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The return of color, in bold hues and modern neutrals, is the one of the major trend in home decor. Color experts, like those at the color company Pantone, the “global color authority for fashion and home furnishings,” have taken cues from a wide range of sources – film, technology, art, global hot spots – to develop this year’s predictions of the colors that will inspire fashion and home decor in the upcoming year. Each year they also choose one color as the “color of the year.” This year’s winner is Tangerine Tango.

Take a quick look at how some interior designers view home decor color trends, and see how the infusion of color can enliven your living spaces.


Purple home decor color trend 2012

Image via Freshhome

Go bold or staid home? Even if you find bold color statements overwhelming, vibrant splashes of jewel tones as in the form of accent colors for a wall, throws, pillows or bedding can really innervate a room or living space.

Cool is still the rule.  Minimalist “modern neutrals” colors like gray, taupe and ivory are the perfect backdrops for scintillating shots of accent color.


Citrine room accents

Source unknown

After all the gloom and doom of the past four years color has re-emerged to bring a sense of wonderment, optimism and whimsy back into our lives.


Black interior design

Source unknown

Don’t be fooled by others calling themselves the “new black”.  Black is classic, timeless and will forever be the very essence of style.

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  1. Choosing the right color of paint for your room would be a great help to make sure that there would be balance and harmony with all the things that could be found there. You could enjoy more its look as this would make it even livelier.

    • You’re absolutely right! The right paint color can lift your mood and totally transform a space for the better. There are tons of colors to choose from so stop by your local Home Depot store paint section to become inspired.

  2. Alex Sand says:

    It’s nice to see a return to color for a change. Vivid colors really brighten the mood and make interiors more interesting. Great post!

    • Jae Warren says:

      Hey Alex,

      I could not agree more. Color done right makes a space so much more interesting. Thanks for your comments and I’m happy you enjoyed the post.


  3. Becky says:

    I love the purple :) so perfect for a movie & relaxing in a media room!

  4. David says:

    The second, and the last picture gave me some ideas. Black IS classic, I love it!

    • Jae Warren says:

      Hey David,

      I’m really happy that you enjoyed the post. I too love the clean, minimalist look, and that photo captures it beautifully. Good luck with your project – and send us a picture of what you come up with!