How To Install Outdoor Lighting for Trees

Posted by: on August 15th, 2013 | 3 Comments
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Installing outdoor lighting for your trees  is a great way to add some evening curb appeal as well as extra dimension to the landscaping of your home. It is a project that you can complete in an afternoon, and it doesn’t require difficult electrical work. This short video will show you how to install outdoor lighting, step by step.

To complete this outdoor lighting project you will need a lighting kit, screwdriver, drill, drill bits, shovel, and wood screws or mounting screws. All these tools and materials are available online or at your nearest Home Depot store. You will begin by wiring the power pack, screwing the cables into place. Each light pack manufacturer may be a little different so be sure to check the instructions that come with the power pack.

Next, you will want to mount the power pack to the siding of your home next to a covered GFCI outlet. If you are concerned about mounting the power pack to the siding of your home, you can always mount it to a stake and put it in the ground next to the GFCI outlet.

From there you can assemble the lights and place them around your trees, while running your cables between them. Make sure that you put the first light at least ten feet from the power pack and more than ten feet from the nearest pond, fountain, pool or other water source. Dig the holes from the stakes, put them in the ground, and then attach the wire. After digging a small trench, check the lights to make sure they work, and then bury the cable.

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  1. Kenn says:

    Thank you for sharing this Rachel. This helped me a lot with the growing trees at my landscape. Anyway, will this also be effective for the retaining wall I have which happens to be quite older than the landscape design I just have?

  2. While most of the time I’m all for DIY projects, I think tearing up your yard to install tree lighting yourself might be a project better reserved for professionals! The light fixtures you choose will also dictate if it’s a DIY project or not. Tree lighting can be utilized to shine down on to the lawn from high above in the branches. The effect is an ethereal moonlit glow – the shadows of the branches are cast down creating a beautiful pattern on your lawn. This kind of lighting is something I would NOT recommend a homeowner do themselves. Companies like ours offer these services at competitive prices and save you the hassle, and potential risk of injury!! (We serve North Texas – DallasLandscapeLighting . net)

    • Craig Allen says:

      There certainly is something to be said for hiring pros to do home improvement projects. But never under estimate the abilities of a (highly motivated) DIY home improver!

      -Craig, from The Home Depot