Inspired: The Pegasus Versailles Console Sink

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Vintage-inspired bathroom with console sink


Vintage-inspired fixtures and Old World flair are taking the spotlight these days on the design and décor stage. One style of vintage bathroom fixture that isn’t a typical choice for most homeowners, but which very much reflects a vintage aesthetic is the console sink. A console sink is typically made out china, blending the sink with legs. Console sinks are usually wall-mounted and leave the plumbing fixtures exposed. Today, you can also find them with a metal frame and topped with a countertop made of marble. The Pegasus Versailles Console Sink was the starting for this inspiration board.


To speak to the old-world charm of the console sink, we decided to bring sepia-toned photographs of France into the space. The sepia color, with splashes of subtle pastels, complements the putty-colored wall color. These photographs were taken by Irene Suchocki.

The State Street Swing Arm Wall Light brings a touch of modern sleekness into this largely-vintage space.

The Mirai Mirror has a beveled-glass and a beaded trim around its edge. The silver finish echoes the wall sconces, as well as the simple sink fixtures to help create the vintage bathroom style.

The Moravian Star is a symbol that has stood the test of time, and a Moravian Star Pendant Light is an elegant way to make a statement with your lighting fixture, while still keeping with the vintage style of this bathroom.


Turkish baths are synonymous with old-world luxury, and Turkish towels are recognizable by their soft cotton construction and iconic stripe pattern. The Woven Striations Towel from Anthropologie in brown offers a modern take on a old classic.

The Pegasus Versailles 36 inch Console Table embodies the iconic console sink with its sculptural china legs.

Martha Stewart’s Gray Squirrel is a putty color with notes of rich gray and brown. It serves as the perfect jumping off point for the sepia-toned photographs and the Turkish towels.


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