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Preparing for Natural Disasters
No matter what area of the country you live, natural disasters are an unfortunate but expected part of life for most of us. Most times, we are alerted before severe weather strikes. Early warning systems offer ample preparation time as they warn us before bad weather events like floods and severe storms approach, whether blizzards, summer thunderstorms, flash floods or hurricanes.

However, some disasters strike without warning. Tornados often spawn very suddenly, but usually we have at least a little notice and enough time to get to a basement or interior part of our home for safety.

Even with the latest technological advances, earthquakes cannot be predicted, so it’s up to us to be prepared for any possible disasters we may face.

Make sure you are prepared for any disaster by having a fully stocked emergency kit in your home. The following items should be included in your kit and are available now online at homedepot.com and in our stores:

Be Prepared: Your Emergency Item Checklist

First Aid Kit Generator Wet/Dry Vac Fencing
Ladder Carbon Monoxide Detector Chain Saw and Pole Saw Drills
Tie Downs & Rope Flashlights Cleaning Supplies Appliances
Hurricane Fabric Batteries Tarps Tools
Dust Mask Portable A/C Portable Fans Extension Cords
Shovel & Rake Pruner Hammer
Blankets & Pillows Cash & Credit Cards Manual Can Opener Battery Operated TV/Radio
Drivers License Insurance Information Extra Pet Food Sturdy Shoes
Medicines & Prescriptions Clothing Baby Food & Formula Fully Fueled Vehicle
Cooking Source Canned & Dry Food Diapers Paper Towels
Filled Propane Tanks Eating & Cooking Utensils Bottled Water Water Jugs
Plastic Storage Containers Gas Cans & Oil Plastic Cups Fully Charged Cell Phone
Battery Operated Clock Fire Extinguisher Butane Lighter & Matches Ice Chest
Toilet Paper Heavy Duty Trash Bags Toothpaste Toothbrush
Towels Bleach Soap Trash Can


Visit The Home Depot’s How-To Community for a more comprehensive Emergency Checklist, including a hurricane supply list and emergency contact information.

How We Can Help
When the unexpected happens, Home Depot is here to help you prepare and recover. Our stores are up and running whenever possible, even when the worst has hit. We will bring in extra shipments of the things you need most to keep our shelves fully stocked, all at the same low prices as always.

If you have any questions about storm-related, we’re here with answers and comprehensive installation services. That’s the power of The Home Depot.

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