Day 8 of 14: DIY Valentine’s Gifts for your Sweetheart finds our writers discussing great Home Depot products or projects for gift ideas. In today’s edition, Shaina tells Craig how to make do-it-yourself project romantic, especially for the woman who wields tools. 

This can be a romantic Valentine gift. Really.


Craig:  Valentine’s Day is all about romance and chocolates and flowers, of course. But there’s no reason it can’t be a day for practicality, too. I’d like to suggest to the guys that a tool kit could be a terrific gift for Valentine’s Day. I say give your squeeze a tool bag.

Shaina:  A tool bag?! That’s not very romantic. Any guy who resorts to that is likely to be spending the night in the garage on Valentine’s Day night. What will you propose next?–a new motor for your bass boat?

Craig:  There are in fact lots of women who are the do-it-yourselfers in the house, and I’m not saying you just give her an empty tool bag. Dress it up! Add some chocolates and some long stemmed roses.

Make the tool bag part of the presentation. If your sweetie isn’t the DIY type, she gets the chocolates… and the guy gets to keep the new tool bag. See? Everyone’s happy.

Shaina:  Unless there’s a diamond ring at the bottom of that bag, this still sounds like a guaranteed spot on the garage floor that night.

How about we make it a real DIY Valentine’s gift?

Every woman has some sort of repair or remodeling project she’d like to get done—whether she plans to do it herself, or it’s on her “honey do” list. Why not make THAT the gift?

Decide on a project that needs doing, buy the tools you might need to get it done, and put those in the bag. (Along with the flowers and chocolates, of course.) And then offer to do the job for her, or to be her assistant if she’s more of the do-it-herself type.

Women love a man who can take care of them, and doing projects together is a sure way to a woman’s heart.

I’m sure you already know this but has tons of tools to choose from–hand toolspower toolscordless tools, you name it!

Remember: doing it for her or with her is actually pretty romantic.

Craig:  Not so romantic that we could skip the flowers and chocolates, though, right?

Shaina:  I don’t care how big the DIY project is, it won’t be big enough to skip the flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Never skip the flowers and chocolates if you know what’s good for you.

Editor’s Note: If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, how can you choose the best Valentine’s Gift for someone on the other planet? Our DIY Valentine’s Gifts series highlights 14 great Home Depot gift ideas for your sweetie.

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