Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Turquoise, Blue and Bronze

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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Turquoise, Blue and Bronze Display by Dayka Robinson


Interior designer Dayka Robinson created gorgeous blue and gold Christmas tree for our Holiday Style Challenge. In the process, though, she admits to committing an interior design sin… and liking it.

Dayka writes about interior design on her blog Dayka Robinson Designs. She was among the several top-drawer bloggers who agree to participate in our Holiday Style Challenge. We sent each of these designers a mystery box of Home Depot Christmas decorations, and stepped back to let them create dazzling Christmas displays to share with you.

Read on for Dayka’s Christmas tree decorating ideas and tips, and see how she was enlightened about lights. 

Christmas is seriously, my FAVORITE holiday so you can only imagine how thrilled I was when the Home Depot approached me to be a part of their Holiday Style Challenge this year!

“What…you want me to decorate my house for Christmas with Home Depot and Martha Stewart Living products??”

Uh, yeah…you had me at hello.

For me, the a big part of the joy of the holiday season is always about beautifully decorated spaces and specifically, gorgeous Christmas trees. Those who know me well know I love a well-designed tree, and luckily I don’t have kids (yet), so I don’t have to be concerned about little hands pulling off all of my sparklies. These days my motto is the more the shine, the better!

Every year I try to do something different, so I was ecstatic when I opened my secret delivery box and found (among other things) blue ornaments! Blue is a color I’ve never tackled before on my tree, so this made me a very happy girl.

With a combination of blue, gold, bronze, and glitter ornaments, I set about trying to figure out how to incorporate as many of my goodies into my design as possible.

The Christmas Tree

The best thing in my box? The Martha Stewart Living 7½-foot pre-lit Christmas tree with–get this–both colored AND white lights!!!!!

Get the H-E-double hockey sticks outta here, right??

What I love about this tree is that is was a snap to put together (snap in three pieces, push your branches down and you’re done!) and has neat switch with an option of white lights, colored lights, or a two-second delay that alternates between both colors.

The minute I got this tree up I vowed NEVER to allow my old one to see the light of day again…


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: A Tree Trimmed in Turquoise, Blue and Bronze


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Blue and Gold Ornaments



Mesh Ribbon and Garlands

I’ve always been intrigued by wire mesh on Christmas trees, so this year I decided to attempt the look myself using turquoise mesh (the mesh I selected was wireless) and two Martha Stewart pre-lit garlands.

To make a ribbon, you’ll use the stems on the garland to tie/secure the mesh and “pillow” the ribbon out every 8 to 10 inches. Once the whole garland is complete, you simply wrap the ribbon around your tree (or vertically, if you prefer) and that’s it!

A standard 7½-foot tree will take about two 30-foot garlands and one-and-a-half rolls of wire mesh that are 21 in. wide x 10 yd. long. So if you have a taller tree, make sure you account for more mesh AND garland.


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Blue Mesh Ribbon


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Blue Mesh Ribbon Tied in a Bow


Making this ribbon is really so simple–even your kids can help with this task!


Wrapped Gifts (that are fake)

This is also the first year that I’ve wrapped fake presents to stay under the tree for the season, and let me tell you, I’m now a believer. What’s a Christmas tree without gifts to adorn it all season long? Consider me a convert!


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Wrapped Gift (It's Fake!)


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Tree Trimmed in Blue and Gold with Wrapped Gifts


Lightening Up About Lights

If you read my blog or know anything about me, you know that I’m an interior designer by trade, which means that using anything other than white lights on my tree is pretty much a sin.

Still, a friend came over (a guy friend who knows NOTHING about design) and wanted to see what the colored lights looked like. After giving him my long speech on how colored lights are “so cheesy” and “not stylish at all”, I flipped the little switch for him–just to prove my point–and low and behold…


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: White Lights

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Colored Lights


(Whispers:) I kinda love the colored lights on this tree too.

The glow it gives off is really fantastic, I must say. So if you’re not used to using colored lights, try something different this year–you just may find yourself surprised at the outcome!


Mini Ornaments on the Mantel

My box also included oodles of great mini-ornaments, so I pulled out my mini trees and spread the party across my living room.

I have a passionate love for symmetry and vintage goods, so I rounded my mantle out with fresh flowers to contrast against my color scheme and six vintage crystal candle holders I found while thrifting to create height and contrast. On the hearth I added a few Martha Stewart Living Gold Reindeer and 8-inch shatterproof ornaments to add balance.

I’d say it turned out chic and modern… just the way I like my decor.


