Home Depot Kids Workshop: Load ’N Go Truck

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Home Depot Kids Workshop: Load 'n Go Truck


Erin Spain of the blog DIY on the Cheap got to preview with her boys one of the Home Depot Kids Workshop projects– the Load ’n Go Truck. It will be the featured Kids Workshop project at Home Depot stores across the country Saturday, June 6. Get more information about the free workshop at the end of this article. 

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French Inspired Courtyard Design Ideas

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French Inspired Courtyard Design Ideas


It’s hard to imagine a more lovely spot for relaxing outdoors than a French courtyard. That’s exactly what inspired these courtyard design ideas by Destiny Alfonso of the home and lifestyle blog Just Destiny Mag

Destiny untook her courtyard makeover as part of our ongoing Patio Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We sent her a new patio set to spark her outdoor decor ideas, and Destiny took it from there.

We love how Destiny mixed materials, textures and colors… and even considered what her French courtyard should sound like. She ended up with a small courtyard that’s comfortable, attractive and full of European charm.  

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Patio Decorating Ideas for Entertaining and Family Fun

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Patio Decorating Ideas for Entertaining and Family Fun

These patio decorating ideas will help you create an outdoor space that is great for entertaining guests or just enjoying time outdoors with the kids. This is a contribution to our Patio Style Challenge series by Jennifer Lippi of Decorating Delirium. We sent Jennifer a new patio set to help launch Jennifer’s excellent patio decor ideas. 

Jennifer makes full use of her patio, including a lovely conservatory-inspired lounging area near her swimming pool. You wouldn’t know it by looking, but the poolside decor is also a clever way she came up with the hide some weathered stucco. You’ll also see her ingenious repurposing of a classic sunburst mirror.

And then there are the giant inflatable swans.

There truly is something for everyone in Jennifer’s patio decorating ideas.  

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New Ways to Use Decorative Hooks from Young House Love

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YHL Product Collage

Best selling authors John and Sherry of Young House Love have a new line of  decorative hooks you can only find at The Home Depot. They initially conceived of these Young House Love home storage hooks as picture hangers, but they can also work just as well as wall hooks and cabinet or furniture hardware. So whether you choose to hang a frame from one, add a few for coat hooks near the door, or replace some furniture pulls, these knobs and hooks can provide a decor update that should only take you a couple of minutes to complete.

Here, John and Sherry show us three ways they’re using their new hardware, and they even show us a clever DIY to customize one of their hooks. 

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Garage Organization Makeover Creates Tidy Workshop

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Garage Organization Makeover Creates Tidy Workshop

Laura Putnam and her husband Dana make their living crafting maple syrup in New York’s Hudson Valley. Their garage is very important to them– it’s their workshop, storage space and… their garage. But a garage organization makeover was long overdue. Take a look at the amazing job Laura and Dana did taming the clutter in their garage, turning it into a tidy, well organized and pleasant place to work on projects and park their vehicles. 


Do you have an area in your home that is an absolute mess and out of control? For us, it has long been our garage. Last winter did us in, and our garage was out of hand. We finally had enough and teamed up with The Home Depot not only to get our garage organization skills in gear, but also to set up the perfect DIY workshop.

If you have been thinking about doing this for a long time, do it! Don’t wait any longer. I can not believe how good it feels to have the space in order and so usable. We can find everything we need and we are excited to start tackling some new DIY projects now that we have the perfect space to work on them.

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Home Depot’s Christmas Light Trade-In Event 2014

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Home Depot Christmas Light Trade In


The 2014 Christmas Light Trade-In Has Ended 

Thanks for participating!




It’s time to switch to LED Christmas lights, and The Home Depot wants to make that easy to do. That’s why The Home Depot is holding its 2014 Christmas Light Trade-In Event!

Starting November 6, 2014 take your old incandescent Christmas light strings to The Home Depot for recycling. You’ll receive a $3, $4 or $5 discount toward the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified LED Christmas lights. You’ll get a coupon for each string of old lights you give us. (Limit 5 redemptions per customer.)

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Halloween Decorating Ideas for Those Who Don’t Have a Mantel (or Do)

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Halloween Decorating Ideas for Those Who Don't Have a Mantel (or Do)

These whimsical, cute Halloween decorating ideas would work great on a fireplace mantel. There’s no reason to feel deprived, though, if your home doesn’t have a fireplace. Natalie Dalpias, the crafty mind behind The Creative Mom, is here to show you how to create a Halloween display without a mantel. 

This is her contribution to our Halloween Style Challenge. We send mystery shipments of Home Depot Halloween decorations to some especially talented bloggers to see what sort of decorating ideas they can come up with.

Natalie has some very practical Halloween ideas with a few of her own special DIYs to make her mantel-that’s-not-a-mantel burst with fun Halloween spirit.

Halloween Decorating Ideas for Those Who Don't Have a Mantel (or Do)

I always love decorating for Halloween. I love that pretty much anything goes for this season and while things can be cute, you have more freedom to spook things up and add more fun touches than you usually can. With that being said, I will admit that I’m a HUGE wimp. I don’t really love scary things, and I didn’t want to scream with fright every time I walk into the room, so while I added some spooky things into my decor this year, I tried to keep it on the fun side… you know, for the kids *wink.

