Kitchen Design: 4 Staples of Traditional Kitchens

Posted by: on September 11th, 2013 | 8 Comments
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Design elements of traditional kitchens


Traditional elements, functional workspaces, and top-notch appliances are a guaranteed recipe for success in a kitchen renovation project, and that’s why we rounded up a few classic wins in kitchen design. When you’re planning a kitchen remodel and looking to inject traditional charm into your kitchen, here are top four favorite ways to do it. These are four staples of traditional kitchens.

Beautiful wooden cabinetry gives a kitchen a sense of presence and distinction, plus with fantastic accessories like roll-out drawers, drawer organizers, and soft-close doors, you’ll never tire of their style.

Great lighting is essential in a hard-working kitchen, which is why we love under-cabinet lighting. This is an easy and gorgeous way to illuminate the countertop underneath your upper cabinets, creating a more useable workspace for chopping and food prep.

A multi-tasking island is a no-brainer — they create extra storage space, prep space, and even can be used as spot for folks to gather while the cook prepares the next family meal!

An eat-in spot may be difficult to squeeze into smaller kitchens, but our customers love the versatility of a designated dining space, whether it’s a full-blown table or just a small space for  a bar stool.

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  1. Kirk Enterprises, Inc. says:

    Wow!! Such a traditional elements, great color combination.

  2. Architektur says:

    I think that if you can combine these Four elements into the design of a kitchen you can create something that’ll work in most homes.

  3. Amazing wooden cabinets!!! Love the rustic touch ;)

  4. dekoration says:

    Great traditional kitchens. But the red island is the best.

  5. james wright says:

    Great post.. these 4 components are very essential to every kitchen but there are still some points which are very important to consider. A professional designer can better understand the way how a particular kitchen should be designed and that would be more convincing approach towards renovating a kitchen as it is the most important part of a home. My wife and I also renovated our kitchen a few months back and now everything is perfect. we hired professionals from and I must say they were really great!

  6. I think that if you can combine these Four elements into the design of a kitchen you can create something that’ll work in most homes.

  7. Baa House says:

    All the wooden furniture shown are fantastic, but I like the second one….The candlesticks are also very attractive….

  8. Richard Reimer says:

    To much “Made in China” junk at Home Depot, they no longer deserve my business. I prefer “Made in America”. HD sells to Americans and they should be selling products that help this country not harm it. As a contractor I do my best to install products that are made in the country that pays me my hard earned wages, America! I am doing the job for Americans and I will use the products that Americans make which are FAR superior to the “Made in China” junk that comes from HD!