First Look: Defiant LED Flashlights

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LED flashlights have several advantages over traditional flashlights. First off, LED flashlights use much less power, resulting in a longer battery life. Secondly, LED lights last a lot longer than traditional bulbs, with lifespans between 25,000 and 100,000 hours. Lastly, LED lights have enabled new flashlight designs featuring non-traditional shapes and colored lights.

Home Depot associate Karla Thompson along with Brinkmann’s Brittany Milliron demonstrate the line of Defiant Flashlights & Security Lights, including the 7 LED head lamp, 8-function light stick, multi-function LED flashlight and premium LED spotlight, in this video:

Our First Look series gives Apron Blog readers an inside look by highlighting some of the videos our store associates watch to learn about the new products and services available at The Home Depot.

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