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Layered rugs are a growing trend in the world of interior design; just browse Pinterest for a few minutes or open your most recent decor magazine and you’ll quickly pick up on it. This trend creates a collected, textural feel for a room that satisfies and surprises. But trying to achieve such a look makes for tricky work. How do you confidently shop for the mis-matched, yet coordinated, colors and furniture pieces required for this perfectly collected and curated design style?

One easy way to create that eclectic vibe is by topping a more neutral, natural fiber rug with a pretty patterned option, which can put your living room on the fast track to that had-it-forever-but-works-perfectly combination. It’s a fairly easy trend to get on board, so long as you follow some simple tricks!

For beginners at layering rugs, try starting with a natural fiber jute, sisal, or seagrass. These make great rugs for busy spaces because they typically stand up well to high traffic. They’re also basic, casual, and inexpensive enough to support a more fun, patterned rug on top. For the top layer, feel free to go much smaller and in a different shape!


The Lenox Sofa in Charcoal Solid Velvet combines an angular masculine shape with a dark and moody velvet. The tuxedo arms and luxurious upholstery create a formal, yet masculine mood, perfect for cozying up by the fire or tucked in for your favorite movie.

The Keyes Decorative Pillow plays with the charcoal upholstery of the sofa, but lends a more fun and modern pattern into the mix. This light fabric really pops against the rich velvet sofa upholstery!

To complement the gray-blue shade of the jute rug, we chose a similarly-colored pillow with a hint of sheen in the Tracey Pillow.

A light wall color, Behr’s Rhino (710E-3), creates a fresh and modern backdrop for our masculine furniture pieces. But with the slightest hint of light blue, it plays to the feminine elements in the room as well.


The faux wood grain of the Timberly Floor Lamp‘s shade juxtaposes a super-sleek silhouette and metal frame with a lampshade featuring a faux bois pattern, a subtle nod to Mother Nature.

While many living rooms rely on table lamps and canned lights for their light sources, a statement-making chandelier can really turn your living area into a focal point in the house. The Jet 7-Light Halogen Chandelier in a polished chrome has a modern silhouette, but brings glamour and drama into the space.

The Sarah Pale Blue Round Area Rug in 100% wool features a edgy leopard print, but because of the soft blue-and-white color palette, it feels chic and understated.

In an effort to ground the room, choose a simple and textural jute rug, in a cool shade of gray, like the Filipino Blue Gray Jute Area Rug.

While many homeowners choose between cool neutrals (like grays) and warm neutrals (like browns), we see no reason you can’t combine the two in one space. Notice how the the warm leather Lauren Ottoman complements the Lenox Sofa. Because the Lenox Sofa has a very masculine shape, with its tuxedo arms, dark upholstery fabric, and the peekaboo wooden frame, the buttery smooth leather of the Lauren Ottoman has a similarly masculine aesthetic, even though it doesn’t ‘match’ the color palette of the Lenox Sofa.

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  1. I heard a decorator once say (on TV) that layering an area rug over carpeting was like wearing a toupee over your hair…but what do they know?? I did it in my house, and even though I was making do with a small rug that I already had, I think it helps to tie the space together and add some interest. Great ideabook!! Thanks for validating my decision!! :Cheers, @Laura

    • Lynn Coulter says:

      Thanks for writing, Laura. We’re laughing about that toupee thing, too (anyway, people wear wigs over their own hair, and nobody says there’s anything wrong with that :-) ). Glad you liked our ideas! ~ Lynn, blogging at The Good Seed for the Home Depot Garden Club