Home Depot Now Offers Buy Online, Pick Up Or Return In-Store Service

Posted by: on August 31st, 2011 | 124 Comments

Introducing Buy Online. Pick Up Or Return In Store.

We have some great news that will help you save time shopping for and working on your home improvement projects! Now when you make a purchase on homedepot.com or with The Home Depot iPhone application, you’ll be able to pick up your purchase at your local Home Depot store without having to wait for it to be shipped. Homedepot.com also makes your shopping experience more convenient by offering hassle-free returns with our Buy Online, Return In Store service.

We have rolled out these services to most stores nationally to meet all of our customers’ needs. So whether you’re looking for kitchen appliances, tools or even items for your bath or outdoors simply pick out and pay for your selection online, then pick it up in store where it will be ready and waiting for you. Or for purchases made online and shipped to your home, simply return them to your local Home Depot store.

Buy Online. Pick Up In Store: It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
Here’s how it works:

Place your order on homedepot.com or The Home Depot iPhone app.

Choose the Pick Up In Store option at checkout and select your preferred store location for order pickup.

Bring your “Pick Up In Store Order Notification” email to the Home Depot store that you chose in step 2, to pick up your order.

Watch the Buy Online, Pick Up In Store video for more information and learn more about the policy details for this service.

Most orders will be ready for pickup at a Home Depot store location within two hours of the time the order was placed. Specific items may take slightly longer due to inventory, availability and/or assembly. When you arrive at the store, stop by the Special Service desk (or Pro desk if you are a contractor) for assistance with order pickup.
*FREE standard shipping and residential delivery on over 100,000 items (excluding taxes) made at homedepot.com. Plus, FREE delivery and haul away on most major appliances. See product descriptions for free shipping eligibility. This offer is not valid on gift cards or prior purchases or certain items containing weight and/or size shipping restrictions (details in item descriptions). This offer is valid on parcel and residential delivery only; it does not include express or expedited shipping or curbside delivery. We reserve the right to change or end this offer at any time. We currently ship only to street addresses in the 48 contiguous United States. Select parcel items can ship to Alaska & Hawaii. We cannot ship to APO/FPO, P.O. Boxes, or U.S. Territories. Please allow 5-7 business days for parcel ground delivery and 8-10 business days for home delivery. Void where prohibited. Totally and completely void. We mean it.
  1. Adrian says:

    Hi, I want to buy a Makita LXDT06Z but I live in Mexico.. I have a friend and He will go this weekend. Can he pick up the item with out buy online???? Is it posible????

    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Adrian.

      I’m not sure I understand your question. It seems like you’re saying you have a friend who will go to a Home Depot store in the US and buy a power tool for you, and then drive back to Mexico.

      There’s nothing I can see that would be a problem. I assume there would be no problem carrying the tool across the border, but I’m not an expert on US or Mexican customs regulation.

      Or did you mean that you would use the buy online, pick up in store service?

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  2. clare trowbridge says:

    thanks! i’ll copy and use this form in san antonio to pick up at sunset rd. store! clare t.

  3. joyce rustad says:

    i want to order online and have delivered to my house. how do i go about doing that?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Joyce.

      It’s easy. When you see something you want to purchase, above the ADD TO CART button you’ll see shipping options– just click SHIP TO HOME. Also, when you’re checking out, you’ll have a chance to change your mind on where to ship it, or indicate your choice if you didn’t choose earlier. You’ll be asked your shipping address during the check out procedure.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  4. Esther Carr says:

    I’m handicapped with a bulging herniated disk so I would rather order
    online and delivered to my home here in Buford.

    • Craig Allen says:

      That’s not a problem, Esther. Virtually everything you can order online at homedepot.com can be delivered to your front door.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  5. Jorge H. says:

    I recommend you to consider a billing address and credit card owner information separated from the delivery address, since online buyers could shop outside US and want to be delivery in a US address, as an example myself, I have made purchases in Amazon or Walmart and they have this option, and when they charge the order on my credit card, the information is the same that the bank have, so theres no problem to verify the data and not get an “Authorization Declined” problem.

    Because of this I have to cancel my order on a Airless Paint Sprayer and I missed the offer in this item.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Jorge.

