Bird Feeders, Bird Baths and Bird Houses

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Bird watching can be one of the more relaxing pastimes, especially as spring unfurls its colors and our feathered friends add their symphony of song to the season.

There’s a Cardinal swooping down to sample sunflower seeds from the feeder. Over there, a Wren takes a dip. And is that a Red Breasted Woodpecker inspecting a new home for bugs?

Now is a great time to visit The Home Depot Garden Center and discover the wide selection of bird feeders, bird baths and bird houses available.  You’ll find feeders that cater to the specific bird types you hope to attract from Chickadees to Hummingbirds.  With over 200 makes and models, The Home Depot has the perfect feeder for your backyard. And if you need help narrowing your choices, our Bird Feeder Buying Guide offers assistance.

Our vast array of baths offer birds a place to refresh themselves in styles, colors and materials to fit any landscape or personal taste…at a price that’s right for you.

If you’re in the market for a bird house, we’ve got everything from traditional looks to mini-mansions available. Learn how size, placement and features factor in to attracting particular birds in our Bird House Buying Guide. It may just help you pick the perfect place!

Give the Goldfinches, Tufted Titmice, Robins and more a reason to drop by your backyard.  Then, sit back and enjoy the scene and songs.

If bird droppings become a nuisance, bird spikes prove an effective and humane way to keep Pigeons, Crows and Seagulls from landing on window sills, ledges, rooflines and eaves.

Come see the many ways The Home Depot and may improve your bird calls.

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