Martha Stewart Helps You Design and Create Stunning Rooms with Ease

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Choosing colors for your rooms can be an intimidating task.  And who has the extra time these days to really think through all of your options?  Add in other aspects like coordinating rugs, drapery and accessories with your room colors can often be even more intimidating than just the color alone.  The longest part of a typical room refresh is the time it takes to choose colors and style of the room.  Even for the best of us designers, it’s a tough task when it comes to your own personal space.

With the recent introduction of the Martha Stewart Living™ line of paints, carpets, draperies and more, we’ve taken the extra steps to help you bring a room together without the stress of worrying if this color works with that one.

To help you decorate with color confidently, the Martha Stewart Living™ paint chips suggest coordinating colors for your room’s trim and ceiling.  Martha and her team take it one-step further for you though.  Each paint chip carries a Martha Stewart Color Key symbol.  Throughout the palette of over 280 colors, these innovative symbols help you identify with ease groups of colors that work well together.

The Martha Stewart Living™ Paint colors carry through the entire line of Martha’s products throughout Home Depot so you will find these symbols on other products.  So coordinating drapery, carpets, area rugs and more has never been easier. 

Now I want to be clear here, you still have full control over your design decisions with this system.  These color “recipes” as Martha likes to call them are very versatile.  You aren’t limited with just one wall color, one trim color, one drapery style, one carpet color, etc.  For instance, the paint colors that create the “star” grouping number well over 45 color options.  If you choose a wall color that is within the star grouping, you have at least 44 other colors that coordinate beautifully with your main choice.

These color recipes encompass many colors and styles so that you can find the best color “recipe” to fit your home and YOUR style.  The system allows you to really be creative and bring your style into your home without the headache of wondering if that color and those drapes really work well with each other.

Helpful hint:
Notice the back of the Martha Stewart Living™ Paint swatch in the above photo.  The top and bottom have coordinating colors to help you with your trim or woodwork color and your ceiling color.  Simply fold the top and the bottom of the card over the face of the swatch and you can see how the colors look together instantly.  Each paint chip or swatch also has space for you to add the room for this color and just where you want to it in your room. 

These are just more useful features that Martha shares to help keep you designing your rooms with style!

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  1. Trudy says:

    Would like to know the color name or number of paint cards shown on the blue carpet in article above… to make it easier when I go buy the paint. They are colors I’ve been looking for as the carpet is just like mine. Any help? Thanks!

    • Ayana Glaze says:

      Hi Trudy! Unfortunately, this picture was taken by someone external to The Home Depot. We do not have the access to the specific paint used and cannot identify it for you.

  2. Trudy says:

    Would like to know the name or numbers of the paint samples shown above on the blue carpet (which is just like mine) to make it easier when I go to select the paint. Any help? Thanks!

  3. tanna says:

    I have a fireplace that is covered in ceramic tile. Can I paint over the existing tile?

  4. Domenico Santacroce says:

    One more thing i forgot i have the special paint rollers and everything i needed to use this paint and it still looks the same.

  5. Domenico Santacroce says:

    I am painting my mother’s house with the precious metals paint and i painted one wall with the metallic paint but u can see the stroke marks from the roller and it looks blotchy… Is there anything i can do or is there a better way to make it look like it should or can u not paint a whole wall with the mettallic paint for that reason… Can someone please help me i put 5 coats of paint on the wall and it still looks the same….

    • Jae Warren says:

      Hi Domenico,

      Sorry it has taken so long for us to get back with you on the question you asked. I located a thread on our How-To Community discussion board that contained lots of useful advice from members dealing with the same issue you had with MSL Precious Metal paint. Our How-To community is filled with awesome folks who love to share their expertise on getting stuff done around the home, so feel to drop in anytime and ask a question, because someone will surely be willing to help you out.

  6. mary timoteo says:

    Are any of the new Martha Stewart paints suitable for using on furniture?.
    I have a dining room cabinet and chairs that are wood. The legs on the table are metal. I need something that I can use on all these pieces unless you have some interesting ideas o coordinating the pieces but, not necessarily matching everything.