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Fireplace with Decorations


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Mantel Decorated With Wreath, Flowers and Mini Trees


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Decorated Mantel


Ready for the Holidays

I have a pretty small living space, so I generally remove my side chairs from the bay window so my tree can have a place front and center. With a pretty neutral color palette (and neutral for me means black, white, brown and gold), my bronze and blue tree is definitely on track to steal the show this holiday season.


Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Blue and Gold Decorated Tree with White Lights

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Blue and Gold Decorated Tree with Colored Lights

See! Colored lights!

Totally different look but still, dare I say…just as chic (hats off to boys who know nothing about interior design but occasionally have good ideas!!). My Christmas decorating is just about complete, so it’s officially time for the holiday party season to begin–party at my place!


Dayka Robinson is an Atlanta-based interior designer who loves antiquing and second-hand shopping. She writes about her design projects on her blog Dayka Robinson Designs

To style her Christmas tree, Dayka used these items from The Home Depot:


Take a look at all the great Christmas decorations we have at The Home Depot, and get more Christmas decorating ideas on our Holiday Crafts, Ideas, and Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Style Challenge is a series of posts from guest contributors who aim to bring you fresh inspiration and ideas for your home and garden using Home Depot products as a starting point. Dayka received a selection of Christmas decorations from The Home Depot and a gift card to support her project, but The Home Depot provided no cash compensation. The opinions and ideas Dayka expressed are her own.

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  1. Elena says:

    I have always hated colored lights and my Christmas tree has always been natural inspired with pine-cones and burlap and faux birch bark and beautiful clear lights. Well this year while putting the Christmas tree up we accidentally turned the colored lights on for one second and my two year old was hooked and mesmerized and now she cries every time we turn them back on clear. Who am i to argue with her when Christmas is for children!!! so sadly I turned the colored lights on! so then i hunted the internet for classy decorated tree with colored lights (ha) and i found this!!! i copied the look and it looks amazing and now i love our colored lights!! thank you!!! the funny part is that it wasn’t until after i decorated the tree that i fully read the blog only to find out that I have the exact same tree! the martha steward pre lit 7.5 foot tree which we bought on black Friday! it is just mean to be! thank you so much for the inspiration!

    • Craig Allen says:

      What a great story, Elena. We’re glad you and the two-year-old found common ground on Christmas tree lights. :-)

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  2. Barbara says:

    WHERE do you get that color turquoise WireLess Mesh? Home Depot? Where??
    You mentioned it was 21-FEET w x 10yds…did you mean to say 21 INCHES??
    As now i’m a bit confused.

  3. Sheena Tatum says:

    Oh my goodness. I love this so much! Will be sharing in an upcoming blog post if it’s okay. :-)

  4. Dayka, it’s beautiful! LOVE love the colors, the blue and bronze is so pretty. Great job!

  5. [...] Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Turquoise, Blue and Bronze [...]

  6. Sherry Hart says:

    Boom! So pretty Dayka…..of course I LOVE the blue:)

  7. I am also one to hate on colored lights, but you, my dear, have changed my mind. Fab! Also–where are those AMAZING curtains from? Your space is gorg! Great work.

    -Monica (fellow Holiday Style Challenge Blogger)

  8. Angela says:

    Wow! What an amazing tree! I love your inspiration so much that I am going to try the same look in my house after I convince my seven year old that Christmas is not just red, gold and green. :) I am also going to try the wire mesh on my tree as well. I have always wondered how to get the look and now I know… and knowing is half the battle. I wasn’t ready for the holidays but this tree has put me in the mood! Go Dayka and Home Depot. Thanks for the Holiday Cheer!

  9. Tina says:


    Loved your tree. I’m a fan of turquoise and the shades of blue were a big hit with me.Like both you and Lakeitha said, who knew colored lights could look so good? And to have the option of white or colored on the same tree, genius!

  10. La Monica says:

    That is one gorgeous tree! Love the mix of rich blues w/the bronze, and the use of fresh flowers on the mantel. I didn’t even mind the colored lights. Who knew?

  11. Beautiful job! Love the color combinations especially the turquoise with the gold and bronze. And isn’t wire mesh an awesome little tool to work with? Love it!!

  12. Annette says:

    lovely color combination, so unexpected and creative!

  13. Dayka, I adore this tree! And seriously, who would have thought that the colored lights would look sooo good??? Hmm, I may have to try them this year. Seriously, when I saw the colorful lights, I was totally shocked! And for some reason it took me back to my childhood for a minute because that’s all my grandma used… Colorful lights!

    Love the color scheme!