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Amazing Halloween Yard Display from Concept to Completion

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Amazing Halloween Yard Display from Concept to Completion

One thing’s for sure: Scott Stoll sets the bar very high when it comes to DIY outdoor Halloween decorations. Scott is practically a genius with papier-mâché, and that, coupled his obsession with the macbre, leads to an impressive and dramatic outdoor Halloween display at his house every October. Take a look at his website STOLLOWEEN to see some of his impressive ghoulish creations. 

Scott is one of the talented designers taking part in our Halloween Style Challenge series. We send out mystery boxes of Home Depot Halloween decorations to see what fabulous Halloween and fall decorations these creative people can create. 

Scott’s creepy Halloween yard display last year was pretty spectacular. He’s the guy to follow when you’re coming up with scary haunted house props or when you want inspiration to make YOUR front yard the coolest in the neighborhood on Halloween. As you’ll see, he also knows how to draw scary Halloween stuff. 

He’s back with a completely new Halloween yard display that might be even more impressive than before. Follow along as Scott takes us from concept to completion of his spooky showcase.

Imagine you are walking down a desolate stretch of road late one October night. The air is cold and thick fog is starting to form. In the distance you hear the slow churn of a calliope and see the glare from hundreds of flickering lights. As you approach the spectacle you see a ticket booth and a shadowy figure inside promises you sights not meant to be seen by the human eye. A shiver runs down your spine as you claim your ticket and enter the world of Spookshow Obscura

Spookshow Obscura represents what I try to achieve each year with my Halloween yard display, and that is to create an immersive experience for anyone visiting our home. The experience is achieved by adhering to a solid theme and making sure that every element included in the display works to transport guests into a fantasy world.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations: A Spooky Yard Display from Concept to Completion

When I was asked to participate in this Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge I sort of had the dark carnival theme in the back of my mind, but would need to wait to see what Home Depot products I was given before any construction could begin.

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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas: An Understated, Eclectic Fall Mantel

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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas: An Understated, Eclectic Fall Mantel


“When it comes to decorating, don’t ever be afraid to mess around with something you see in the store,” is some of the best decor advice you’ll ever hear. Adrianne Lentine said that, and as you’ll see, she puts the idea in practice with her Thanksgiving decorating ideas.

Adrianne authors the DIY and decor blog Dream Book Design. This fall mantel she styled for her family’s Thanksgiving celebration is part of our Halloween and Harvest Style Challenge series– we send mystery boxes of Home Depot fall decorations to some of our favorite DIY bloggers to see what great decorating ideas they generate.  

Adrianne keeps her Thanksgiving decorations understated, with a lovely eclectic look to them. And, as we said, she knows how to make the decorations fit her style with just a little DIY know-how. 

As if the fact that it is no longer 100 degrees here in Phoenix wasn’t enough to be excited about, fall is here and Thanksgiving is coming up! Every year we have a tradition to be the ones in our large family to host Thanksgiving dinner, and it usually ends up being at least 25 people. While the main focus of that day is the food, I happen to think the decor is just as important! It can make a room feel cozy and festive at the same time, if done right. While we live in a world that usually follows the motto ‘more is more’, I happen to err on the side of ‘less is more’ when it comes to holiday decorating.


Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas: An Understated, Eclectic Fall Mantel

Last year my hot hubby Jeremy and I stayed up till 2 am the night before Thanksgiving in order to finish building our new DIY fireplace mantel and built-ins. We hosted the dinner in that room and we wanted it to be perfect. Best choice of timing? Probably not, but we do love a good deadline to make us work hard.

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Outdoor Fall Harvest Party Ideas With a Classic Americana Style

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Outdoor Fall Harvest Party Ideas With a Classic Americana Style

Crisp fall air and expectations of the coming holiday season creates a great atmosphere for an fall harvest party. Kristin Cadwallader, the creative mind behind Bliss at Home, has styled an outdoor fall harvest party to remember. 

This is part of our ongoing Halloween Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We sent Home Depot Halloween and harvest decorations to some of our favorite DIY and design bloggers, and we challenged them to create interesting and creative Halloween of harvest decor. 

Check out the nature-inspired fall centerpiece Kristin created. She also gives us her quick tutorial for a gorgeous wood slice art piece. 

Kristin’s fall harvest party has a classic rural American vibe to it with a very cool classic pick up truck serving as a gathering point. But even if you don’t have a vintage vehicle on hand, you’re sure to pick up some practical style ideas for your fall gathering.   

Fall has always been my favorite. I’ve learned to love every season, but fall will always be the one that I love the most. (Shhhhh! Don’t tell winter, spring, and summer!) The colors, the scent of apples and cinnamon, and the perfect weather always get me excited this time of year. For this Halloween Style Challenge, I wanted to take my love of the fall outdoors and host a fall harvest party in our backyard. Every year, we always end up entertaining here–whether it be a bonfire or an outdoor movie night. This year, I wanted to provide a relaxed atmosphere for some dear friends and their kids. Just snacks and fall drinks along with some good conversation on a beautiful autumn evening.

I’ve always enjoyed providing a fun setting for our get-togethers. Here’s how I brought fall to our backyard!

My Dad purchased a 1948 Chevy pick-up not too long ago that just happens to be bright orange. It was too perfect not to ask about for our fall party!! With a little hint-dropping, he gladly let me borrow it. I loved the idea to use it as a drink station for our party.

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