DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Your Sweetheart: #1 Getting a Grip

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Day 1 of 14: DIY Valentine’s Gifts for your Sweetheart finds our writers discussing great Home Depot products or projects for gift ideas. In today’s segment, Caroline and Jae find romance in a red goo.


Champagne Glasses with red plasti-dip coating


Caroline:  I was wandering around in Home Depot the other day when I ran across this really cool stuff that could make a great DIY Valentine’s gift. It’s a rubberized protective coating product called Plasti Dip.

Jae: That doesn’t sound as good as a Get Out of Valentine’s Day Free card, but I’m intrigued. You found this rubber stuff called Plasti Dip, and it made you think of Valentine’s Day? OK, Cupid what’s the idea?

Caroline: The idea is to buy some Plasti Dip in red—for Valentine’s Day—and use it to upgrade the handles of your sweetheart’s pliers and socket wrenches. It’s a really easy do-it-yourself project. Just dip the handles in the Plasti Dip, let them dry, and then give them a second application to give the grips an extra layer of comfort. The tools will handle like new, with a nice non-slip grip.

Jae: I don’t know if I’d want you dipping my tools in plastic goo. This DIY Valentine’s Gift sounds like a honey-do-Valentine’s-Day surprise gone wrong to me. And I’m thinking there might be something even more interesting we could do with this stuff.

Caroline:  Let’s just say there’s nothing wrong with giving the DIYer in the house a little incentive to start a remodeling project he or she has been putting off. And actually the Plasti Dip works great.


Jae:  Actually, having seen the results, your Valentine’s Day gift idea isn’t bad.

But I think you’re missing a chance to make your gift something special, and even more festive: use that red Plasti-Dip on a couple of champagne glasses and pair them some roses and a bottle of bubbly.

The process is the same: in the Plasti Dip, let them dry, and then give them a second application.



It looks cool, and it protects the glasses. And best of all, it makes the glasses match the roses.


Plasti-dip coating for champagne glasses

Caroline:  Sounds like the whole “Too Cool for Romance” persona you’ve been cultivating is starting to go a little soft.

Jae: Let’s not jump to conclusions here. I’m still looking for a Get Out of Valentine’s Day Free card, but this project is pretty close to that.

Editor’s Note: If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, how can you choose the best Valentine’s Gift for someone on the other planet? Our DIY Valentine’s Gifts series highlights 14 great Home Depot gift ideas for your sweetie.

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  2. YAY! SO glad you guys loved our plasti-dip flatware enough to try your own!! I *almost* dipped my stemware too! LOVE the way it came out. So so so cute!!


    A. Auer

  3. Andy says:


    I actually did this last night. I first taped the part of the glass where the wine is poured into on the first one because I was afraid of dripping, however, it didn’t drip at ALL!

    I was surprised by that. (we are having wine…. instead of champaigne)

    The 4 glasses that I did turned out really well… I sort of wanted them to go all the way up the stem, however, it looks just as good if you do not go all the way.

    Since my girlfriend is an artist (and I’m an IT guy… trying to do creative things), I covered a few paint brushes with this plastic dip too. I put a rose and a paint brush in each glass.

    I also cut out a piece of card board with her favorite rose pattern cut out… and covered it with this plastic dip. To my surprise – it came out fairly even and looks pretty good!


    I’m a HUGE fan of how this “community” page is set up.. And you saved my butt for valentines day with your blog :)

  4. Amanda says:

    Looks great to me!

  5. Antonio says:

    El día de hoy no se pudo consultar nada en la página de internet de HomeDepot USA, favor de corregir ya que se necesita buscar herramientas y demás, saludos y gracias.

  6. david says:

    your site is down, in the middle of the week during business hours. are you insane? heading to sadly