FREE Kids Workshop | First Saturday of Every Month at Home Depot

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Children enjoying a free kids workshop at The Home Depot
Here’s a great activity you can share with your kids… and it’s free!

On the first Saturday of each month, Home Depot’s FREE Kids Workshops offer fun and useful projects like building toolboxes, fire trucks and mail organizers, birdhouses, Mother’s Day gifts, or any number of other cool projects.

The workshops are great for 5- to 12-year-olds, and they teach children do-it-yourself skills and tool safety and at the same time they help to instill a sense of accomplishment. If your little builder is under 5, that’s fine, too, but you’ll need to provide a little more supervision. We see parents getting into the fun, too, no matter the age of the participants. The workshops create quality, one-on-one fun time between you and your children or nieces, nephews. The workshops are great for scouts troops, neighborhood organizations and Sunday school classes as well!

In addition to the newly constructed project kit, each child receives a kid-sized orange apron, similar to The Home Depot associates’ aprons, and an achievement pin.

The Home Depot’s Kids Workshops are FREE and are held on the first Saturday of every month at every Home Depot store. They start at 9:00 am,  and last until about noon. Please  register ahead of time online to make sure we have enough kits and aprons for the participants. However, registration is not mandatory. We’re happy to make a space at the work table for anyone who shows up, so don’t be shy!

Go to our Home Depot Workshops page online to register and for more information, including a description of what project is coming up. Just click on the Kids Workshop tab. That’s also the place for information and registration for our monthly Do-It-Herself Workshops and our weekly Do-It-Yourself Workshops.

Can’t get to the workshop? Many of the projects we do in the Kids Workshops are available in our online Woodshop Projects Department.

And read a story of how the Home Depot Kids Workshops left lasting memories for one Apron blog reader who’s now excited about taking her own daughter to the workshops.


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  7. [...] to dress up so the free apron and goggles were a perk for her. The next one will be April 12th.  Home Depot  offers one on the first Saturday of every month.   Also, The Mid Hudson Children’s [...]

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  10. carm says:

    We can be there for 9 am, but can’t stay till 12. Would 9 to 11 or 11:30 be long enough to finish the project? Thank you.

    • Craig Allen says:

      carm, I can’t say for sure that your child would be finished with the project by 11 or 11:30– or noon, for that matter! A lot depends on the project and the child.

      But what I can say is that you’d be most welcome to take the uncompleted project home to finish. It happens all the time, and the kids seem to enjoy the experience whether or not they walk out of the store with a fully completely project. So come on and join the fun, and if you have to leave early, that’s not a problem at all.

      –Craig, from The Home Depot

  11. Habin Cho says:

    my mom signed me up last month i hope it will be fun :D

  12. [...] a wooden bird house at Home Depot’s Saturday Workshops for Kids. [...]

  13. Curtis Martin says:

    Had a great time with 8 month old Brooke building the calendar. Can’t wait for more first Saturdays

  14. Cristina says:

    Do you have to be there right at 9:00 for the kids workshop, or can you arrive any time between 9:00 and 12:00?

    • Craig Allen says:

      The workshop leader will happily make every effort to get your child up-to-speed on the morning’s project if you show up later than 9:00. But the earlier, the better, of course.

      –Craig, from The Home Depot

  15. madhu says:

    I need to know,can i sign up for this or walk in.Now also are u joining new kids let me know.

    • Craig Allen says:

      We’d like it if you could sign up for the workshop in advance. But we always do the best we can to accommodate people who walk in without signing up. New kids are welcome all the time!

      –Craig, from The Home Depot

  16. Felicia Wise says:

    Dover Delaware there just aren’t enough supplies, and my kids didn’t get the chance to make the tic tac toe project and we were there at the times listed but they ran out. I think that it’s a nice program but more supplies are need. Last month the same thing with the Legos just not eenough.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Felicia.

      I’ve already passed this along to the Workshop people.

      –Craig, from The Home Depot

  17. giovanne says:

    Iam eight years old, tomorrow is going to be my first time attending a workshop, I hope I like it

  18. Cay says:

    Where is the online LIST of UPCOMING kids workshop projects? I can only find ONE project for CURRENT UPCOMING WEEK. I REALLY need to know the projects 2 or 3 weeks in advance because my grandson has a full sports schedule. If I can SEE one that interests him, we can plan ahead. Saint Charles County Stores are in our neighborhood. (Cottleville.)

    • Craig Allen says:


      Our apologies. Normally we have three months listed in advance. I’ve passed you comment on to the Workshop crew, who says they’ll get that listing page updated ASAP.

      –Craig, from The Home Depot

      • Cay says:

        Where would that BE on your site???
        I will be watching for it!!!!

