Chalkboard Paint Project: Create a Cute Chalkboard Wreath

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Chalkboard wreath made from a ceiling medallion

Chalkboard paint has put its stamp on just about everything from refrigerators to dining tables to terra-cotta pots, and we love chalkboards in just about every scenario. So naturally, we couldn’t miss yet another opportunity to have some fun with Rust-Oleum’s Chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard wreath supplies

You’ll need the following materials for this DIY chalkboard wreath:

DIY Chalkboard Wreath


Begin by painting the inside of your ceiling medallion with chalkboard paint. I left the outside moulding of the medallion white because I liked the way it framed the chalkboard area, but you can paint the entire medallion if you want! Use a foam brush to get an even paint job. We also added a little bit of Floetrol to our chalkboard paint. Floetrol is a paint conditioner that slows down the drying time. By doing this, brush strokes and brush drag even out before the paint dries.


Chalkboard wreath


Once your paint dries, you are ready to add your ribbon and hang!


Chalkboard wreath made from a ceiling medallion


Write a cute message on your wreath, and you’re done!

DIY Décor is a series about small, affordable design and décor projects for home and garden. We have several fun wreath tutorials, too!

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  3. Corina says:

    This is really cute and looks to simple! Im definitely going to try! Thank you for sharing

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