table setting and tips for a simple tablescape guaranteed to make guests feel welcomed.

Read on to see her ideas for easy outdoor entertaining.

When it comes to entertaining, for me it’s all about simplifying. I fill the gaps between platters of homemade finger foods with store-bought goodies. I have a running collection of special occasion dishes within easy reach, and I grab up budget linens whenever I see them on sale. All to make last minute parties a cinch to pull off.

But outdoor entertaining? With so many additional layers, like indoor/outdoor fabrics, casual (read: unbreakable!) party ware and chic accessories fit for the outdoors, it was only recently that I gathered the gumption to try it out myself.

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Outdoor Decorating Ideas: A Lush, Eclectic, Bohemian LA Patio

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Outdoor Decorating Ideas: A Lush, Eclectic, Bohemian LA Patio

Outdoor decor should be bold, bright and fun. At least that’s what Justina Blakeney says. 

Justina is a designer and stylist in Los Angeles who has created a one-of-kind patio for her vintage bungalow that proves you can pull out all the stops when you’re decorating your outdoor space.

Justina writes about her eclectic, international design sensibilities on her blog simply called Justina Blakeney. We were thrilled she agreed to take us up on our Patio Style Challenge– we sent her a Home Depot patio set, and she styled a gorgeous patio around it. 

It’s a tour de force of bohemian style, with delicious color, dazzling patterns, lush greenery and easy comfort. Take a look at the photos, and read on for her distinctive outdoor decorating ideas. 

A patio overhaul at my Los Angeles 1920s bungalow (jungalow!) rental was LONG overdue. Ever since I had my baby girl eighteen months ago the plants in our container garden were dunzo–only the kale survived the drought.

Trees were overgrown–and not in a ‘rustic’ way–in a neglected way. The hodgepodge of furniture that I had more-or-less dumped out there was looking, well, dumpy, and as the spring rapidly approached I knew something had to give.

Enter the Home Depot Style Challenge (and the help of Sara Bauer from Immaculate Space) to give it the makeover it so desperately needed.

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Small Patio Ideas: Making the Most of a Small Urban Space

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Small Patio Ideas: Making the Most of a Small Urban Space

It is entirely possible to create a gorgeous and inviting outdoor space on a small patio, or even a tiny apartment balcony. You can even enjoy some urban gardening in your small outdoor space. You just need a few tips and ideas.

That’s where Gloribell Lebron comes in. She’s a Miami-based designer who writes about decor and lifestyle on I Don’t Know How She Does It! And she just happens to live in an apartment with a small balcony, so who better to go to for small patio ideas? 

That’s why we invited her to take part in our Patio Style Challenge. We send Home Depot patio sets to some of the best bloggers on the Internet and challenge them to create comfortable and attractive outdoor spaces.

Gloribell did that and more. Not only does she share her small patio decorating tips, but she also has some urban gardening ideas, too. And take a look at the gorgeous photos of her apartment balcony!

Patio? I don’t have a patio? Oh, you mean that small outdoor space where I keep all my gardening stuff and where I pretend to have a green thumb? Since I live in a condominium in Miami, I prefer to call this area an urban space (aka balcony… go figure!)

Although I have a very small “patio”, getting on board the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge was a personal challenge I was happy to accept.

Small Patio Ideas: The concept


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Front Porch Decorating Ideas: Southern Charm with Mediterranean Color

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Front Porch Decorating Ideas: Southern Charm with Mediterranean Color

Amy Mikkelsen will tell you that, for the best front porch decorating ideas, you might want to look to the South.

She’s the author of a decorating and lifestyle blog called Your Southern Peach, so she should know. She gave her front porch a complete makeover for our Patio Style Challenge. We sent her a new patio furniture set, and challenged her to amaze us with her patio decorating ideas.

We love her new front porch, with its charm and comfort. Her ideas would apply to a back deck or a patio as much as a front porch. But we were a little surprised when we learned where her color inspiration came from. 

Read on for Amy’s front porch makeover.

The South is known for it’s hospitality and nothing welcomes guests like a gorgeous front porch! I also love sneaking away to the porch throughout the day for a glass of iced tea, to listen to a rain storm or simply catch my breath. It’s amazing what ten minutes under a porch fan can do for a busy mom!  Life seems to slow down on the front porch, doesn’t it?

Front Porch Decorating Ideas: Functional, soothing, comfortable and Southern

Prior to this, we only had two wooden rocking chairs and a small side table so seating was limited, as was table space and style. When I envisioned my front porch for the Home Depot Style Challenge, I wanted it to be functional, soothing, comfortable and southern!