        • Craig Allen says:

          Go to our Workshops page… then click on the Kids Workshop tab. Go ahead and bookmark that page. Or, you can always just search “workshops” in the search box on

          –Craig, from The Home Depot

  19. Raul C Lopez Sr says:

    My grandson looks forward to very first Saturday of the month. He reminds me but always asks me if I know what project he’ll be doing that coming Saturday. I have gone & asked your service desk & sometimes they know & sometimes they do not know. Yes I know that they are busy but sometimes it seems to put them out of their way! (their body language) Your competition on has on-line…might Home Depot be considering in making it available on-line in the near future? No this is not a complaint cause I do enjoy taking my grandson each month. Just that he asks!!!!
    Mr. Lopez

  20. nancy says:

    Hey my baby is curious about work shop but she is four an half years old.can she come for the work shop? pls reply me

  21. Brandon says:

    I was wondering if 20 year olds could go to these things? I have a girlfriend who is really interested in making things and Home Depot is the only place I can think of that has sessions like this that allow you to make things.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Brandon.

      The age guidelines we mention are really just guidelines. So if your 20-year-old girlfriend would like to attend, I don’t see why that would be a problem.

      But did you know we have free Do-It-Yourself workshops for grownups every weekend? Plus, we even have Do-It-Herself workshops every month that are designed to appeal to women (though men are welcome, too!).

      Maybe your girlfriend would find those even more fun.

      Check out our Workshops page on for the current schedule of workshop topics and to sign up.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  22. Jennifer says:

    Hi I was just wondering if kids over 1u can attend, my 13 year old daughter is very interested in attending them, but I wasnt sure if she would be to old to attend. If she is do you have any suggestions for kids that are a bit older? Thank you very much!!

    • Craig Allen says:

      Your 13-year-old daughter would be most welcome to join the kids’ workshop, Jennifer. Our age guidelines are just that– guidelines. If your daughter wants to attend, then let’s get her signed up!

      Go ahead and sign her up on our Workshops page on And if you have any concerns or questions, or you just want to give the store’s workshops coordinator a heads up for some reason, feel free to give your local Home Depot store a call a few days ahead of time.

      I hope she has a good time.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  23. Ariel cuello says:

    I went and it was fun

  24. Was wanting to chech to see if it is still available to come with my son & to see how much it will cost?

    • Craig Allen says:

      We have kids’ workshops every month. Just go to our Home Depot Free Workshops page to see when the next workshop is and to get your son registered.

      The workshops are free. And we try not to turn away anyone, no matter how many people sign up.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  25. Migdy Huff says:

    Would like to receive a calander for workshops .

    • Craig Allen says:

      Migdy, we don’t have a calendar that we mail out… at least not at this time. It’s a good idea, though.

      However, we post information on upcoming workshops on our Home Depot Free Workshops page. You can go there any time to get information on the workshops and to sign up.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

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  27. angelajo says:


    Who can we contact to request permission to use a Home Depot Kids Workshop image when promoting the workshops on our blog?

    Thank you!

  28. Karissa says:

    Is it okay for kids under the age of 5 to attend? Or is there an age requirement for them to be able to participate? Thank you!

    • Craig Allen says:


      If your little builder is under 5, that’s fine, too, but you’ll need to provide a little more supervision than the Home Depot workshop person can provide. If that’s fine with you, that’s certainly fine with us.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

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  30. Sara R. says:

    Is it okay to come late? I don’t want to be rude to the instructor…but we can’t get there until 10am.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Sure you can come late, Sara.

      It might be a good idea to call the store a day or two ahead of time to let them know you’ll be there late. That way the store’s workshops coordinator can be ready to get you started as soon as you get there.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  31. shari ellis says:

    Am interested in my grandsons getting into the workshops. Thank you

  32. ttina says:

    My son loves these projects. Its good for him to use his hands and mind building things on his own. No dad a round. I just have a suggedtion though. Could use some wipes at the table to wipe paint off hands. Thank you we use wet ones when we get to the plesse continue this is a great program.

    • Craig Allen says:

      ttina, we are so glad your son enjoys the Kids Workshops. The workshops really are a labor of love for the workshop coordinators at each Home Depot store.

      Your suggestion for having wet wipes is really good. Thanks for writing, and we hope to see you and your son at another workshop soon.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  33. Irma Alvarez says:

    My son went to his first workshop and he loved it!. I just wonder why he didn’t get an apron??? It would of been nice for him to keep his pins on.

  34. Laura says:

    Today I took my 5 year old son and his friend to thier first Kids’ Workshop at Home Depot Lower Pottsgrove, #4132. The boys had a great time building and painting their trucks; however, my husband and I were shocked that safety goggles were not provided. I was again surprised that the photo on this website shows children using hammers without safety goggles. To encourage children to use hammers without safety goggles is not only teaching dangerous building practices, but also leaving Home Depot open to major liability issues.

    Again, we love the workshop, but safety goggles should be provided and their use encouraged. Thank you – Laura

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  36. Mary says:

    Hi Craig Allen I would like to register for my 2 son to kid workshop at beltway8 on August 3 but I can’t register

    • Craig Allen says:


      I’m not sure what you mean when you say you can’t register.

