First Look: Clopay Garage Doors

Posted by: on March 25th, 2012 | 3 Comments
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When it comes to choosing garage doors, you can go one of two ways. On one end of the spectrum, you have the flimsy tin-can types, and on the opposite end, sturdy well-built models. Clopay Premium Garage Doors definitely fall into the latter classification.

Each and every premium door Clopay makes has 3 layers: Outer steel skin, insulation layer and inside steel skin. Often, it’s that middle insulation layer that makes a difference in terms of quality. Your best bet is to choose a door with a high insulation R-value to help protect the contents of your garage.

Watch Clopay’s Jason Preston and Home Depot Associate David Donaldson demonstrate Clopay Garage Doors versus a competing brand in this video:


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  1. Joe King says:

    This is good – we see it too, many homeowners do not pay the same attention to their garage doors that they do to interior accents. Ends up costing them.

  2. Stephen K. says:

    I love Cloplay garage doors! These are beautiful doors. The video was also a great addition. If you need help with your garage contact an Arizona garage door expert

    • Thomas Chismar says:

      Stephen, we agree with you on the beauty of Clopay garage doors and glad you liked the video. Thanks for reading!!