  7. shawna says:

    Help! I have paintedmy kitchen sage green just behind my countertops and sink and stove area and it turned out alot darker than I wanted. My cabinets are a color called whispering wheat( khaki) and my countertops are laminate that look like brown,black and tan granite. I am feeling that it doesn’t quite work and I wanted to know if there was a way I can “cheaply” break up the color some to make it look good. My other walls are a cream color.

    • Hi Shawna! The cheapest way to go is probably to just repaint the kitchen walls a few shades lighter than the color you have now. Be sure to color test a small patch of wall before you do the whole thing this time to be sure you have the exact color you want. Good luck!

  8. lisa says:

    love the blue white beach theme.. need assistance.. on what type of blues or colors i can use for a beach home.. love blue.. but need help.. home is only 600 bedroom..

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I have striped many of the walls in my home using different finishes in the same color. I would like to try a wall using the Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paint in shades of white or ivory. However, the metallics don’t have have the same pairing recommendations as her other paints. Any suggestions?

    • In the Precious Metals collection, the closest to a white/ivory color would be the Silica color. (MSL367) It’s slightly darker and closer to an Antique White, but it’s still a light neutral. The Precious Metals do still compliment with the rest of the collection, despite not having a trim or accent match on them. This particular color goes with the Star collection.

      As far as mixing sheens to get a good stripe effect, I would go one of two ways:

      1. Have the Silica color matched into the traditional Martha wall paint and done into an Eggshell finish. I matched up the sample of the Precious Metal color against the sheen chart, and Eggshell really makes it pop.
      2. I matched it up against some existing colors in her wall paint collection that would go well against it if you’d like to find a close complimenting color for the stripes. Popcorn (MSL254), Gull (MSL256), Talc (MSL226) and Glass of Milk (MSL029) all look really nice against it and compliment well. And again, I would do those in an Eggshell finish to really get the right effect.

      Let me know if this helps!

  10. kate says:

    i purchased the martha stewart potterys clay paint. there are no specific instructions for applying.
    i asked the girl working in the paint dept and she had no clue how to use it. what i am concerned about is listed in supplies needed to apply state a linen dragger or stiff bristle wallpaper brush but no instructions that i found mention when, why or how to use this brush. so what am i suppose to do after applying the paint in X shapes????

  11. Robyn says:

    We bought the martha Stewart Precious metals paint also and didn’t know about the special roller either! Also, I need to know if there’s a tintable primer to use, or if white is good enough?? Can anyone tell me?

    • Brian (D24 1239) says:

      I sell the Precious Metals paint and have used it myself. For my project I applied it onto a regular white primer and have had no problems, went on fine and looks great.

  12. Andrea Burg says:

    I bought a can of Martha Stewar Precious Metal Paint and I’m looking forward to using it – - but I don’t have magnifying vision!! I mean the instructions on the back of the quart can are so SMALL that I had to use a magnifying glass to read them. The detailed instructions were not given on any brochure at the store, or online anywhere that I could find. It wasn’t until I got it home that I could see it well enough to find that I needed a special roller – when I returned to Home Depot they didn’t carry it. So I’m trying a leftover Ralph Lauren one that they had and hopefully that will work.
    The instructions should be printed on an easier to read card that’s folded and attached to the can – this paint isn’t inexpensive and I hope this project is successful – I don’t feel like the paint manufacturer is giving me much help to make that happen.

  13. tepisi says:

    This is great tip! Thanks and cheers! I already use 80% of that… :)

  14. Kathy Ryan says:

    Martha Stewart Living — would like instructions on the glazing techniques and samples if available — saw indications of this in the paint dept, but no detailed instructions — HomeDepot Middletown, RI.

  15. Carrie Youngbauer says:

    Anything that makes my life easier, I love!

  16. Lisa Barton says:

    Thank you. I read an article in the NYT yesterday and it made it seem like some sort of garanimals for your home or something. The way you explain it here makes more sense to me. Now I’m excited to check out all of the colors and get started.

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