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My name is Pamela and PB&Jstories is the place where I share my DIY secrets, projects, and tutorials. We moved into our house in 2010 and have been doing our own DIY projects to turn this house into a home. Beyond the how to’s and the how NOT to’s you’ll be able to follow along with the stories of my family, Pamela (P), the hubs Billy (B) and our adorable 3 year old Jackson (J). Together we make up PB&J and this is our story. My love of working hard and creativity has come together to be a perfect blend for my blog PB&Jstories. PB&Jstories started as a landing ground to compile my ideas, and projects for our home. Since then it has grown to be a part of who I am. PB&Jstories is ME. It’s my passion, my ideas, my projects, my innovations, my creativity, my mistakes, my triumphs, my journey. I applaud those that want to experience the journey with me, as you’ll hurdle the impossibilities with me, we’ll celebrate accomplishments together, we’ll discover new realms of how to’s and tutorials. We’ll enjoy the wonderfulness of DIYing it together.

Christmas Décor Ideas for the Front Door by Pamela of PB&J Stories

Posted by: on November 15th, 2012 | 9 Comments

In our Style Challenge series, we ask some of our favorite bloggers from around the web to surprise us with their ideas for creating a stylish and functional space using Home Depot products as a starting point. Pamela Stephens of PB&J Stories took up our Holiday Style Challenge, and she came through with a fabulous Christmas front [...]

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