      It’s pretty easy. Just click here to go to the Workshops page at Click on the Kids Workshops tab near the top. Then you’ll see info about the upcoming Kids Workshop, and there will be a big orange rectangle that says Register. Click on that rectangle, and follow the instructions.

      If you’re having problems with that, you can also give a call to your local Home Depot store. Just tell them that you’d like to register for the kids workshop, and they’ll get you set up.

      You can find the phone number for your store by using our Store Finder on Just click here to go to Near the top of the page, you’ll see Store Finder. Click that. Then you’ll enter the name of your city or your Zip Code, and it will figure out which are the stores nearest you. You can get the address and phone number for the store of your choice there.

      Let us know if you’re still having problems. We’ll do the best we can to get it all sorted out. And we look forward to seeing you at the Kids Workshop.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  37. shilpa says:

    iam resident at Wilmington Delaware can I bring my kids to home depot work shop this Saturday I had not registered upto now is it necessary pls update me


    • Craig Allen says:


      We strongly urge you to register ahead of time. That way we can be certain to have enough kits and aprons, etc., prepared for the kids.

      However, we never want to turn away anyone who wants to participate. So if you can’t register ahead of time, and your child would like to join in, please don’t hesitate to show up on Saturday. Our workshop coordinator will be happy to make room.

      Just click here to go to the Workshops page at Click on the Kids Workshops tab near the top.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

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  40. [...] It’s great activity to do with your child. The recommended age is 5-12 years old. You can read more about this cool free activity, and find locations, times etc on the Home Depot website. [...]

  41. [...] more information see the Home Depot Blog or Kids Workshop Facebook [...]

  42. [...] That’s right….. The first Saturday of Every Month GRAB YOUR KIDS AND head on over to The Nearest Home Depot – any time between 9am and 12pm noon and Let Your Little Builders and Creators Whip Up Something [...]

  43. [...] more information see the Home Depot Blog or Kids Workshop Facebook [...]

  44. [...] My hubby had the Saturday busy with baseball, so I packed up my kiddo and headed to Home Depot first thing in the morning. Home Depot does kids workshop the first Saturday of every month for FREE they are designed for kids age 5-12, but my 3 year old did just fine with some assistance from me! They started at 9:00 a.m. and go to noon. They help teach kids do it yourself skills, tool safety, and definitely install a sense of pride and accomplishment. The kids get great Home Depot Workshop Aprons and a little project to complete. When they are finished, they get a pin to put on their apron along with a certificate. It’s REALLY fun and my son enjoyed it a lot. You can learn more about Kids Workshops by visiting HERE. [...]

  45. [...] something with your child at Home Depot Kids Workshop anytime from 9AM-12N on the first Saturday of each month. Kids get a free Home Depot apron their [...]

  46. Crystal Jernigan says:

    Can you send me a listing of summer work shops your Lakeland Florida store will be doing this summer please ,…..thanks!

    • Craig Allen says:


      You can look up what’s coming up for the Kids Workshops any time you’d like, as well as the Do-It-Herself Workshops and the regular weekly Workshops, by visiting our workshops page online. That’s where you’ll find the most up-to-date information. The workshops are the same, too, no matter which store you visit.

      –Craig, from The Home Depot

  47. [...] was talking to a neighbor, and she mentioned having just left Home Depot. She took her kids to the kids’ workshop session. I was intrigued and wondered whether I’d have time to take the girls. I rushed home to get [...]

  48. Lauren says:

    My twins LOVE the HD workshops! They went to their 4th one today and they had so much fun. I noticed that some kids have nice canvas aprons, instead of the more current ones. Do you know how I can purchase the canvas kind for my boys? Both of them have already ripped the one that they have.

    • Craig Allen says:

      I’m sorry, Lauren, but we don’t sell the aprons. The canvas aprons have been phased out, too. So the old school aprons you saw must have been worn by some Kids Workshop veterans. We’re certainly glad to hear your twins love the workshops, though! Hang on to their aprons, they’ll be collector’s item someday.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  49. Taisha Bostick says:

    Hi I would love to have my daughter involved with the workshop class how do i register for the first Saturday class. Or do i show up to a home depot. Thanks!

    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Taisha.

      You can register ahead of time online. However, registration is not mandatory. We’re happy to make a space at the work table for anyone who shows up, so don’t be shy! Go to our Home Depot Workshops page online to register and for more information.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  50. [...] Free Kids Classes, every first Saturday of each month, click here to [...]

  51. Stella says:


    My son LOVES to participate in the children’s workshop every month and has been doing so for almost 2 years. I’ve seen online that there’s a special “25th pin” pin, that kids can receive once they achieve 25 projects or 25 pins… With his 25th project coming up, where can I get one of those special pins? Thanks!

  52. i want to know if my kid have a great day

  53. Hello,

    I wanted to bring my daughter for the workshops, but she is 14 years old. Do you have classes for older childrens to participate in?

