DIY Décor Christmas Wrapping Ideas: Mini-Garland to Adorn Your Gifts

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A Christmas gift wrapped in brown paper with a small cedar garland.


This season, one of our favorite ways to give your holiday gifts extra pizzazz is to add some fresh greenery to them! This is similar to one of our other Christmas wrapping ideas – how to craft a tiny mini-wreath.

Now, let’s create a small string of mini-garland!


Cedar spigs, twine and hobby wire are used in these Christmas wrapping ideas.


Miniature Cedar Garland Project

Skill level: Novice

Time: About 10  minutes for each garland

Cost: About $20


*I purchased a small cedar tree from The Home Depot Garden Center and simply snipped little sprigs from the tree.

Step 1

Start by wrapping your present in brown builder’s paper, and set aside.


To craft a simple, DIY mini-garland, start with a long stretch of jute twine | For The Home Depot blog


Step 2

To start the cedar garland, cut a long piece of jute twine. You can trim it down later, but you want plenty of length to begin with.


To craft a simple, DIY mini-garland, start with a long stretch of jute twine and a small sprig of cedar | For The Home Depot blog


Step 3

Starting at the center of your twine, take a small sprig of cedar, and pinch it to the twine with your fingers.


To craft a simple, DIY mini-garland, wrap wire around cedar spring and twine until secure | For The Home Depot blog


Step 4

Wrap a long piece of hobby wire around both the stem of the cedar sprig and the jute twine. After about three full wraps, the sprig should be secure.


Continue to add sprigs of cedar to your jute twine, securing with hobby wire, until you have garland at your desired fullness | For The Home Depot blog


Continue to add varying lengths of cedar to your jute twine (securing each individual sprig to the twine with hobby wire), until your garland is the desired fullness.

Step 5

Once your garland is the right size and fullness for your gift, wrap your twine around the gift as you would if you were wrapping your gift in ribbon. Space out the mini-garland so that it is centered on the gift. Tie with a bow.


Once your garland is the desired fullness, tie jute twine onto gift as your normally would | For The Home Depot blog


Step 6

If you want the “snowy” effect for your garland, lay your garland on a large sheet of builder’s paper, and spray the tips of the cedar needles with “Santa Snow,” or flocking spray. Let your garland dry for several hours before securing to your gift.


Adorn your Holiday gifts with a small string of cedar garland | Easy DIY Instructions for adding greenery to gifts


Step 7

Attach your garland, a few key tags, and your gift is complete!


DIY Décor is a series about small, affordable design and décor projects for home and garden.

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