Gardening Q&A: Where Do I Start With A Yard Full Of Weeds?

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Q: “I have a decent size back yard that is covered in weeds. I would like to grow grass, but need help on where to start. I know I will have to throw on some weed killer and rototiller it, but need advice on what is the best weed killer and the best way to get the job done on a budget.”  

That’s the question carmslawn recently posted to our Garden Club Forums, a great place to pose questions for expert advice on gardening, lawn care and outdoor living. Lots of customers chimed in with similar woes stretching from North Carolina to Colorado.

A: Associate LawnRanger came to the rescue with an answer. First tackle those weeds. The LawnRanger says, “Weed killers should not be added while planting seeds. The new, tender grass will not be able to tolerate the herbicides that are added to control weeds.”

He goes on to say that weeds give insight into what will actually grow in a manicured lawn. Selective herbicides can “weed out” the bad, while allowing the good to grow. LawnRanger recommends Weed-B-Gon Max Plus Crabgrass Control  and Spectracide’s Weed Stop For Lawns.

Want to start with a clean slate? Try weed and grass killer by Roundup and TotalKill. In the end, a thick, lush lawn will choke out those pesky weeds.

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