    Thank you

    • Craig Allen says:

      DeAanna, we don’t have workshops specifically designed for older kids, but your daughter is more than welcome to join in the fun. We see kids her age at the workshops all the time. The kids’ orange apron we give out might be a bit small for her, but if she’s cool with that, I’m sure she’ll have a great time.

      And here’s a suggestion… give a call to the Home Depot store where you plan to attend. Call several days in advance, and ask to speak to whoever coordinates the kids’ workshops. Let him or her know your 14-year-old daughter is coming. The coordinator might (*might*) be able to scrounge a bigger apron, if that’s important to your daughter, or make other preparations to make the workshop a good one for her.

      Have fun at the workshop.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  54. Stephanie says:

    my son is 1 1/2, very hands on and quick learner. I was looking into this thinking it was perfect for him & I but the page says 5 and up. can I still take him tho and do the projects for him?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Stephanie.

      Your son is more than welcome to join in the fun. We say that the workshops are planned with five-and-up kids in mind just so you’ll have an idea of what to expect. But anyone is welcome. (We even have “unaccompanied adults” sit in sometimes!)

      You say you’ll be there to help your son, and that’s perfect. In fact, the Kids’ Workshops often end up being entire families no matter the age of the kids taking part.

      We’d love to see you and your little one there!

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

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  56. Yasmin Soogun says:

    O.K now is coming so confusing . Tell us is it fist Saturday or 2nd Saturday of the month. I registered for Bird Feder online was April 6th and went to home depot and told that it is always 2nd Saturday of the month.

    • Craig Allen says:


      The Kids’ Workshops are held the first Saturday of every month. I’m terribly sorry for the confusion.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  57. Colleen says:

    Do you ever do special classes for school field trips? Is that something that could be arranged?

    • Craig Allen says:


      There have, indeed, been special workshops set up for various occasions. But it’s up to the local store to determine if it’s doable. My suggestion would be to make a phone call to your nearest Home Depot store, explain what you’re hoping to do, and take it from there.

      I hope you can work something out out.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  58. Craig Allen says:

    The Kids’ Workshops begin at 9am.

    -Craig, from The Home Depot

  59. Camila Quintero says:

    We want the cat back!

  60. Malinda S says:

    Love these workshops for the kids, thanks Home Depot for your kid workshops, my twins look forward to them!!

  61. gale tork says:

    what is craft this month?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Coming up on April 6, it will be a birdfeeder. On May 4 will be an herb planter.

      You can always check information about the upcoming Kids’ Workshops on our online workshops page.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  62. Ratna Shaikh says:

    How do I register for kids workshop at HomeDepo.Do let me know since my kids are very much interested in this activity.

    • Craig Allen says:

      There is no need to register for the workshops at Home Depot. You can just show up at the store a few minutes before the workshop starts.

      However, it doesn’t hurt to call the store a day or two ahead of time, just to confirm the details. I suppose that would be a good idea, too, if you were planning on bringing more than a couple of kids– just to be sure the store will have enough kits on hand for the workshop.

      You can look up the location and phone number of your nearest Home Depot store by going to the Store Finder. You can click that link in the previous sentence, or click the Store Finder link at the top of all the pages at

      Have fun at the workshop!

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  63. Gaby says:

    Hello! Please I would like to know how long that’s it take to complete the project? It takes from 9am-12? Thanks.

    • Lynn Coulter says:

      Hi, Gaby. We allow from 9 to noon for the kids workshops, but the actual time to complete each different project varies. This link will help you find the phone number for your local Home Depot store, if you’d like to call for details about a specific project. Have fun at the workshops! Lynn, HD Garden Club

  64. Nina says:

    Do I have to sign my child up for this workshop?

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  66. Denise says:

    I like to build

  67. Francine B says:

    Is it only the 1st Saturday of the month?

    • Lynn Coulter says:

      Hi, Francine. Yes, the kids workshops are the 1st Saturday of each month. Here’s a link to the next one, with some additional info. Thanks for writing. Lynn, Home Depot Garden Club

  68. Tammy Edley says:

    Would an associate from home depot come out to my child development center to do a class for our summer camp program?

  69. Doreen says:

    Will there be any additional workshops for the Christmas holidays? Dec. 24, 27, Jan. 2, 3 4th.?

  70. Jamie says:

    Im hoping they have safety goggles and apron this time last time they didnt have anything but the kit

  71. Allen says:

    The kids workshop has been great for my grandchildren who say “look what I did” or “I can do this” after each project, and they are getting better with a hammer and at painting. Thank you H.D. for the workshops and skills that they are learning.

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  74. [...] one such family not long ago. Stephanie Heywood of Mesa, Arizona left us a wonderful comment on an Apron Blog story about Kids Workshops. She and her brother Sterling loved the workshops when they were kids, and now [...]

  75. Gabriela says:

    My friends and me are planning to bring our kids for a big play date and we thought about Home Depot!! Up until how many kids can you fit in the room??

  76. Trupti says:

    I just know about your kids workshop
    Programs . Just let me know I have to register
    For It or not?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Trupti.

