DIY Burlap Wreath: Halloween Remix

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A burlap wreath decorated with bats and orange ribbon for Halloween

We recently showed you a burlap wreath that I created for a tailgating party. That wreath is simple to redecorate again and again to celebrate any holiday. Take a look at how I’ve given that same burlap wreath a fresh look for Halloween using black and orange ribbon and black bats!


Burlap wreath with black bats and Halloween ribbon


I made some simple cutout bat silhouettes using a white colored pencil and black poster board.

Once I was ready to put the wreath together, I simply wrapped the orange and black ribbon around the wreath and tied it with a bow on top. Then, I tucked the bats under the ribbon, and voila! — I had a delightful homemade Halloween decoration.

The burlap wreath itself is easy to make. I cut some foam pipe insulation, and taped the ends together with some duct tape to create the circular frame for the wreath. Then I cut several wide strips of burlap and loosely wrapped the burlap in bunches around the frame, tying the burlap down with twine. I then created the many folds in the burlap, holding them in place with floral pins.

Once you’ve created the wreath, it’s then easy to pin or tie any sort of decorations to the burlap wreath to celebrate any occasion.

Take a look at the complete step-by-step instructions on how to create this burlap wreath in our DIY tailgating wreath post.

How would you decorate this as a Thanksgiving wreath? That’s the next transformation for this versatile burlap wreath.

And take a look at how this same wreath can easily be redecorated to be a cute burlap Christmas wreath.

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