How To Fix Common Houseplant Problems

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Houseplants make an excellent addition to any room in your home. They create oxygen and can help purify the air. However, plants can be plagued with some fairly common issues that are easy to fix. In this short video, Dave from our How-To Community shows you how to diagnose and cure some common houseplant problems.

Plant leaves that are yellowing or washed out are usually caused by lack of nutrients, over-watering, or poor drainage. Don’t water the plant for a few days and give it some light fertilizer. Also, check to make sure that the drainage holes of the pot are not blocked and are large enough let drainage occur.

Brittle plant leaves occur when a plant gets too much sun. The leaves will crumble in your hands and leave the plant with nothing to protect the base of its stem. When this occurs you will want to move the plant to a location that gets a little less sun and make sure to give it a good watering.If your plants leaves have brown spots and are wilting, it is a sign of too much water. Oftentimes this can lead to rotting. When this occurs, cut off all of the wilted and dead leaves, and cut back on watering. Your plant should bounce back.

Lastly, if a plant’s growth is stunting and it isn’t looking healthy, that is an indicator of a plant being root bound. When the roots get too big for the container that they are in, there isn’t enough dirt to support them and the roots have nowhere to go. This leaves the plant unable to grow, but it is an easy fix. Just transplant the ailing plant into a larger pot.

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