      There is no need to register for Home Depot’s workshops. Just show up at the store at the designated time.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  77. Tammy says:

    I have enjoyed taking my 2 sons to the workshops but I was wondering how come it is not saying on the website what they are making this month.

    • Craig Allen says:

      I’m so glad you and your sons enjoy the kids workshops. You can always find information on what’s coming up each month on our Kids Workshop webpage.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

    • twyna says:

      I am a the captain at my home depot for the kids workshop.I always email or send a flyer of the up coming event. You should ask the person in charge if they can do the same for you

  78. Elizabeth says:

    I just love the kids workshop, it is a safe place for kids to build something that they can keep and remember. My son always look forward to the workshop

    • Lynn Coulter says:

      We’re happy to hear that your son has such a good time at the workshops. Thanks for writing, Elizabeth, and bring him in for another one soon!

      Lynn, from The Home Depot

  79. Diane Gerv says:

    I can not seem to find how to sign up for this. When I click the link to sign up it takes me to something totally different. Any help? A link to sign up?

    • Lynn Coulter says:

      Hi, Diane. You don’t have to sign up in advance. You can just show up at the store a few minutes ahead of time. But it’s a good idea to call ahead just to confirm the workshop time, and let the organizer know you’re coming. Just phone your local Home Depot store. You can find the phone number and address by clicking on the “Store Finder” link at the top of every page. Hope this helps! Lynn, Home Depot Garden Club

  80. Ashley says:

    Hi , I just wanted to say thank-you for the effort and time put out to run these Kids Work Shops . My husband went into one of the Ca Bc locations to pick up some things and was talking about our almost 3 year old son always trying to help and use his tools and that he has been trying to show him and wished he had projects he could do with him . And the man told him about the workshop and gave him a box lid combo with a pin apron and certificate so he could try . Well to say the least we are impressed our son was able to make it with our guidance and felt very proud of himself . He has been toting his cars in it all day . I just want to say thank-you again for teaching my son patience and giving him self confidence today .

    • Lynn Coulter says:

      Ashley, it makes our day to hear comments like yours. We’re very happy that we can offer these workshops, and glad your son enjoyed one. Please visit again soon, and thanks for writing in! Lynn, Home Depot.

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  82. Eileen says:

    My son loved making the moving truck today. Thank you for this program!

  83. Nicole says:

    I have a 2 yr old and 9 yr old…we go every month! My 9 yr old loves the building and my 2 yr old loves to paint! They both love the aprons and its always the same person!

  84. Zoi Belschner says:

    I love your workshop and have been taking my children there. I am a teacher at a small non profit school and would love to take the projects to the classroom. Is there anyway I can do this. Please email me. Thank you.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Zoi, we are so pleased you like the Kids Workshops. They certainly are popular with Home Depot customers.

      I’m afraid we don’t have any national program in place to take Kids Workshops into schools. I suggest that you talk to the managers at a couple of the Home Depot stores in your area. The individual stores often take on special projects for the community or set up talks or workshops with community groups. Maybe you can get something like that cooked up.

      Thanks for the comment.

      -Craig from The Home Depot

  85. Cristina Villa says:

    My son loves attending but every time we’ve gone there, he never gets an apron because they only have so many and they always run out. Is there any way to get one or purchase one for him?

  86. mrs.waller says:

    it’s the best ever my kids love it.

  87. Deb Hatter says:

    Please, how do I register children for the workshops?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Deb, it’s not necessary to register your child. You can just show up at the store a few minutes ahead of time.

      However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to call ahead just to confirm the workshop time, and so the organizer will know you’re coming. Just phone your local Home Depot store. You can find the phone number and address by clicking on the “Store Finder” link at the top of every page.

  88. Dave says:

    Lovely idea! It is great kids can work projects and develop their imagination.

    • So true, Dave. It really is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday with your little one. The kiddies have tons of fun, they learn something, and it’s free! What’s not to love?

  89. MaryAnn says:

    My 3 grandchildren (5,6,10) enjoy our time together with you. I have my grandchildren visit with me always the first Saturday of the month so we can go to the Home Depot Kids Craft Class. We have been coming for the past spend year so my grandchildren have many project pins on their aprons. Thank You so much for creating this special time I share with my grandchildren. I tell everyone about it… : )

  90. [...] the first Saturday of the month, Home Depot has a FREE kids Workshop. We went there this past Saturday and your sister, Stella, and your daddy built some tool boxes. I [...]

  91. Jessica says:

    My 4 yr old loves these Saturdays! It’s a great way to spend time with his dad building something. He recently saw his dad building new kitchen cabinets and redoing our kitchen so the fact that he can build something with dad is that much more cool! Sadly though I see that the same projects he did last year are reappearing this year. Is Home Depot recycling projects?

    • Craig Allen says:

      We’re so happy to hear your little one loves the Kids Workshops.

