How to Make a Flower Tower Vertical Garden

Posted by: on March 14th, 2013 | 23 Comments
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Take your gardening to new heights with a gravity-defying tower of flowers. Rafael, our intrepid Home Depot associate, will guide you through this project with step-by-step instructions to help you transform an ordinary planter into a spectacular vertical garden. By the end of this video, you’ll be ready to build your own towering creation filled with your favorite flowers.

Find written instructions for this project, along with a complete list of the tools and materials used, including the pots, potting mix, galvanized wire fencing, landscape fabric and more, at The Home Depot’s Garden Club.

Download the printable instructions for the Flower Tower project, and get started!

We’ve also set up a special thread on our How-To Community Forums for questions about the Flower Tower DIY project.

We have lots of videos. Catch up with our YouTube videos here on the blog, and visit The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.


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  1. Maryellen says:

    My husband created the tower and I would agree with the other posts. It is very heavy so you might want to put it in the desired location before beginning. His tower looks good although it looks sparse compared to the video. I hope in a month the spaces will be filled in and look like the HD tower. I wonder if it will need more frequent watering since there really isn’t much of a barrier to keep it moist.

  2. Scott Peterson says:

    The commercial for this project has been airing quite frequently, enough for my wife to say that she would like to try it. Since I would probably end up doing it anyway, I figured I would surprise her for Mother’s Day and make it for her. It is done, and so now I had to go check out the commercial, and then the instructions to find out if either of them stretched the truth a bit.

    First let me look at the commercial. There are 2 commercials, but they both have the same couple building multiple flower towers. I understand the purpose of ads are to sell me stuff, and the McDonald’s hamburgers I get do not look anything like they look on TV, but the ads are quite deceiving. The biggest deception is there is absolutely no way your completed flower tower is going to look that full immediately after making it. They show the man gathering up the pots that the petunias came in, and they are 3″ pots that you would get full grown flowers. First the cost would be outrageous, and plus I don’t think you can fit the plants they show in the ad into the 2×4 inch holes. But even worse is watch the ad very carefully, and you see the couple seconds they show them planting the flowers they are using the full grown petunias, but very briefly they show them putting a flower into the fence opening, while the fabric actually is flapping around loosely. The fabric is not going to be loose, it is going to be snug up against the wire fencing because there is a ton of dirt pushing the fabric against the fence. I seriously think the ad makes it look like they are planting the flowers in air. Add the fact that this couple made no less than 5 of these flower towers, and they all are lush and full immediately and it really makes for a deceiving ad. (Deceiving because after building 5 of these things they would be ready for a divorce. ) But it worked, as it inspired me to try and make one myself.

    Now let me look at the directions or the video. I will say that the directions and the video are pretty realistic and honest, but I reaaly wish they would have included a few simple instructions.

    1. Could you have at least warned me one time, and you could have even used all capital letters, MAKE SURE THAT WHEN YOU ADD THE DIRT THE FLOWER TOWER IS WHERE YOU WANT IT TO BE. I admit I am to blame also, since after adding 3 bags of potting soil at 36 pounds per bag I should have been smart enough to figure it out, but you figure with the neighbors help it would not be that hard to move it. Well, I owe 2 of my neighbors big time because I moved mine twice, had to hide it from my wife while making it, and had to get a different neighbor each time. The dirt, and water, start to add up pretty fast, and you have 2 guys trying to grab a pot that weighs a ton and is super top heavy because of all the dirt. And if it starts to tip over and you make the mistake of grabbng the fencing, then you end up bending the fencing because it is not really that strong. All I suggest is at least mention the fact that the completed flower tower is going to be super heavy, and extremely hard to move.

    2. The directions and the video start out by using the smaller plants every other hole, but at the end when they add the flowers on top they suddenly have this super lush looking flower tower. When I look at mine I see as much of the landscape fabric as I do of the plants. I know the plants are going to grow and fill up the space, but would it hurt to actually show a picture of a newly completed tower looking a little bare to start out.

    3. I also think they should suggest that you use a wide base pot, or a pot where the base is as wide as the top of the pot. I used a 13 inch clay pot where it slopes down to the base, and so when I made by round tube of fencing I had to push in the bottom for it to rest on the bottom of the pot. They also need to emphasize that your fencing tube should be able to sit squarely on the bottom of the pot. They say the fencing should be half or 3/4 into the pot, but it would have been much easier if my tube would be sitting on the base.

    My intention is not to prevent people from trying this project, because it can be done. I just wanted everyone to be aware the pot weighs a ton, and initially it is going to look a little thin.

