Dealing With Odd-Shaped Windows

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Have you recently moved into your new home and just as everything starts to fall into place you notice that one window that is completely out of place and in the oddest shape imaginable? Well, you’re not alone! My house has at least six different windows like this and each one was the bane of my existence for a long time. If you’re in a similar situation here are some answers to a few common questions that customers often ask:

Just because I have an arch window, does that mean I have to cover it with a horizontal treatment?

No. You have the choice of having blinds made to fit the exact shape of your window. Those windows were made by the designer to give the house a certain look and they should never be hidden by something of another shape.

First off, figure out just how high up and visible the window is. Is it something that neighbors can see through, or one that lets too much sun in? Is the window so high up that treating it would be a waste of time? If it doesn’t present any problems for you, it’s better to leave it open. It’ll let in lots of nice, natural light and save you some money while doing so. In situations like this, window film may be just what you need for privacy and to regulate heat control.

Next, determine what type of window you have. It’s really hard to stump the big name blind companies with odd shapes these days, they’veseen it all. Some examples of shapes that, while odd, are still able to have treatments made up include skylights, cutouts and arches. As far as treaments go, there are a number of styles hat cold work for these windows. I’ll list them in order of what I’ve found to be most popular at my store:

  • Cellular
  • Pleated
  • Wood
  • Shutters
  • Roman Shades

So if they are made to fit the window, does that mean they just sit there and I can’t move them?

No again. They do make certain styles operable, although not every vendor will do so. A great example are motorized shades that work on a remote since most arch windows are very high up.

If they’re that different, they must be custom and take weeks to make!

Also not true. On average they take only a day or two longer than traditional window shape tratments to make and that’s only because most of these types of blinds will require a template to be made. This is usually done by our professional measurer team, but can also be done by the consumer. This is needed to make sure that the blind is made to custom fit your window PERFECTLY. Other than that, it’s business as usual at the factory that makes them.

So, if you have an unusual shaped window and would like to decorate it with a treatment, I would recommend looking into having it professionally measured. It makes a world of difference to be able to sit back and let the pros do this, especially since this isn’t a “standard size” job. They’ll make sure the manufacturer gets all the information they need to do the job right. For more info on Home Depot’s install services, check us out here.

Also, Home Depot has a full selection of blinds and window treatments available online to chose from.  As always, share your ideas, thoughts or questions with our community!

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  1. Zola Holt says:

    Saw a demo at the Austin Home Depot last month of 3M home window tint. Shades of Texas came out for an estimate the next day, and installed it a few days later.

    This stuff is great! Really reduces the solar gain and glare, and our AC unit is running a lot less. No reduction in visibility either.