4 Stylish Outdoor Decorating Ideas

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Outdoor decorating ideas illustrated by an Image of an outdoor room with a chic, cozy lounge feel


Take advantage of warmer weather with these outdoor decorating ideas for your porch, deck or outdoor living room. We’ve pulled together four stylish looks — incorporating patio sets, accessories and more — to get you thinking about how to spruce up your outdoor space.

First up, a plush, intimate outdoor living room that also displays a hint of glamour.

The variety of brown tones give the room an earthy feel. But the room is taken to luxurious heights with drapes, and an area rug that helps to define the space. It all adds up to an easy, breezy patio that has a sense of privacy, too.

It could easily be nestled into a California back yard, a stylish boutique resort — or better yet, your own chic, cozy lounge.

In the above photo: Hampton Bay Madison 3-Piece Patio Set, oak barrel planter, outdoor curtains


Outdoor decorating ideas illustrated by an image of an outdoor room with a festive outdoor room with red accents


Out on the patio, you’re free from the constraints you might impose on yourself inside. Simply put, you can take more design risks outdoors. Nature will help balance out any bold colors or patterns you decide to decorate with.

So bring on the youthful, zesty colors and party-ready details that will liven up your space!

That means bright colors like red can take center stage. You can play it big, like with a red patio set, or use it in smaller ways, like red flowers planted in containers. The overall feel will be energetic. And depending on the flourishes and accessories you choose, the look will be more elegant, like the patio above, or lean more to the playful side.

No matter what, the look is a party that pops. And you’ll be ready to serve your guests with this festive setup — complete with a serving cart and a grill with fold-down side tables.

In the above photo: Hampton Bay Shelburne 5-Piece Metal Patio Set, Regency White Vinyl Pergola, Weber Spirit Propane Grill, Hampton Bay Mila Indoor-Outdoor Area Rug


Outdoor decorating ideas illustrated by an image of an outdoor room with an urban oasis feel


Create your own retreat in the concrete jungle. This outdoor living room has lots of clean, angular lines, giving it the feel of an urban oasis. Make the room cozier with tones like copper or bronze. You can weave in these friendly finishes with grills, planters, lighting and more.

It’s OK if there’s not a bunch of greenery to surround you, especially when warm wood and earthy colors fill the space. You can also use potted plants and vertical gardens to fill the void and bring in a bit of lushness. You’ll be comfortably taking in the view in no time.

In the above photo: Hampton Bay Fenton 4-Piece Patio Set (foreground), Hampton Bay Fenton 3-Piece Bistro Set (background), Weber Genesis 3-Burner Propane Grill, Balta US Herringbone Walnut Area Rug


Outdoor decorating ideas illustrated by an Image of an outdoor room with an English garden-style feel


Let intricate patterns, curved lines and leafy greens send you to a relaxing place far and away. This look is classic cottage — an enchanted garden, indeed.

Lattice covered with climbing greenery helps to soften and define the space. So do cheerful flowers! Build a Flower Tower that mixes your favorite varieties and colors. You can use perennials and get the same blooms year after year, or switch things up and reuse the tower if you choose annuals.

With the umbrella open, an extendable table, and comfortable seating in place, you’ll set the stage for many leisurely brunches to come.

In the above photo: Hampton Bay Edington collection butterfly extension patio table, swivel and stationary patio chairs, umbrella and base; Yardistry Corner Feature


For even more outdoor decorating ideas and  décor inspiration for both inside and outside your home, download the Spring Style Guide. And for all your décor needs, visit our Home Décor Department.

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  1. Janet Majors says:

    I love the colors combination on the outdoor patio, it is really festive due to its bright and joyful combination of colors and design.

  2. I just completed patio renovation on my home and decided to get my furniture from you guys and I have to say for the price, look and quality I got my moneys worth. Thanks a lot, wish I had seen these pictures before I had a chance to buy my furniture I like some of these layouts.