      I’ll make sure your comments reach the right people here.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  6. patrick says:

    we shouldn’t have to print anything out. just let us bring in the # from the purchase notification. This saves time, paper, ink, printer wear, and space in my wallet. You can sell it as one of your environmental sustainability initiatives to help save your customers from wasting paper.

  7. Gene B. says:

    Good service; however, they should say the item purchased online to be picked up in the store must already be in stock.
    I purchased two Hoover SteamPlus Cleaning Solutions (32oz). My Home Depot does not carry this product in stock, so there is no in store pickup available. I had to pay a $5.99 shipping charge to home. This must not be one of the 100,000 item that are free shipping??
    MAYBE, Home Depot could take a placed order that is not in stock, have it shipped to the local store, and then the customer could pick it up with no additional shipping fee to the customer????
    I guess $5.99 isn’t much but it was 30% of the purchase price of the items. There is a principal involved for customer service and satisfaction.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Gene.

      Thanks for the compliment on the Buy Online, Pick Up in Store service. Thanks, too, for the suggestion for a ship-to-store service.

      The good news is that we are, in fact, in the process of quietly rolling out that very service– Buy Online, Ship to Store. You might have made your purchase literally days before it started.

      Now, when you shop online, and you see a product that’s available online only, or is marked an Online Exclusive, you should see an icon that indicates the product is eligible for FREE Buy Online, Ship to Store. (Many of these products are also eligible for FREE shipping to your home if your order is $45 or more, by the way.)

      You’ll have a chance to select that option in the online check out process (or free shipping to your home, if that’s applicable).

      As I said, as I write this the Home Depot’s Department of Internet and Logistics Wizardry is still in the process of rolling it out. More products are being added to the service every few days, or so. But we expect it to be a major part of The Home Depot’s online shopping experience very soon.

      Thanks for shopping at The Home Depot, and thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  8. Alyce Luettjohann says:

    I like the idea I can oreder on line and pick up and the Show Low Store.
    Good Idea

  9. richard says:

    I was trying to do an o-line order.I live in the Murrells Inlet area.Home Depot said P/U at Columbia. I could not change locations. I chatted on line they said go back to first page.First page gives Murrells Inlet as my store.Then I find this page and step 2 says the choose at checkout.HOME DEPOT ON -LINE ORDERING HAS A LOT TO BE DESIRED.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Richard. Your feedback is helpful.

      Thank you, too, for your business.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  10. Edwin Mattei says:

    magnifico servicio ,pero tendre la obsion de pagar la orden al recogerla en mi tienda mas sercana (homedpot baramaya ponce,pr?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Sí. Este servicio está disponible en Puerto Rico. Seleccione el almacén de Bayamón como “Your Store” en el “Store Finder” en la parte superior de la página. Busque “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store Today” del producto que desea comprar.

      (Perdón, mi español no es bueno. Espero que entiendan mi pobre español.)

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  11. Rod Diemert says:

    We are looking for security bars for windows. All we found at the local HD store and also on a at-home web search of your products was smaller windows. We are looking to cover 5 ft x 6 ft windows. Do you have such a product?

    • Craig Allen says:


      I took your question over to our online Customer Care Center, where they can get you a quick, definitive answer.

      Just click –> here.

      Thanks for shopping Home Depot.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  12. JAMES R SHIREMAN says:

    Does HomeDepot have the authorization to charge sales tax on internet purchases from consumers in South Carolina?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Yes, Home Depot charges sales tax on online orders delivered to South Carolina.

      Presently, the states where Home Depot does NOT include sales tax are:

      • Delaware
      • New Hampshire
      • Oregon
      • Vermont

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  13. Carol Alexander says:

    On the “Check Out” page there should be an option to enter an additional name for merchandise pickup. (Other online stores have this option.) I placed an order but someone else has to pick it up, but my name is the only name on the printed paper.

  14. Gerry Vigue says:

    Great service….thank You………

  15. Heather says:

    I have a few DIY Projects and needed a few things from the store. I also have a 3 year old. I just ordered everything for the project online and now all I have to do is pick up in store. Beats shopping at the Store with a toddler!