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Patio Decor Ideas: A Modern, Family-Friendly Deck

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Patio Decor Ideas: A Modern, Family-Friendly Deck

It’s impossible to say which of the very creative and family-friendly patio decor ideas we love the most from Lesley Graham, but the porch swing might be it. And when we say porch swing, it might not be exactly what you’re thinking.

Lesley has tons of great ideas for decorating and raising a family on her eponymous blog Lesley W Graham. We asked her to take part in our Patio Style Challenge. That’s where we send new Home Depot patio sets to some of the best decor bloggers on the Internet and challenge them to amaze us with their patio decor ideas.

Lesley and her husband created what amounts to an outdoor family room that’s great for relaxing, entertaining, or just watching their girls grow up. And it looks smashing, too. It’s modern and attractive, yet it blends seamlessly with their vintage farmhouse.

And there’s a swing. 

She tells us all about how she did it… 

When we first started dreaming up this space I had several things in mind: kid-friendly, modern farmhouse style, and that we wanted the patio (or back deck in our case) to be an extension of our kitchen. We’ve been renovating a 1910 farmhouse outside of Atlanta for a little over a year. We didn’t really touch the outside until we got a handle on our interior. My vision for our home from the beginning has been “modern farmhouse.” I want a clean, modern aesthetic with touches of traditional farmhouse.

Patio Decor Ideas: Clean, modern aesthetic with touches of traditional farmhouse


Our back deck is not very big and it originally looked like this picture below. Sad.

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DIY Tray and Spray-Painted Coasters

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DIY Tray and Spray-Painted Coasters


When she created her gorgeous outdoor living room for our Patio Style Challenge, Stephanie Fisher also created a cute and colorful DIY tray and spray-painted coasters. She’s the author of the design and DIY blog Glitter and Goat Cheese, so we were thrilled when shared with us this tutorial–two tutorials, actually– for her fuchsia and gold tray and her spray-painted coasters.

Both these DIY projects are easy and inexpensive. Have fun!

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Patio Decorating Ideas: Turning a Deck into an Outdoor Living Room

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Patio Decorating Ideas: Turning a Deck into an Outdoor Living Room

When you want to turn your deck into a veritable outdoor living room, think about the virtual walls and ceiling. That’s the secret behind Stephanie Fisher’s absolutely gorgeous deck makeover. 

Stephanie blogs about decorating and DIY on Glitter and Goat Cheese. She took part in our Patio Style Challenge, where we send Home Depot patio sets to some of the best decor bloggers on the Internet. They then share their deck and patio decorating ideas as they create attractive and comfortable outdoor spaces.

Stephanie told us she was going to build a pergola over her back deck. But we are blown away by how she used that structure to completely transform her deck into an enchanting place for entertaining or just relaxing on warm summer evenings. Read on to see how she created this extraordinary outdoor space.  

When my husband and I started house hunting a couple years ago, one of our strict requirements was a fenced yard with a deck. We love being outside with our dog, Macy–whether we’re chasing her around in circles, savoring a cup of coffee, or (my husband’s favorite) obsessing over the lawn. My dream was a comfortable, inviting deck that would become an extension of our home.

Well, we found a house that matched our requirements, but our deck has been sadly neglected since we moved in. Thank goodness for The Home Depot–this year, we finally have the outdoor living room of our dreams!

Before this Patio Style Challenge, our outdoor area was in a sad state. The deck itself was in decent shape, but there was no structure to the space. One end held our grill, an old metal dining table sat in the middle, and the other end housed two cheap patio loungers. One of our first goals was to define a living area with an attached pergola.

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Patio Decor Ideas: Lounging Inspiration from the Patio Style Challenge

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As we get ready for the 2014 Patio Style Challenge, we thought we’d share some of our favorite patio decor ideas from past editions.

Inviting friends over for an impromptu evening soiree is easy when your home is prepped and ready. These outdoor spaces, styled by our fabulous Style Challenge bloggers, are here to inspire you to get your outdoor spaces ready to impress.

Patio Decor Ideas: Dark neutrals and warm tones with a few metallics and bright green foliage.

This cozy, covered deck styled by the talented Joselyn Taylor of Simple Lovely is basically a big comfy pile of pillows, right? We love the way Joselyn accented dark neutrals and warm tones with a few metallics and bright green foliage.

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