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Here at Apron Blog headquarters, we’ve been noticing wreaths of all shapes and sizes popping up on the internet. Of course, with our Tailgating Extravaganza going on, we thought it would be fun to do a football-themed wreath.

And, as much as we love football here at The Home Depot, we thought it might be fun to try and make a wreath that could be used not only for football season but throughout the year. So, we decided upon this super simple and inexpensive burlap wreath project, which by simply switching out some ribbon and a few trinkets, can take us from Tailgating to Halloween to Christmas.

Find the full step-by-step below!

DIY Burlap Tailgating Wreath | Supplies


For this simple and pretty burlap wreath project, you’ll need the following supplies:


DIY Burlap Tailgating Wreath | Secure pipe insulation


Begin by shaping your pipe insulation into a circle and securing with duct tape to create a wreath form.


DIY Burlap Tailgating Wreath | Cut burlap into thick strips


Next, cut several thick strips of burlap. They don’t need to be perfect or neat, as you’ll just be very informally wrapping the wreath form in these strips.


DIY Burlap Tailgating Wreath | Wrap wreath form with burlap


DIY Burlap Tailgating Wreath | Cut burlap into thick strips


Begin wrapping the wreath form in the burlap, and secure with jute twine. This portion doesn’t need to be perfect, mostly you just want to cover the pipe insulation so that it won’t show.


DIY Burlap Tailgating Wreath | Create folds with burlap


Next, start creating folds with the burlap and securing to the wreath form with floral pins. The folds don’t need to be perfect, just manipulate the fabric to create fluffy waves.


DIY Burlap Tailgating Wreath | Create folds with burlap


Work your way all the way around the form, securing the burlap with floral pins every few inches.


DIY Burlap Tailgating Wreath | Create folds with burlap


Your wreath should start looking quite full!


DIY Burlap Tailgating Wreath | Create folds with burlap


Once you’ve made your way all the around the wreath form, you’re finished with the burlap. Now, you just need some festive ribbon and a few trinkets to create a theme on your burlap wreath. Change out the ribbon and trinkets based on the season, and this wreath could last you year round!


DIY Burlap Wreath



Take a look at how we redecorated this burlap wreath for Halloween, and then how it became a DIY Christmas wreath.

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