The DIYer’s Tool Box Essentials

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Whether you rent or own a house, or you’re living in an apartment, condo or treehouse, a good set of basic tools is absolutely a must-have. And the good news is that you don’t have to go out and drop a load of cash on a fancy tools to fix most things around the house. In fact, it’s best to start with the basics, focus on selecting high-quality tools, and add to your collection as needed for projects.

Our go-to guy Chris from The Home Depot Community Forums put together this short video to show you the essential tools that should be in every do-it-yourselfer’s tool box. Certain tools, like a good hammer, screwdrivers (slotted and Philips head) and a solid pair of pliers are no-brainers.

His list also includes other things you may already have in your tool box (or drawer) such as a measuring tape, a level, work gloves and safety goggles. And, for MacGyvering your way through the most unexpected of repair jobs, he recommends having a pen or Sharpie to use as a marking tool, masking tape and a utility knife on hand.

Here are a few suggestions we came up with to add to Chris’ list:

• A 3/8-inch socket set

• An LED headlamp (keeps both hands free to tackle repairs)

Electrical tape/duct tape (quintessential MacGyver tools)

Super glue (’nuff said)

• Zip ties (if duct tape won’t hold it together these will)

• An old toothbrush (for detail cleaning)

If you can think of anything we left off the list, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!


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  1. That’s a good core list of the essentials for any box. I would maybe only add a good set of pipe or plumb grips as they are always handy for a variety of jobs.