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Whether you’re seeking to design a glitzy, romantic bedroom with a towering presence or something simpler but no less stylish and intimate, DIY headboards allow you to alter the perception of the room. They can make ceilings appear higher, rooms seem larger, and serve as a dynamic focal point. Perhaps more importantly, building a one-of-a-kind headboard is an opportunity for you to lay down your own unique style marker in the most personal space in your home.

If you have been thinking about designing and building a new headboard for your bedroom, we’d like to share a few headboard ideas from around the web for you to sleep on.

Image of a DIY headboard made with books

Image via Freshome


A bedside table with a small stack of good books to read before drifting off to sleep is not an uncommon sight in most bedrooms. But rarely will you see someone using their favorite tomes to create a decorative masterpiece on the bedroom wall. We were completely laid out by this DIY headboard idea.


Collage of DIY headboards

Images via Shelterness (clockwise from top left), Colony Palms Hotel, Better Homes and Gardens (plywood and faux bois), and Demilked


As you can see, there are no rules when it comes to dreaming up ideas for designing your headboard. Although the size of the room, ceiling height and overall style you’re trying to achieve will factor into the choices you make, the option are endless, particularly when it comes to materials.

You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to achieve spectacular results. A thrifted antique mirror, an intricately patterned area rug, or a simple piece of plywood — unfinished or given a faux bois treatment with decorative paint tools — are all inexpensive headboard ideas that can give your bedroom a touch of something special.



In the photo above, dark paneling with raised moulding detail covers an entire wall. It’s not just a masculine statement of design, but also a bold way of melding an accent wall into your DIY headboard design. This is also a good look for any well-appointed man cave.



Headboards have quickly become a popular DIY project, with a multitude of styles, shapes and ideas for bedrooms of any size. This example from the Home Depot Style Guide highlights the many ways you can bring more warmth and intimacy into a large bedroom with details like paint, moulding, rugs, wall decor and a Moroccan-influenced headboard built by your own hands.

Download the printable instructions on how to build this scalloped headboard, and don’t be modest about sharing a few photos with us to show everyone how crafty you can be.


See more inspiration and ideas in our Places series here on the Apron Blog. Follow our DIY Headboards pinboard on Pinterest, too.


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  1. Jann says:

    I spotted 3 antique closet doors on Craigslist. Here they are after they were cleaned & sanded to the antique paint colors…added HD hinges and a glass door knob.

  2. michelle says:

    wood picket fence section is a good headboard. use paint in a refreshing color to match your room, and even a bit of stain from Home Depot to seal the paint and make dusting a breeze. ——————-another fun idea, use double sided, safe for walls and fabric Velcro on lots of square pillows- stick them to the wall to form a headboard -can easily remove to wash and easy to switch colors when redecorating.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Those are very clever ideas, michelle. Thanks for writing.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  3. Vivian says:

    These are great ideas to get one’s creative juices flowing. They’ve given me lots of ideas, thanks!

  4. Angel says:

    A cheap way to make a really cool headboard is with wood pallets,any store will have them out back and usually give them to you for free.For a twin bed you can use only two,or more for larger beds.First put one behind top of bed on wall anywhere from one to two foot down from ceiling,put the second one on ceiling,one to two foot back from wall you put first on,so it is over bed,use long screws so they wont fall on you.Go to second hand stores and find about five to ten,how ever tick you want material,the 120 inch swag valances in the colors of your room.Start at end of pallet on celing,and weave thu slats,to the end,then,start at top of one on wall,then you will start to see slant the material makes between them,weave all way down one on wall,leave material hanging above bed on wall,believe it or not it looks really good,and very cheap to make.Try it,little girls love them with bright colors,really makes eye catching headboard.

  5. Angel says:

    Make a really cool headboard with a couple of wooden pallets,most stores will give them to you.Paint pallet color you like,I used white,Then screw with gun first pallet to wall, above bed about two foot down from ceiling,screw the other pallet to the ceiling,one or two foot from wall above bed where the other pallet is,buy five to ten,depending on how thick or how many colors you want,120 inch valances,second hand stores have alot for cheap.Start at end of pallet on ceiling,weave material thu slats of wood,then stretch at angle to one on wall and do the same,leave material hanging down wall,very easy,and inexpensive,spray paint and all material was less than twenty dollars,and really eye catching,kids love it.

  6. William says:

    My wife & I have been getting our house in order to list it on the market. A couple of things we have done is headboards on 2 beds. # (1) Our queen size in our guest room needed something to make the house show better, we purchased a fold out mirror that went on a dresser at a flea market (cheap). It had wings on each side that folded out and a larger mirror in the middle. We placed the mirror behind the head of the bed against the wall and just pushed the bed up against it to hold it in place. Nothing permanent because it isn’t going to stay if we sell the house. But it could be fastened very easily. # (2) We bought a king size bed to put in our loft area, a very nice mattress set that we bought off of the QVC TV show. We needed a headboard for it so I went to LOWE’S and purchased a piece of 4 ft, by 8 ft, plastic white picket fence. We simply put it behind the head of the bed and pushed the bed against it to hold it in place. It too could be held in place very easily by anchoring it into the wall behind the bed (out of sight) with a couple of wall anchors and screws. My wife bought something like ivy (a vine with leaves with a little color) and strung it through the pointed pickets at the top of the fence. It turned out nice as did the mirror in the guest room.

  7. Marla Kojima says:

    Be careful not to use anything with great weight or the ability to break during an earthquake if you live in an earthquake zone. We use a quilt, which, if it falls on us, will probably be good cover for anything else flying our way! Life near Seattle, WA!