      Yes, we do repeat some of our most popular projects, but the associates who run them make a big effort to make every workshop experience special. The associates love getting kids excited about building things, even if it’s a re-do of an earlier project. And as kids’ skills get better, the final product gets better, too. So I hope your little boy will still enjoy the activity, even if he might remember doing it before.

      What was your son’s favorite project? And were there any projects he’s done that didn’t go over so well?

      Thank you for the feedback, Jessica.

  92. Jaydin had a great time buiding a race car at the Kent Home Depot. The very helpful staff suggested we should pre-register for the next event, but I don't see how to do so. says:

    Jaydin had a great time buiding a race car at the Kent Home Depot. The very helpful staff suggested we should pre-register for the next event, but I don’t see how to do so

    • Craig Allen says:

      Officially, the workshops require no pre-registration. But it might be a good idea to call the store a day or two ahead of time to confirm the date and time, etc., and it’s possible that the individual store has set up a pre-registration process just to make sure it has enough supplies on hand.

      But if it’s the morning of the workshop, and you haven’t called ahead, I say go ahead and show up– the associates will be happy to make a space for you. The more the merrier, as they say.

  93. jill says:

    My 2 and a half year old and 4 and a half year old had fun building the cool race cars. They had the best time racing them down the track/ramp that was at the store. My kids love coming to these events. This was our second and they really love going to Home Depot to build, wear their work apron, receive their work badge (and eat popcorn!). My husband and I think the event is wonderful and enjoy a free option for entertainment. The ladies who run the events are so sweet. We went home and wrote the next 6 dates on our calendar so we won’t forget to go again.

    • Craig Allen says:

      That’s terrific. This is exactly the kind of experience the associates are trying to create with the kids workshops. Thank you so much for the feedback.

  94. Stephanie H. says:

    I remember going to the HD projects as a kid with my dad and younger brother and we always had a blast! Some of my favorite memories with my dad were of the three of us loading in the car and heading to HD to build projects. Not long ago I was helping my dad clean out his garage and to my amazement he still had many of the little things like tool boxes and puppets that we made nearly 15+ years ago! I couldn’t believe it, considering that he cleans the garage out several times a year and never collects things. I am so excited that the program is still around so that my husband and I can take our daughter and any future children for some family fun time. I am very excited to go in April! Thank you Home Depot for strengthening family bonds!

  95. Tina says:

    I just wanted you to know that my son has a great time at the kids workshop. Thank you very much. :)

    • Craig Allen says:

      We’re glad to hear your son enjoyed the workshop. Thank you so much for saying so!

  96. Joe Lillie says:

    Very disappointing. On Saturday March 3 I took my 5 and 6 year old grandkids to the workshop at the Southside location in Lafayette, LA. The advertised craft was a race car but the craft provided was a picture frame. The Home Deport person provided no guidance, no presentation on tool safety and was not prepared for the event. We had to ask for tools to build the picture frame. It is great that Home Depot is providing these workshops but the store should be adequately prepared for the event and take the time to provide the advertised instruction.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Oh dear. I’m not sure what happened, but I could see how that would be disappointing, especially when you had your grand kids excited about it.

      Perhaps you’d like to talk to the manager there. Maybe he or she can explain what happened. (I’m not certain which store you were at, but you can find the phone number if you use our Store Finder on the Home Depot website.

      I hope you and your grand kids will give the Kids Work Shop another chance. They really can be a lot of fun.

      And thanks for the feedback.

  97. Sherr says:

    The Kid’s Workshop at Home Depot along Wendover in Charlotte, North Carolina is the best! The two ladies are knowledgeable, kind and have great customer service skills. Several children with their parents always come. I’ve never seen the workshop with only a few children. It is fun and teaches children in a subtle way valuable lessons about work, responsibility, and accomplishment. Thanks Home Depot!

  98. Cheryl says:

    Do you sign up online for these or is it first come first served?

  99. These quality crafts are great gifts from children to parenst grand parents aunts uncles ect. makes everyone happy and proud. nice way to spend time with your children as well. i buy wood paint at a craft store and let the kids decorate at home. maybe homedepot should sell craft paint to go along with these projects (just an idea) thanks home deplt


  100. Jolene says:

    Why hasn’t the website been reflecting the current month’s craft? My boys only like to do certain projects and we have missed the Nov. and Dec. craft postings.

  101. Aguirre says:

    My son is very happy whit this program thanks home depot

  102. Debbie G. says:

    Thank you for providing kids workshop kits for the Food Allergy Walk (FAAN Walk Atlanta). My kids are still talking about how cool it was to see their neighborhood store supporting the research and awareness for people with food allergies.

    We hope to see you again next year!

    Our whole family says Thank you!


  103. Rob Perez says:

    Something I just noticed this stated was these workshops are at “every” Home Depot, and from our experience they are not. We have 3 within the same distance from us and only 1 of them does this. Just thought I would share…

    • Ayana Glaze says:

      Hi Rob, thank you for pointing that out. We will look into this. Kids workshops may be offered at different times at different locations. Each location may offer workshops of their choosing at anytime.