  16. ann says:

    do you ship to Guyana SA

    • Craig Allen says:

      I’m sorry, Ann, Home Depot does not ship to addresses outside the United States.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  17. lynne ransom says:

    i havea home in los angeles that needs some work. can i order online in texas and have my nephew pick up in los angeles…would certainly save me air fare.

    • Craig Allen says:

      I don’t think there would be any problem doing that, Lynne.

      When you’re shopping and ordering, set your “My Store Location” (at the top of the HomeDepot.com pages) to the store in LA where your nephew will pick up the merchandise. That should ensure that everything you order will be available there.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  18. Jerry Windom says:

    Made a purchase on line several months ago. I have lost my e-mail info but I have box it came in. I need to return it.
    Could you help me with the details? thanks

  19. Julie says:

    I`m from the caribbean and would like to make an online purchase. I have a address in Miami but my credit card address is in the country where I live. Would I be able to make this purchase?

    • Craig Allen says:


      The Home Depot has no formal policy preventing the use of an international card in our stores or online. (However, chip cards will not work in our US stores.) As you might know, homedepot.com does not ship to addresses outside of the US (also not to Puerto Rico and Alaska and Hawaii, in most cases) and will block any order with a non US shipping or billing address. But there shouldn’t be a problem having your order shipped to an address in Miami.

      If you do come up against a problem, though, call our homedepot.com Customer Care phone number– 800-430-3376. That phone number is toll-free in the US, but it’s likely you’ll have to pay international charges if you call it from outside the US. You can also leave a message on our Contact Us page on homedepot.com.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  20. james Toguchi says:

    Many of your items cannot be bought online here in Hawaii.
    I have tried it.

  21. Mike Williams says:

    Is there anyway possible to order on line and have it shipped to my local store and I can pick it up there? That way I could order the product I want and not have to pay for shipping. (I looked and free shipping was not available for the product I wanted)


    • Craig Allen says:


      If the product online has a “Pick Up in Store” button on the description, then yes, you can buy online and pick up in store. Click on the “Pick Up in Store Button” to see your options and to place the order.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  22. jose planas says:


    • Craig Allen says:

      Jose, I’m sorry you’re frustrated that our Buy Online, Pick Up in Store service isn’t available in Puerto Rico. It’s due to the costs of shipping items. It has nothing to do with the status of Puerto Rico. Shipping is also not available for most items in Alaska and Hawaii.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  23. Joelle Johnson says:

    Is the online price the same as my home depot store location price?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Yes, Joelle. If the item you see online has a “Pick Up in Store” button, the price you pay online should be the same as in your local Home Depot store.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  24. how can i find out how much paint i need to paint a 4 ft high by 272 ft long chain link fence tks

    • Craig Allen says:

      George, I posted your question over at our Home Depot Community Forums, where we have Home Depot experts on hand to answer DIY questions such as this. Go to the Forums post (that’s the link in this sentence) to see what the experts have to say.

      Thanks for the question.

      -Craig, from the Apron Blog

  25. mary gochanour says:

    We have a military discount. Do I get this online or at pickup?

  26. Tung Ma says:

    Thinh Nguyen is nice , friendly with customers
    He is satisfy with recommend ferfect.

  27. asif says:

    I am from Guyana in south america … and have a visa debit card and a shipping location in guyana.

    Can I purchase at home depot?

    • Craig Allen says:

      I’m sorry, asif, but The Home Depot only ships to US addresses.

      I have no idea if this would be possible in your circumstances, but there are companies that will forward packages to addresses outside the US. But it’s for a fee, of course, and I reckon it could get expensive. Google “package forwarding service” or similar phrases to see some of the companies that offer this service.

  28. Juergen says:

    How long will it be reserved for meß Because I want to order now but will arrive at my vacation home in 4 weeeks?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Items are usually ready within a couple of hours, and a couple of days at the most. If you want to order now and pick up four weeks later, you should call the store where you plan to pick the item up to make sure they can hold the item that long.

