Halloween Yard Decorations Make the Holiday More Fun

Posted by: on September 20th, 2012 | 2 Comments
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Halloween Yard Decoations: An outdoor inflatable Halloween decoration ghost pirate ship

There was a day when Christmastime was the only time of year we could go all out making our front yards or apartment balconies holiday showcases. But in recent years, Halloween has opened up for all-out, impress-the-neighbors, front yard decoration fun.

Putting up Halloween yard decorations offers a chance to start a new family tradition of spooking up the house to attract little ghosts and goblins looking for treats. Or maybe you want to let your inner set designer out to create a whole haunted house experience for your ghostly visitors.

You can take this any direction you’d like too—whimsical, scary, twinkly, animated, inflatable, or all of the above. From black cats and witches to scary bats and happy ghost, homedepot.com has plenty of decorations to choose from to get your Halloween decorating project underway.

Consider making one of The Home Depot’s large Halloween inflatables the centerpiece of your front yard display. These airblown inflatables are easy to set up and store, and they pack a real punch in terms of visual impact. Then light up a path to your front door with a set of Halloween themed electric luminarias. Add some light up pumpkins and a vampire window poster, and you’ll be in business.

And don’t forget all the  power cords, bulbs, batteries, timers and hardware you’ll need to inflate, light up and secure your Halloween yard decorations. You’ll find everything you need on our Holiday Decorating Essentials page.

Take a look at our online Holiday Decorations Department for everything you need for your Halloween decorating (and Christmas and Hanukkah too!)

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  1. Heberto says:

    Like putting up Christmas decorations up wasn’t hard enough! How soon is too soon to put Halloween Decorations up? I usually do not go all out when it comes to Halloween, I do put up the occasional window decoration but I have seen some people go all out. I guess it depends on the person.