Christmas Tree Recycling Gives Your Tree One More Useful Service

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Recycle your old Christmas tree

Once the holidays are over, give or take a bowl game or two, it’s time to take down the decorations and bid a fond farewell to the tree that created so much Christmas spirit in your home. How about letting your natural tree provide one more useful service by recycling it instead of sending it to a landfill?

There are tree recycling or mulching projects in communities across the U.S. Often the local sanitation department or public works department will shred the tree to provide mulch for your garden or for city parks. Depending on your area, the chipped trees can be used to renew hiking paths or to create soil erosion barriers along lake shores.

The Home Depot offers Christmas tree recycling in select areas; call your local store to find out if it is participating. You can also check for local tree recycling (or other types of recycling) at Earth911. Look for “recycling search” near the top of the page, search “Christmas tree” and plug in your ZIP code.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new year… and to making good use of our former Christmas trees.

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