  29. bob says:

    when one sees the phrase “free grill assembly when you buy oline pick up in store” one expects to be able to buy a grill online and pick it up at the store…for some reason they chose to say the Weber grill I wanted to purchase is not included…GO FIGUR…QUITE FRUSTRATING….thjs stockholder is not a happy camper

  30. Ron says:

    Too bad Home Depot won’t ship to my residence. I live in a small town that doesn’t have residential mail delivery. You have to pick the mail up at the post office. However, UPS, Fedex and other carriers do deliver to residences in my town (yes, we have street addresses for 911 even though the PO doesn’t deliver mail). The problem is Home Depot uses the USPS database to verify addresses. My town’s residential addresses aren’t in that database so Home Depot cancelled my order. I sent an email to them and got a canned answer. As a result, Home Depot has lost a few thousand dollars in sales they could have made to me. I take my online business elsewhere. Since there are thousands of small towns across America with the same type of mail service, I figure Home Depot has lost millions of dollars in potential sales because of their address verification nonsense.

  31. Esperanza says:

    I would like to purchase something online but I have a tax exempt form. How should I proceed?

  32. Alison Moran says:

    I have a $250 gift card that I would like to use but the vacuum I want is only online. I want to be able to use my gift card towards this purchase. How do I go about this.

    Thank you


  33. shawna says:

    I dont have a printer…do i need a printout? Can i pull up the email on my blackberry and show it to the customer service personnel at the store?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Pulling the email up on your Blackberry shouldn’t be a problem. It’s the order number that’s most important. But if you have a print out, it’s easier because then the associate can just scan the bar code.

  34. Tracy hite says:

    Take the store pick up further; pick up an pay for an order in one location and have someone else to pick up at another store – especially if it’s a different town, state or country. Not very good business for the post office or ups but I would do more Christmas business with the stores that offered this.

    • Ayana Glaze says:

      That sounds like a good idea. We are striving to improve buy online, pick up in store. Ideas and suggestions like yours always help.

      • Justin scott says:

        Tracey, you can order online and choose multiple stores for pickup and also choose an alternate person to pick up the items.

        Most people don’t know that we also offer the ability to buy in one store an item located in another store. However, this is all done in the store and there is not a way to track the order online – “yet”.

        We are rapidly enhancing fulfillment options – hopefully next season we will be ready for you!

        Justin Scott – homedepot.com User Experience

  35. Kathleen says:

    I know Home Depot will honor Lowes 10% Off coupons. Will they accept these coupons on an appliance order that I order online and pick up at the store? I do see a place to put in a promo code or coupon. How would we put in this type of coupon code to get the correct credit?
    Thank you.

  36. Margene says:

    BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) – Read about this new service VERY CAREFULLY! If you see a Martha Stewart lamp that is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE, of course the website is not going give you the option to have it shipped to the store. You must have it shipped to your house. If it is the wrong item – then yes – you may RETURN it to your local store. As far as free shipping for the eventual “correct” item – you might want to call homedepot.com Customer Care before you try to return it at the store. Any reputable company will provide you with a return shipping label for the incorrect item, and then free shipping for the correct item (as long as you call them and let them know what is going on. They can walk you through the correct steps to return the wrong merchandise).

    And the correct term is “PICK up in store” not “SHIP to store”. Nothing is ever being shipped to the store on the customers behalf. An associate is going to go to a shelf, get the item, and then it aside for you when you come into pick it up. If an item says, “Online exclusive”, it is exactly that – exclusively available online. Under no cicumstances can you have it shipped to a store.

    People choose to see what they want, and not what the policy actually says. Once again – no where on this website does it say, “Buy online – ship to store”. If you want to cancel an order that was made online – and is being shipped to your house – common sense would tell you to call homedepot.com (and not a store). If you purchased something online – and you plan on picking it up at a store 3 hours later (but you decide it needs to be cancelled) – call the store and cancel the order.

    If homedepot.com says that an item is available in stores, but not at YOUR local store, it never hurts to call and ask just in case. 9 times out of 10 the online counts do not correctly reflect what is in the store. But please, please, please remember to call your local store about “online exclusive” items.

  37. Sandra Reynolds says:

    I was just told today by your sales staff that I could NOT order on line and pick the item up at your University Parkway store in Winston-Salem, NC. I was told it would have to mailed to my home address. ?????

  38. steve says:

    just to clariry for some of you….this is not a SHIP to store option….this is a pick up in store option. that is, if the store has the item, you can order it before you go to the store to pick it up. if the store does not have it, you can’t get it shipped there. thus, there is no shipping cost as the item is currently in stock at the store or you can’t get it this way.

