Easy Fixes for Common Toilet Problems

Posted by: on October 4th, 2010 | 6 Comments
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  1. Colette DeSotto says:

    It appears standard toilets are 12 inches from the opening to the wall. We have11 inches only. Is there an 11 inch model that we could consider. The toilet we presently have also curves inward which allows space for the baseboard. The new toilets do not seem to curve inward like that. Your help and suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. e. Hall says:

    How do you get a toilet that has been installed on uneven glass tiles to not rock when use? The original unit had a built up ring of grout which we took down to the tile. Now, we know why it was there and don’t want to seal it again like that in case of a leak.

    • Here’s a smart solution from our expert associate on the How-To Community Forum:

      To keep the toilet from leaking at the wax ring, stabilize the toilet by using plastic toilet shims.

      Now you need to stabilize the shims by using silicone caulk, (my favorite), plumbers putty or grout, (not my favorites).

      If you use a high quality wax ring which includes a foam inner ring and a polyethylene flange it is unlikely to leak anyway as long as the toilet does not move around.

      This is what I would do. You gotta stop that toilet from rockin’…

      I hope this helps,