Earth Day: Live Green. Save Green.

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Earth Day is a celebration of our environment and a day to reflect on our individual impact on the world around us.  We all hear the messages: Replacing old light bulbs to CFL’s or LED bulbs can save huge amounts of energy let alone money and so on and so on.  But how many of us are really taking action?

Many folks think that in order to make a difference it will cost them a ton of money or they will have to settle for a lesser quality product or the effort they put in won’t make much of a difference.  That’s simply not true anymore.

What is true is that there are so many simple actions and options that we can each take action on today to help us conserve an incredible amount of energy use (and save us all money), lessen our carbon footprint and protect the world that we have inherited for our children and our grandchildren.

Simple and affordable projects like changing out those old light bulbs for the newer, more efficient  LED bulbs or composting in your garden or conserving water by making your toilet a dual-flush toilet are all projects that make an instant impact on our world.

Earth Day started back in 1970 with a call from US Senator Gaylord Nelson to the nation to come together to protect our world and environment. Since that first Earth Day, many things have changed in our environment for better and worse.

How do you celebrate Earth Day?  What projects will you take on to improve our world?  To help you get started, here are some great articles, guides, projects and videos to help you learn how you can make Earth Day a great day for future generations:

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