  39. Tom says:

    Ordered in the evening, its 7 hours in to the next day and no word (e-mail) on the order being ready. Called customer service and my order is ready, then spoke with a supervisor who contacted the store and the order is not ready. The supervisor said that it is up to the stores discretion (store 2575) on when to pull the order. Hours, days, weeks I replied? Once again I got the “stores discretion” line. I thought this was a 2 hour best effort service. I am finally giving up on the Depot.

  40. Scott Wilson says:

    Question regarding return policies with this service:
    Suppose I order online, and pick-up in store. At home, I later realize that the item that I had picked up is not the item that I had ordered. I do not want to make another trip to the store, so will Home Depot pay for return shipment and re-shipment of the correct item?


  41. Christine says:


    In-store pick-up is “free” service that actually cost me 2 hours’ wasted time. Don’t bother.

    You have to specify the pick-up person when you place the order (but when you’re placing the order, it doesn’t say anything about that. I placed an order for my office, so I used my boss’ credit card, and so the only person who could pick up the order was my boss, who of course I wouldn’t send to do this stupid errand!). It is impossible to change the pick-up person’s name once the order is placed. You have to cancel it and place a new order.

    Canceling the order was another pain! The website says to cancel by calling the 800 number. The 800 number rep said you have to cancel it at the local store. The local store said you have to cancel it on the website. Someone at the local store was able to do it in the end.

    After all that effort, I still don’t have the product.

    If you’re looking for a great way to waste your employee’s and customer’s time, this is ideally suited.

  42. Sam says:

    Great news. I will surly us this service.

  43. If you can get it to AML there in Seattle, we have a couple pallet order. This would work excellent for us. Can you do it????

    P.O. Box 275, Craig AK 99921-0275

  44. Tim says:

    Well, only select things can be bought on-line. I want to buy 10 of these. doesn’t work, it can’t be done. EcoSmart A19 8.6-Watt (40W) LED Light Bulb
    Model # ECS 19 WW 120 Store SKU # 864680

    Buying on-line is a joke

    I hope Home Depot gets it’s act together soon.

  45. rachel says:

    I just tried to place an order to pick up at the store. There’s nowhere to request in store delivery and they still wanted $110 for delivery!

  46. Ernie says:

    Home Depot should specify that Buy on line pick up in store, only works if that store has the item that we order, or if not…oh well then is buy on line, pay for shipping and pick up in house.

  47. Harry Towner says:

    Home Depot site will not allow me to change My Store location. Not a pro.-
    but, tried everything that seems to work on other sites. Is there a problem?
    Also noticed the site seem exceedingly Slooooow. Please help as I do
    enjoy the product line. Thanks;

  48. Tom says:

    Seems to me that if I pick up an order at the store, I shouldn’t have to pay a shipping fee. After all, I’m putting in the time and gasoline.

  49. store pickup option wasn’t offered to me thru order process, wound up paying shipping when my stores 2 miles away. That was a dirty trick!

  50. Greta says:

    I served in the United States Army and returned home to be considered an “international” citizen. I live in the United States Virgin Island and I am tired of not being able to receive all the benefits like other americans. If home depot can ship products to the United States Virgin Islands, why is it so difficult to ship the same products to an individual living in the United States Virgin Islands?

  51. don price says:

    What about Canada and the very high prices. The Porter Cable floor nailer is 3X the price in Canada. WHY?????

  52. don price says:

    What about Canada and the very high Canadian prices. The Porter Cable floor nailer is 3X the price in Canada. WHY????

  53. Joy Greenway says:

    I wonder if this will work for Native Status cards? Order on line and pay at store on reserve? Will you still have to pay for complete order on line and store is just a pick up place? If this was so, why wouldn’t I just get my order delivered right to my home? I sure would like to know the answer to this question.

  54. RF says:

    I am trying to purchase some Echo PAS items (pole pruners, trimmers, etc.) and they say “Not Available” at my local store in Titusville, FL. Can I still pick them up at [my] store?

  55. Jes says:

    Will there be more than just an iPhone app? Droid and BlackBerry customers feel left out!

