Declutter Your Life with These 5 Storage Ideas

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Wire shelves holding kitchen items


It can be a challenge to find storage solutions for all of those little areas around the house that never seem to stay straight. Perhaps you just can’t keep your linen closet neat, your kitchen doesn’t have enough storage for all of your pots, pans, and ever-growing cookbook collection, or perhaps your garage looks like a war zone? Do not despair, there are ways to declutter these spaces, we promise! Check out our top storage ideas.


A wire shelving unit providing storage space a kitchen


No matter how small your kitchen is, you can probably make room for an inexpensive wire shelving unit. Even just a 3-tier unit (shown above) can bring some much needed shelf space into this hardworking family room, no hammer and nails required.



A sturdy tote bag keeps car maintenance items organized


It always seems like there is some bottle of window cleaner, motor oil, or jumper cables rattling around in the trunk. But it’s easy to declutter your car trunk. Tuck them safely away into a sturdy tote bag, like the 15 in. Husky Tool Bag we used.


Keep all of your car maintenance items organized with a sturdy tote bag


In our Husky bag, we included

1. Cleaning supplies, like window cleaner
2. An empty gas can
3. Jumper cables
4. A 15 in. Husky Tool Bag


Store tools in a 4-drawer tool chest


If there’s a single space that is always in need of some good storage ideas, it’s the garage or workroom. This is where you need a fool-proof organization system to create an efficient project space. With a couple of smart tools, like a 4-drawer tool chest, a tool stand, a tool bag, or a larger Husky tool cabinet, you can spend more time tackling projects and less time rooting around for that other screwdriver bit.


Organize tools in a tool stand or tool chest


Organize your most oft-used tools in the tool stand so they’re easy to grab when you just need to hang a picture or tighten a screw, and store more specialized tools in the drawers, like different sizes of screws, drill bits, specialized pliers, and other materials that shouldn’t get dusty.


Organize tools in a tool stand or tool chest


Don’t forget that just because this chest is meant for tools doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other things, too! Maybe you need to organize crafts or art supplies?



Organize your linen closet with fabric bins


Folded sheets and towels can often get confused in a linen closet, especially if you have several different-sized beds in your home. Use a couple of inexpensive fabric bins (labeled!) to keep your linens neatly organized.



Store kids toys in a utility bin


If basketballs are rolling around your mudroom or tennis rackets blocking your driveway, declutter the area with a pop-up utility bin to keep balls, sports equipment, and other outdoor-only toys stowed away.


Take a look at the other storage ideas we have for you here on The Home Depot’s Apron blog. And visit our Storage and Organization board on Pinterest!

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  1. The Huskey Tool Bags are great! I have several, each packed with all the tools neccessary for a particular task. Just ‘grab and go” with everything you’ll need!

  2. Good article. I am a big advocate of tidying up your life so that you can see the wood for the trees. Putting things away in sensible storage receptacles means less clutter and the comfort of knowing where things are when you want them. O always used to think the line about cluttered workspace, equals cluttered mind was hokum but I have increasingly found it to be true.