  104. Valerie Gardner says:

    I would like to thank Home Depot with providing a FREE activity that my sons & I have enjoyed participating in over the years. It seems like companies don’t want to invest in their customers anymore. It is so nice to see that Home Depot is not like other companies. Before it was just a nice activity for us to do but now it’s even more important to us since their dad & I divorced & I lost my job & money is extremely tight. Thank You from the bottom of my heart Home Depot!

  105. Rod A says:

    My grandaughter earned her first kid’s workshop badge yesterday. She was thrilled to bring home a Home Depot apron and her pride – a set of coasters with holder which she made herself (with a little help from her mom, my daughter).

    Thanks Home Depot for this wonderful project !!

  106. Scott says:

    I would like to thank Home Depot for this great family oriented initiative. My two boys (5&6) have been building projects for years. Our home base Home Depot in Maryville, TN is fantastic because of the employees; who are always excited to help the kids. The staff has remained very stable allowing our kids to get to know and feel comfortable with them. Even on non project building days the staff always go out of their way to say hi to the kids and make them feel special. We visit relatives in NJ on a regular basis and have found the same wonderfully dedicated staff at their Home Depot in Highstown, NJ. It is obvious that Home Depot has created something special with Kid’s Workshops. I am sure that it will pay dividends in both parents purchases and is developing a new generation of d-i-y customers. Thank you

  107. Hilda says:

    I take my 5 yr old daughter every month to our Home Depot for the kids workshop. She loves the projects and the staff is very friendly and helpful. We look forward to going every month.


    Our girls enjoy this Saturday and have collected many pins from each project they complete. I usually go in the store after and spend more $ than I had planned, so it’s a good loss-leader for the store.

    However, the one time my girls had the flu, they were so upset that they couldn’t go to do their projects. I took their aprons with their pins up to my store, and even though there were only 8 other kids there during the 3 hour period (I went about 11:45), the lady (who knew us! and knew our girls were regulars) refused to let me take the kits home to the sick kids.

    There had never been a refusal previously if someone dropped by and asked for a kit for their child. I understand the need for limits, but again – they knew us and I was standing there with their aprons in hand to plead their case.

    They lost some business that day. Actually, we’re re-doing a house and decided to go elsewhere to purchase the products.

    I like the Home Depot, but a little flexibility would go a long way in promoting good will in the public.

    • ash1414 says:

      I agree with your statement. HomeDepot stores in my area seems to be the same. Compared to HomeDepot, Lowes is very flexible and understanding….they seem to go by the spirit of the program than the rulebook. To your point this kids workshop program and the store personnel attitude is making this program a loss maker than a loss leader :-) Hope somebody at HomeDepot takes note of it.

    • Danneskjold says:

      Wow. This is what is wrong with our country. Instead of being grateful for a nice program that HD does for free every month, you greedily take their genorisity with a sense of entitlement. Your children missed a free clinic and you are going to boycott since they didn’t give you free crafts without your children present?

      Thank you Home Depot, thank you for providing such a nice program for my chldren and I enjoy together every month. How nice it is that in this tough economy this fun workshop is available.

  109. jenni Hoertz says:

    We go to the one in Macedonia Ohio and the employees there are great. my son is 3 1/2 and weve done about 10 different projects and he loves it. Daddy is building a shelf to store all his cute creations. My son loves comming and getting to use tools himself.. Everyone at that store is wonderfull and its so nice to take him somewhere once a month. Everytime we drive past home depot he starts getting all excited asking when he gets to go again. Very Cute thank you all and we’ll be seeing you next month cant wait/

  110. Debbie says:

    My husband and I take our 7 and 9 yr old grandsons to the workshops on Dixie Hwy in Louisville, KY and they have so much fun. Our 9 yr old has mild Autism and he especially enjoys the projects. The Staff is always friendly and encourage the children one on one. I would like to thank Home Depot for offering a positive influence for our area children and grandchildren

  111. Denise says:

    My boys are 5 and 7. We just started going to the workshop this year. They really love it and look forward to it every month. Although I am disappointed we have been 3 times and no aprons yet. But other than that, they have a great time and have a sense of accomplishment from building it themselves.

  112. Maggie says:

    Went with my boys this morning to the Niles IL (Greenwood) location to build our planters. Very organized. Howard does a greattttttt job with helping. Boys had a great time. Will NEVER go again to the Brickyard location in Chicago. Last month the tables were not even out and we had to wait. Then no one from Home Depot knew who was suppose to work the “kids workshop”. VERY DISORGANIZED there. The employees would just look at each other and tell each other you do this you do that. UGH! Great Job Niles Location on Greenwood!! You ROCK HOWARD!!!

  113. Julie says:

    My daughter has been doing these workshops for almost a year. She absolutely loves them. I am on the PTO board and we have partnered up with Home Depot and they do internal field triips and also help us with two fundraisers a year with the Kids Projects. It is wonderful the kids absolutely love them!