    Just one more note, luckily a guy at work had some extra 2×4 fencing for me to use, because I probably would not have made this if I had to buy the 50 foot role of 2×4 fencing. I even checked other stores that might actually cut off what amount I would need, but they carry only the tighter mesh fencing because most people are using it to keep mice or rabbits out of gardens. This 2×4 mesh fencing is really to keep chickens or goars in a pen, not really to keep small rodents out.

    • Craig Allen says:


      We’re certainly glad you took this project on. And thank you for taking the time to give us such detailed feedback. Your critique of the video and instructions is well thought out, and your added tips for others attempting the project are very helpful. We appreciate that.

      I will note, too, that you’re not the first one to mention the difficulty in buying a small amount 2×4 fencing. The folks who put together these projects at The Home Depot have been made aware of the situation and will keep this in mind for future projects they design.

      I’d like to urge you to repost your comments to the special page we’ve set up for questions and discussion of the Flower Tower Project. A lot of other DIYers (and Home Depot associates) will see your good suggestions on the pot size and filling the pot with dirt, as well as your comments on the TV ad.

      Just click over to Garden Club Flower Tower Questions on our How-To Community Forums. To post there, you will have to create a login name and password, but it’s free, and it only takes a few seconds.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  3. Deb says:

    Okay, all you need is a roll of shrink wrap, about 8.00 on a roller @ Walmart. I used cheap rabbit fencing. I simply shaped it into a cone so it would be tree shape. I also got a piece of PVC pipe, drill holes in it and put it in the middle of the fencing/soil. Planted geraniums and watered thru the top of the PVC pipe. About 25.00 for EVERYTHING. And boy did it look good!!

  4. Paul says:

    If this is a national advertisement why do they not sell a kit for the flower tower? I went to three different Home Depots and had to buy a 50 foot roll of the wire mesh and the video only calls for 4 feet. The bad part about is the wire they use in the video is $45 per roll.

    • Craig Allen says:


      I’ll make sure the folks who create these projects get your feedback.

      Thanks for taking the time to mention it.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

    • Deb says:

      Paul, use rabbit fencing. I used 4 1/2 foot tall to do mine.

    • Marsha Landrum says:

      I would think chicken wire would work also. I plan on making 4 of them, and will but a tube and put holes in it for the center for water to reach the bottom. I have a new roll of chicken wire I have never opened, much cheaper.

  5. Ann says:

    Will vincas work with the tower..if not what else can be used in Phoenix for summer color. Vincas seem to be the only thing that will survive in pots here.

    • Craig Allen says:

      Ann, the flower tower is pretty versatile in terms of what kinds of flowers will work in it. But I don’t know much about gardening in Phoenix’s climate.

      I’ve posted your question on a special thread we set up on our How-To Forums for questions about the Flower Tower project. (You’ll have to scroll down a bit to see it, but it’s there.) You’ll also see a lot of other questions and comments about the project from other gardeners.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  6. Lisa says:

    I saw this Tower of Flowers on a TV ad for Home Depot. Didn’t know what it was called but just thought “Wow, that looks awesome for a small yard”. I’m so excited, this looks so easy and I know what I plan to do today!

  7. Julie says:

    How many flowers do you think should be used?

    • Craig Allen says:

      Hi, Julie.

      A lot of folks have asked that question. Take a look at the printable instructions. You’ll see that in Steps 7 and 8 that you’ll cuts small x-shaped slits in every other square of the wire frame. Each slit is supposed to take one flower. If you follow the instructions as written, you’ll have about eight of these slits per horizontal row, and there will be about five rows. (Depending on exactly how big you make the frame, of course.) And you’ll want a few more plants for the top of the tower.

      So, that would need about 40+ plants.

      Take a look at the special thread we set up on our How-To Community Forums for questions about the Flower Tower project.

      -Craig, from The Home Depot

  8. SandraMcKinney says:

    can you send me the written instructions? I can not access the video at work. also what type of flowers do you use??

    Sandra Mc

  9. Michele C says:

    Are those petunias?

  10. Kathy says:

    I suppose this could be done with herbs too right?

    • Lynn Coulter says:

      Hi, Kathy. Yes, herbs would be great in this tower. I’m thinking of trying it with strawberry plants, too. Happy gardening. Lynn, Home Depot Garden Club

      • Mea says:

        We’re going to try strawberries and maybe some lettuce (may not work).

        hmmm…. do you think we could manage carrots in one? My kids would love to grow carrots but space is not something we have.

        • Lynn Coulter says:

          Mea, you could try ‘Little Finger’ carrots, which only grow about 4″ long, but for best results, carrots need a deep container so the roots don’t grow twister and compete for space. A half-whiskey barrel would be good for growing carrots, and it might be easier for the kids to reach into. Have fun! Lynn, HD Garden Club