DIY Wall Organizer How-To

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How-To Build an entryway wall organizer

With the New Year in sight, it’s time to clean out the clutter and reorganize. In many homes, the entryway or mudroom – the spot where shoes are strewn off and coats are stored — is the messiest area in the house. To help keep these busy spots clean, consider building this simple DIY Wall Organizer, which you may have seen on one of our recent TV commercials. Find the step-by-step instructions below.

Skill Level: Easy
Time: 3-5 hours
Cost: Approximately $250

Tools & Materials:

Step 1: Hooks

Paint the door.

After paint is dry, use the tape measure to center each coat hook underneath a panel.

Mark the spots where the screws will go, and pre-drill the holes.

Affix the coat hooks with a screwdriver.

Pre-drill a small hole next to what will be the dry erase panel. Attach a metal eyehook. When the project is complete, use a string to attach a dry erase marker to the eyehook.

Step 1 for building an entry wall organizer

Step 2: Corkboard

Measure the perimeter of the panel where you want the corkboard to go.

Cut the corkboard to size.

Apply adhesive to the back of the board, and set it into place.

Step 2 for building an entry wall organizer

Step 3: Paint

Fill the remaining panels with dry erase paint, chalkboard paint, or both, according to your preference.

Allow time to dry.

Paint panel insets with chalkboard paint

Step 4: Hanging

Locate the studs in your wall with the stud finder.

Mark two studs far enough apart to distribute the weight of your door.

With the drill, place one long screw deep within a stud.

Using string and a level, place the second screw in the other wall stud.

Using the studs and the protruding screws as a guide, affix two D-ring hangers on the back of the door.

Keep them high on the back of the door where the wood is solid. It’s OK to pre-drill these holes, but don’t punch through the other side of your door.

Have a friend help you lift the door, and slide the D-rings over the screws in the wall.

Wall Organizer How-To

Wall Organizer How-To Instructions

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  1. [...] You don’t have to buy a new door – upcycle an old one that you already have or go to the thrift store or a Habitat Re-store to find one to repurpose. This is another great project from Home Depot. [...]

  2. Ervina Gunawan says:

    I was searching furnitures and ideas for our entryway at our new house but everything was over $400 just for the cabinet (coat hook and seating). I found the affordable seats but still couldn’t find the simple and affordable coat hook for our family. Then I found this…..!!!!

    Thank you for whoever create this project, finally I can do something special and custom-made for my children. Your creativity made my problem solved!!!

  3. Friday says:

    fantastic idea, super cute way to cut down the entry way clutter

    my store dows not carry cork in a thickness that would work for push-pins, but they did have, in the back with the cabnet lining, a roll of thin cork that works well doubled, i may tripple it later, but this seems to do well.

    also, this door:
    is the cheapest and is a nice width to not over-power my wall!

    thanks for the idea Home Depot!

  4. Barbra says:

    I love the wall organizer and the bench with it. How about the bench? Was this a DIY project too or available at HOme Depot?

  5. Jennifer says:

    very cutes diy project. You can really personalize it yourself .

  6. mjbush says:

    this is more what you need in hallway, maybe different color.

  7. Lynne says:

    Caroline, what exact door did you use. I love this idea.

  8. Carolyn says:

    This looks like a great project! I cannot determine which door was used in the pictures. I have scrolled through all the choices on the site. Can you give the sku of the one used?