  114. Hilda says:

    Our first time was March 2011. My son (6 yrs old) made the race car and was fascinated! We had built a pinewood derby car in his cubscout troop and he said this one was even better and easier to built. He could follow the instructions on his own. The staff was great! Very encouraging. The apron and the pin were so cute. He is looking forward to making more things. They also provided a snack a juice bag and salty chips. My son loved it. I would have preferred other snack (i.e, high fiber crackers or bars).

  115. Jessica says:

    I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 15 month old and they both had such a great time doing the Race car! We will be back for sure! Also, people at the Bluffton store are super friendly and helpful!

  116. [...] This month they will be making a Planter Box – so cute!! [...]

  117. Molly Bertelt says:

    I came with my grandson. He was very late. Project was finished. You know what. Home Depot
    Guy gave my grandson the sample already made up, he gave him a badge, he was so kind and understanding. A great experience. Look forward to doing it again.

  118. Frank says:

    Very upset ! I always take my 2 kids to these projects, and they love building them, however the racecar would have been there favorite but at 10:30 they where out and HAD no other extra from any other days, the staff was grumpy and not happy, and also didnt want to be there, they sad here’s some candy, that’s ok it’s 10:30 in the morning, not really candy time, they turned us away and that’s was it! We are now going to LOWES and not shopping at HOMEDEPOT either, thanks for the great times, we have the cub scouts, 3 moms clubs, that we also told not to go and they all argeed! Thanks again!
    We told them LOWES has a better staff and more craft dates, they give you a little blue hammer also, just the first time.

  119. Boston4lfe says:

    The first workshop my son attended was April 2011 and he made the Home Depot Race Car and he absolutely loved it. I wish the workshops were every Saturday!

  120. Aravinda says:

    We enjoyed this workshop! Only one suggestion: It would be nice if sandpaper was also there, since sometimes the instructions say to sand it.

  121. Tia Paulhus says:

    I take my 2 children and 3 other neighborhood children to these every month . . . We look forward to every experience! It’s great for them to get to take home something that they made themselves and can be proud of and display for everyone to see!

    British Columbia, Canada!

  122. Kari says:

    I have two boys who are 4 and 7 years old. We had a great time with this project. We had stopped at Home Depot to look at flooring. When we walked in the door, an associate directed us to do a project with the boys. I am so glad she did. The boys had a great time. It made our shopping experience a very memorable event. We will definitely be back for next month’s project. The boys are still talking about how much fun they had. Thanks Home Depot, Lincoln, NE!

  123. Karen says:

    Wow, really? The workshop is about DOING A PROJECT WITH YOUR CHILD. Come on.

    “The workshops also allow for quality, one-on-one fun time between you and your children or nieces, nephews”

  124. Keisha F says:

    I was really impressed with your store today, I knew the racecar workshop would be popular and thought getting there 10min to til 10Am was going to be ok…we go the last 2 cars and there were people in line after us…instead of turning them away or say sorry to late the staff used surplus from a project prior to give to the kids and were enthusastic and helpful… The free paint idea was good but the staff was overwhelmed with all the kids and additional customers but still took the time to help everyone and be friendly and not rush. For example when the lady asked who was next I asked do you mean paying customers or those getting the free paint…She said “oh your all customers what colors did you need”…I thought that was the best customer service response ever!!!!

  125. i have a question,
    do we the parents have to be there with them or could i drop off my 11 year old daughter and pick her up?

    • Kim says:

      You stay with your kids while they build the project. Doesn’t take long–15-20 minutes usually.

  126. Veronica Mack says:

    The kids workshop at the Home Depot is great. My children love it and look forward to it every month. I am glad I decided to take them to it. I hope the workshops continue. The workshops have given the children an inexpensive way to do something fun and interesting on Saturday morning. Great program!

    • Darren Ryan says:

      Thanks Veronica! The workshops team is working on some great new projects and upcoming workshops for the spring season. Be sure to check them out, I think your children will really enjoy what’s coming up!

  127. My boys LOVE THIS…we live in Virginia and
    our local Home Depot is SOOOOOOOOO helpful…
    they interact with my boys and give them help
    as well as a certificate and candy for a job well done!!!
    and of course ITS FREE!!!!


  128. Paul Hairopoulos says:

    I know the Kid’s Workshop is free but not every store seems to participate and some do not know the hours or if there is going to one. I live in ZIP 98012 and this is what I heard today (02-04-2011) after hitting 0:
    1 – I do not know and the person that does left for the day…I think 8-9
    2 – I do not know but I will connect you with someone…that someone says, I have not done one in a while, let me check. After a few minutes, he comes back on the line and say, yes there is one tomorrow and come in any time between 9 & noon.

    It seems to me that this information should be at the desk of the person you reach when you hit 0.

    Why did I confirm? Because I am taking my almost 4 year old grandson and I do not want him to be disappointed.

    Thank you for listening.

    • Kim says:

      The store should have a display and sign up inside the front door with all the details. Call back and ask the person to double check the display for you!