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Posted by: on August 11th, 2011 | One Comment
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Ok, I admit it. My garage is a mess. I make sure to keep the door closed for fear of the neighbors catching a glimpse of my jumble of garden supplies, tools, sports equipment – you name it! I already decided that enough was enough, and had been shopping around for the perfect garage storage system, when I discovered Husky’s steel garage organization storage solution.

This system is exactly what I need to de-clutter my garage. It’s the perfect combination of durability and affordability. Each piece of the system, from the cabinets to the workbench, is made of steel and holds more weight than similar products from other brands. And its long-lasting sturdiness is backed up by a lifetime warranty. I also love Husky’s storage system more than its competitors’ because of the cool, thoughtful touches like pre-assembled units for faster set-up, pullout shelving that’s easier to reach and magnetic door catches so all of my stuff won’t spill out when I do finally get everything organized and in its place.

Visit to watch this video exploring the entire Husky System selection and for all your garage, closet and bath storage needs.

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  1. Eric S says:

    I bought about $2500.00 worth of Husky storage products for my garage and had them all together in one day. I loved the easy to follow instructions. I work out of the back of an enclosed trailer and purchased two Kobalt cabinets and with the lack of good instructions and sloppy design it took me two days to get them together. If you are looking for high quality and easy assembly I would highly recommend Husky products. Wish I would have chosen them for my trailer, that’s a weekend I can never get back.