From the Forums: What Tools Do I Need to Build a Doll House?

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a do-it-yourself doll house on display

It takes the right tools to create something like this.


Having the right tools is crucial to any DIY project. When it comes to certain hobby projects, you can’t get very far at all unless you have the special tools required. Take for instance Home Depot Community member Cassie Kelly, who wants to build her own doll house, but wasn’t sure what tools would work best. She asked the Home Depot’s Community Forums for some suggestions:

So I had this crazy idea of building my own doll house… I have bought random tools along the road thinking they would help, but I am stuck. I need a power tool to help make stairs and the actual furniture. Unfortunately, I am on a limited budget and my hand tools are no longer working with ease. I was really hoping someone might have a couple of suggestions.

One of our Forums associates, who goes by the very encouraging handle shecandoit22 had the first of two responses to Cassie’s query:

My daughter received a wooden doll house kit halfway built when she was real little, and I built most of the furniture for it.

I would have to say my go to tool was a Dremel rotary tool. I used it to cut, route, sand, and even carve. It will do just about anything as long as you have the right bit. Most kits come with a few basic bits, so you won’t have to purchase them separately.

dremel tool kit

I have three Dremels. I use them to etch glass, plastic, and metal just to name a few. I make a lot of my gifts. It not only saves money, but the recipients just love the idea of getting a one-of-a-kind gift.

So think about all of the things that you can use it for and then consider the price. Not bad at all, right? It will pay for itself in no time.

I also used a scroll saw to cut out a lot of the pieces. There is a very wide price range on scroll saws, so shop around. The Home Depot has a very helpful online Buying Guild for Scroll Saws, so you will know the basics if you go to purchase one. I also use my scroll saw for a lot different projects.

ryobi scroll saw

The tools that I mentioned are my most used tools in my wood shop. I can make just about any small project with just those two tools.

Of course, you don’t have to be a Home Depot associate to offer up some advice on our online Forums — everyone’s welcome to share experiences and recommendations. Forums member Dave agreed with shecandoit’s recommendations, and added a few hobby tools of his own. He says you need an X-Acto knife– look for X-Acto’s Deluxe Hobby Tool Set, he says. And Dave recommends purchasing a coping saw for intricate hand cuts.

This just goes to show that on The Home Depot’s Forums, you can get advice on just about any DIY project, no matter what size.

We have more advice and project ideas from our experts. Visit the Forums for DIY tips and tricks from our store associates. From the Forums Friday is our weekly column highlighting the best of The Home Depot’s Community Forums. 

Doll house photo (cc) The Shopping Sherpa


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