Home Depot Style Guide: Inspiration For Our Spring Color Palettes

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Antique sepias. Dusty apricots. Revolutionary reds. Fresh, airy blues. The colors that The Home Depot Trend and Design team chooses for its fall and spring palettes serve as guides for new decor items and paint colors. You’ll see this reflected all across the Home Depot Style Guide for Spring 2012.

“We always start with the palettes then we move to the products,” said Sarah Fishburne, Trend and Design Director for The Home Depot. For her, the palette is important because there aren’t really any new colors out there. It is how the colors are combined that is fresh and on-trend.

With the release of this year’s interactive Spring 2012 Home Depot Spring Guide, comes four rich and distinct color palettes for the season: Trailing Wisteria, New Bloom, Heirloom Tulip and Cherry Punch.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at the process of putting them together:

Trailing Wisteria

Inspiration for the Trailing Wisteria palette, an outtake from the Home Depot Style Guide.

















Fishburne traversed Europe for three weeks to soak up trends, including an important trip to Maison & Objet, the Paris design show that sets the agenda for home decor and furnishing. She saw a wonderful display of what she calls “superneutrals,” neutrals with color added. “They are really chameleon colors,” said Fishburne. When you put these paints on the walls of different rooms, they take on different tones—and designers like that, she said.

Another inspiration for this palette comes from antique colors that are making a come back—inky, dusty colors like sepias, which conjure the nostalgic feeling of an old photograph. The overall result of this palette is a lovely Old World charm with a modern twist, a look that the Home Depot Style Guide recommends with stainless steel, reclaimed wood and other rustic finishes.

New Bloom

Inspiration for the New Bloom palette, an outtake from the Home Depot Spring Style Guide.

















This classic, approachable palette is a nod to spring, with fresh, airy colors that are inspired by nature. The team was interested in how the blues work with the greens and more golden browns, they said. Evidence can certainly be found in the combination of colors, which brings to mind a crisply decorated beach house. The Spring 2012 Home Depot Style Guide recommends painting the walls an energizing green and the molding and trim a coordinating yellow.

“The coolest thing about color is that you can make it as bold or as subtle as you want,” said Fishburne. This palette seems soft, but any of the spring palettes can suit a room, when used smartly. Fishburne recommends taking advantage of The Home Depot’s paint samples. Paint a patch of color on your wall—then live with it day and night before making a decision.


Heirloom Tulip

Inspiration for the Heirloom Tulip palette, an outtake from the Home Depot Style Guide

















One of the big trends at the European shows has been orange, but this year, the team is loving that the historically bright and contemporary color has been “dusted down.” This year’s version of orange is a lovely apricot, which is at the center of this palette.

A natural choice was another dusty color that made an appearance: a muted rose. “[This palette] is really sweet and approachable with the addition of greys,” Fishburne said, adding that they choose a brown-grey for the Heirloom Tulip palette to soften up the look.


Cherry Punch

Inspiration for the Cherry Punch palette, an outtake from the Home Depot Style Guide


















This palette is unabashedly inspired by fashion and window shopping. “There’s an unexpected twist in fashion now,” said Fishburne, “this revolution of reds.” She says this almost tropical palette plays on the trend of bold colors, like purples and peacocks, being paired with reds on the runways.

“Yes, it is bold, but it is always anchored in a neutral,” she says. Though this palette may be best suited for a person who is not afraid of color, anyone can take baby steps to introducing it into her home. Start with painting the cabinets on the island, adding a throw pillow or buying a bright appliance.

This palette also begs an important question: How long does it take for fashion to make it to the living room? It used to take years, said Fishburne, but now—with the instantaneous dissemination of trends thanks to sites like Pintrest—it seems to happen overnight. The Cherry Punch palette also marries the wardrobe and the home in a way that hasn’t been seen before. It encourages people to extend their style into the home, to surround themselves with things that make them look their best.

Take a look how these spring colors are used in our interactive Spring 2012 Home Depot Style Guide. And check out the Home Depot Style Guide app. (It looks absolutely brilliant on an iPad.)


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  2. In the fashion world it looks that pastels are cropping up everywhere for spring. And while I’m slightly intimidated by the trend (let’s just say i will be able to not be sporting a try mint green jeans come May), i used to be inspired once I saw this image from the small Flower faculty. i like how this photograph celebrates the world of pastels while not being too sweet, which can be my philosophy when it comes in incorporating pastels into my wardrobe this spring.