  56. james d says:

    Glad to see Home Depot is implementing new programs to keep up with customer demands. Have used a similar system thats been in use at other major retailers for a while now, my experience is that if you really really need it right away it is a good idea to call the store to make sure it is in stock before placing on online order. Been working retail a while and on-hand counts always fluctuate, especially on important items that normally go out of stock during certain seasons.

    • Eileen Williamson says:

      My shopping days at Home Depot are over. I am sure you know why.

      • Ayana Glaze says:

        Hi Eileen! We’s sure hate to lose you as a customer. Do you mind sharing what happened? Maybe I can help by forwarding your issue to the appropriate department or by answering any questions you have.

  57. Steve Freed says:

    Okay, how about an Android app for this? Note that Android phones have ~51% of the smart phone market. The other 49% is split between Windows Mobile, Apple, Nokia, and Crackberry. If you were going to support one platform, I would think Android would be the smarter choice.

  58. amad says:

    how about backberry apps????? in canada????

  59. Jennifer says:

    Too bad it won’t work for the US Territories because that’s where the service is REALLY needed.

  60. Brad Chase says:

    Where do you go to leave feedback for a Home Depot person who helped me last night and went above and beyond customer service? HIs name was Chris Churchill. (Lumber) in your 2011 Keller Springs Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006 (972)242-8437 Store. This Associate was fantastic and I tried to tip him but he refused and asked if I really appreciated his help, I would go on line on Homedepot.com and leave him feedback.

  61. dd says:

    chatted with home depot rep, “cynthia” this evening and she said this option wasn’t available in california yet? but the local store (hre in california) employee was the one that was raving it to everyone at the store. :(

  62. Tm says:

    Why not equip the stores with iPhones which are faster and easier to use, like Lowes has, rather than the clunky hard to use devices that Home Depot employes use now?

  63. Craig Belknap says:

    So where is the “pick up in store” option on the check out page? It is not there!

  64. Gordon says:

    I tried to order something on homedepot.com but do not see the option for in store pickup.

  65. Roger Greene says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I live near the HD store in Ellsworth Me. I would like to be notified in the event that that store receives ( or is about to receive) a shipment of Stove Chow, Fireside Ultra, Natures Own, or Green Team stove pellets. I am specifically looking for Green Team but will take one of the other. I need to get 12 toms delivered before the 2011 – 12 heating season gets under way. Thanks for your help. Roger Greene

  66. lauren says:

    once you pick a local store, you are stuck in an endless loop of chaos if you want something that is not in that store …you cannot find what sotre might have it!!

  67. As a Home Depot employee I am extremely excited about using these new features. I am thrilled that it will help customers and give them more options than they ever had before.

  68. David Martin says:

    Signed up for a credit card in the store and want to get the 10% discount but have to wait for card to arrive in order to place an on-line order = dumb way to run a business. So how can I “Buy on line, Pick up in store” WITHOUT having that new credit card? I seem to have misplaced the approved application paperwork!

  69. Tara says:

    Nice, but can the items be exchanged or returned to the store as well or do they still have to be shipped back if an exchange or return is needed?

  70. Matt says:

    Great idea, but when there’s still a lot of issues to be worked out with how Homedepot.com Online Customer Support is able to view these orders in their system (which they’re unable to do) and the flexibility that the in-store service desk has in addressing the billing, etc.

  71. steven mettler says:

    great service, I used it a couple of weeks ago, got to store went to service desk, picked up my order, great service. only problem is now it’s not offered at my store [same one used last time] and no one can tell me why. They say it will be available soon, but when and why has it been discontinued or stopped, no answers!!

  72. Gen Li says:

    This kind of service has been available in Lowe’s for a long time already. I am glad that HomeDepot will provide the same service too.

  73. Mavis Adams says:

    I was trying to purchase a ceiling fan thru your special online sale and wanted to pick it up at my local store. I chose what I wanted and went to the checkout link, chose pickup and it instructed me to chose a store for pickup, but doesn’t show me where to place that info, nor does it say what stores are participating in the pickup service and which are not. It only shows that the product is not available at that store. It’s very frustrating. Please advise.

    Thank you.

  74. Tenny Chui says:

    Great idea to give more option to make on-line shopping a better experience. Is there a link that show which store have this service available?

