Choosing the Right Vanity for Your Bathroom Makeover

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The loo.  Powder room. Latrine. Washroom. Water closet. No matter what you call it, the bathroom is a vital room in any home. Whether it’s a half, guest or master bath, each of them has a main focal point – the vanity. No longer considered simply a sink, the vanity has become a showpiece that can include ornamental hardware, handcrafted details and above counter vessels. 

The size and style of the vanity you choose will depend upon the size, style and layout of the bathroom you’re installing in in, as well as how it’s being used. Things such as counter space and storage will need to be considered if you’re installing the vanity in a master bathroom. 

If the vanity is going into a guest or half bath, you might want something with a more decorative look or glass front doors. A sturdy, easy to clean laminate can work well in a child’s bathroom by holding up against scratches and spills.

With so many options, sizes and styles, we’ll help narrow down the selection by looking at each type of bathroom and highlighting some specific things to consider.

Your Half Bath or Powder Room
Usually located on the main level and sometimes paired with a laundry area, a half bath is perfect for smaller, decorative vanities. An antique piece of furniture can be fitted with a stone top or the same look can be achieved with a furniture style vanity. These bathrooms are ideal for an opulent above counter, vessel or glass bowl, which fit smaller countertops beautifully and expose more of the counter giving the feeling of more space. 

Since most half-baths have more narrow walls when compared to other bathrooms, purchasing a vanity and mirror combo can be a great way to enhance the space the while keeping with the overall style.

Your Guest or Child’s Bath
Whether you have small children or frequent houseguests, these bathrooms can be high-traffic areas. Installing cabinetry made of durable laminate can help keep it looking new amid years of wear and tear and come in a variety of styles and colors to match any décor.  

Whether you opt for laminate or wood, remember to consider counter height if children will be using the vanity. You might also want to add extra storage for guest towels, toiletries and toilet paper by opting for a vanity that offers double doors and stacked drawers. 

If your guest bath is smaller than average or lacks natural light, choosing a vanity with an open storage shelf below the sink can help open up the space while still allowing for extra storage.

Your Master Bath
Typically the largest bath in your home, the master is the perfect place to install dual vanities or an extra long cabinet with double sinks. If you have abundant natural lighting from widows or extra overhead lighting from recessed fixtures, choosing a dark wood finish can make the room feel more luxurious. You can choose to add your own sink and countertop or purchase a vanity that includes a solid surface countertop with integrated sink or solid stone with the option to add an under mounted bowl for a more streamlined style. 

Depending upon whether you choose to install a single piece or separate vanities, a full-length wall mirror can be framed with wood to fit seamlessly against the top of the backsplash or mirrors can be hung over each sink to give a more personalized style to your master bathroom.

Once you’ve found the perfect vanity to fit your bathroom’s layout, and your personal style, be sure to complete the look with a new faucet and decorative vanity lighting which are available in a variety sizes, styles and finishes. Find more design ideas, inspiration, project guides and values during our Renew & Redo Event to complete your whole bathroom.

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