  8. Lauren Reale says:

    I was interested to read this article because I need a headboard, but I’m sorry, there isn’t one here that I like at all, not to mention a hazard. Someone needs to be dong a better job because…these stink! Sorry.

  9. Jim says:

    The book headboard is a huge fire hazard. If a lamp, candle or space heater ignites that, the room will be full of floating, burning pages.

  10. Calico D'Nikonian says:

    Do remember that paper tends to attract creepy-crawly insects, and after a while, the papers tend to yellow and break apart. Just a thought to consider.

    • Ed says:

      I have noticed that many are intrigued by the book headboard but are concerned with other factors. Get a pile of books and start experimenting with gluing the pages together, sealing the exposed pages and their edges with a clear satin finish aerosol paint. Do them one at a time until you find a solution that meets all your criteria. If you want it, then there is a way to do it. Have a great time experimenting. The building is most of the fun.

      • Craig Allen says:

        Good ideas, Ed. That’s a great attitude to have when it comes to DIY and crafts.

        -Craig, from The Home Depot

      • SmilinJack says:

        None of these headboards appear solid enough to sustain a single round of, as the Brit’s say “the olde slap & tickle.” I mean really! In the midst of passion they want you to reach out and……. what? Grab a copy of “Moby Dick?”

        Get some oak crossbeams! Some reclaimed steel beams from a defunct skyscraper! Something you can get a hold of and find some…. um…. leverage.

        • Juju says:

          Yes! Yes! Oh, yesssssss! Heh–couldn’t agree with you more, SmilinJack-and I might also know exactly why you’re smilin’!

  11. Calico D'Nikonian says:

    Instead of glass mirrors, why not use Plexi-Mirror… comes in an array of colors —pink, light blue, gold-toned, brass-toned, green and clear mirror. They’re light in weight and easy to handle. The only drawback is that the mirror surface must be dusted before cleaning to prevent scratches, and you cannot clean with ammonia-based chemicals or chlorine-based chemicals because it dulls the shine permanently; MUST use only the quick-drying alcohol with a very, very soft cloth.

  12. Ron says:

    I made mine out of four house shutters, bought 4 black house shutters and drilled a couple of holes and screwed them together, looks great.

    • Craig Allen says:

      That sounds like a clever idea, Ron.

      Do you have any photos of the headboard?

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  13. Renee says:

    I love the mirror headboard. What a great idea.

    • Calico D'Nikonian says:

      See my suggestion above. Plexi-Mirror instead of glass.

    • Nellie CA says:

      The mirrors are not a good idea in earthquake or tornado areas. nothing free standing! I helped my friend make a very inexpensive head board. He wanted it behind the night stands and bed. We just made a frame, 1/4 inch plywood, foam, batting, covered this with quilted material same as comforter. he bolted a board to wall and made a fastener to hook head board to the board. Just make sure you have enough room to get something like this through hall and doors. Better to make in three pieces. Live in earth quake area.

  14. Jacob Tamez says:

    So pretty much none of these are one of a kind anymore, now are they

  15. Min says:

    I did not like even one of these headboards. Some of them looked cheap, the one with the mirror is ostentatious and bad feng shui. The one with books and the one with dark wood wall with moldings are horrid dust catchers which would interfere with good health. No, thanks. I’ll keep my headboard as I prefer it hands down to any you showed.

    • D Nuggets.... says:

      Completely agree with you Min. I thought at least one would stand out, but they’re either to much, drab, boring or just plain cheap looking. I mean really? A 30 book headboard? Why not 200 Coke and Pepsi cans? Maybe a cool trash can lid ensemble? Come on Home Depot. Maybe you should go steal some pics from HGTV’s site instead…..

  16. Francesca says:

    This is FAB; especially the Golden mirror Thank you I have as head board, an old Chinese black screen painted one side classic/ the other my FAVORITE; a lily pond with; bamboo on the background- geese flying- lily pad with green frog-on black Ebony wood; off white creamy wall a fab off white printed bad setting; have extra sheets to make puddle- drapes to the floor & extra pillow-case for pillow & covered Black lacquered chairs. gold- black accent and FAB Golden painted metal lamps from Venezia, an auction; belonged to my mother Home really Vintage Voila”; round pedestal with branches swirling around the pole, perched little Sparrow-, small apples { we had them in our formal garden & orchard !!!!! } I still have dreams ……

  17. Janet Majors says:

    This is very helpful, I am planning to build my own headboard according to my own style, I just hope that I can pull it off. It is all very creative!

  18. Sadie says:

    The book headboard stirs up mixed emotions. On the one hand, it is very cool and unique. On the other, damaging books (even in the name of preserving them) is anathema to everything I believe. Maybe if it was all Reader’s Digest Condensed Books.

    • Jana says:

      Personally, I was put off by the accumulation of dust and how to clean it periodically.

      • anne says:

        I love the idea of giving books another chance at a different life. That being said… I understand the issue of dust, but really, have you vacumned your mattress lately and seen what you are actually sleeping in?

    • Dan says:

      I’m a fanatical book lover, too. But you can do the book idea without feeling bad. It is not hard to find books that no one ever find any value in again and use them. Libraries and used booksellers consign hundreds of thousands of books to the dumpster every day. Looked at that way, you’d be ‘saving’ a few if you made that project.

      That said, I agree the dust/cleaning would be a nightmare.

    • Calico D'Nikonian says:

      The idea of books… paper… on a wall… I don’t know… paper tends to attract creepy-crawly insects!