  75. I just buy a wicker end table,and ask 4 the buy online,pick up in-store service.
    but they said,they coul not do it.Idont know why, they said. they will?

  76. TL Graham says:

    This sounds fantastic and will cut down the time I spend in the store, giving me more time to actually work on a project! It might even reduce making extra trips back to the store because I forgot something.

  77. Alan says:

    For some reason, not available at my local store in Billings.

  78. Jil says:

    Great service, it is the only way to shop. Hate the crowds. Usually know just what I want to purchase and allows more time for browsing in the store.

  79. Tim Hanstine says:

    Finally- I really hope Seattle and South FL markets are in the initial roll-out. Thx HD

  80. Tim Hanstine says:

    Fantastic! I’ve been waiting for this forever. I hope south Florida and WA state are in the initial roll-out markets.

  81. Raul says:

    I hope you have a place to send me a text to my phone when ready to be picked up. I can’t sit at home waiting for an email.

  82. eon waldron says:

    could hayttsville md bu onlime and pick up in store and rohde island in washington dc has that buy onlime and pickup in store

  83. Floyd says:

    This is a plus for Home Depot, and their customers!
    I think this will be used, and boost sales for Home Depot.
    Good thinking folks!

  84. Jeff Rhodes says:

    Will we still be charged shipping on orders less than $249.00

  85. Donny says:

    This is a great addition to the tools at H.D. Will I be able to compare the online price to the local store? Will they be the same for items available in the store?

  86. Donny says:

    This is a great to the tools at H.D. Will I be able to compare the online price to the local store? Will they be the same for items available in the store?

  87. Don Wong says:

    Forgive me if I’m not jumping for joy over this “new” service of yours. Best Buy has had this feature for years. Closer to home, Lowe’s in-store pickup feature has been fully operational in my area (94521) for quite some time.

    If I may, allow me to give you 2 examples of why shopping at Home Depot.com and Home Depot B&M is frustrating and discouraging:

    #1: approx 2 months ago, I started shopping for a replacement table saw. I tried to buy a Ridgid, model #R4512. I could not find it anywhere, locally. Online, I tried to purchase it, but even though the cost was more than $250, shipping was not free. I also could not order for pickup at a local store.

    Sears sells an exact clone of this Ridgid model. Sears has it on display at their local stores. I can also order it online from Sears, at zero cost, if I select store pick up. Lowe’s offer a Porter-Cable version of this type of table saw. Similar to Sears, Lowe’s has a display model in their store and ordering online is free, if delivered to their store.

    In summary: Home Depot.com has made it loud and clear that it doesn’t want my business.

    #2: The Concord Home Depot store is the closest one to my home. I’ve pretty much given up shopping there. On far too many occasions, the staff has been downright rude. At best, the employees there are indifferent, unfriendly, and marginally helpful. Questions are usually answered with yes or no answers, versus options, suggestions, or advice. One time, I was so mad, I asked to speak with a manager. I was referred to a shift manager, who was working in the paint department. He would not pause for a moment to listen to my situation. He continued what he was doing and essentially grunted replies such as: yeah, ok, alright, sorry. In other words, he was saying to me: I’m busy; if you have a problem, that’s too bad, now go take a hike.

    I would be glad to provide more details, if this feedback is not falling on deaf ears.


  88. Jerry Young says:

    Great to hear that. As a Canadian resident living just across from Detroit, I recognize the problems of shipping across the border. It is more far more convenient that I can pickup, rather than incur higher costs and delays (if you did ship to Canada). Really pleased!

  89. Tim says:

    How are shipping charges applied-does the customer pay, or does Home Depot
    absorb the cost, as Wal-Mart on-line does?

  90. James Stiles says:

    I tried to use this service (it is marked BETA on the online website) and was told by store personnel in Waukegan, IL YES (evening mgr. we don’t do that (morning mgr) and by2 EXTREMELY rude clerks online that the store had to call them (can;t do that because the item was online order only). Finally three different order clerks said Home Depot does not offer the ship to store and pick up service. A manager online also told me the same thing! Upshot is I spent over 2 hours trying to order the Harbor Gazebo (40 minutes of that on hold as the clerks “checked on my request.” DSon’t offere it if you don’t really have it!!!!!

  91. patrick says:


    how about an app for this too!?