Infographic – Energy Saving Water Heaters

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If just 5 percent of gas water heaters sold each year were Energy Star qualified gas condensing models, the U.S. would save 17.2 million therms of energy each year. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, that’s equivalent to taking almost 17,000 cars off the road.

There are more efficient types of water heaters available than standard gas or electric, all with a range of energy savings.

  • Heat Pump Electric—Uses electricity to move heat from one place to another
  • Condensing Gas—Heats and stores the water using gas, then uses the combustion gas to heat the water more
  • Tankless (point of use) electric—Heats the water when and where you need it

Energy Saving Water Heater Infographic

If you’re looking to replace your current unit, learn more about Home Depot’s water heater installation services, to find a model that will meet your household’s needs.”

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  1. John says:

    This is a perfect analysis. I’ve literally spent hours looking for exactly this – a clear comparison of all the types of water heaters especially their energy savings SIDE BY SIDE.

  2. Sarah says:

    Great idea, but it’s too fuzzy to read on my iPad….can you kick up the resolution? Will mark to look at later.