Spring Forward This Weekend And Check Smoke Alarms, Thermostats And Security Lights

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This weekend signals the beginning of daylight saving time in much of the U.S. Here’s a friendly reminder about a few things you’ll want to do beyond just setting all the clocks forward one hour…

1. Check all batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Make sure all detectors in your home have sufficient battery power. Twice a year, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors need their batteries tested. So this weekend, push the test button on your detectors. If they respond with a loud siren or flashing light, they’re good to go. If not, replace with fresh batteries and retest. Or just go ahead and replace them to be extra sure.

2. Adjust the time forward one hour on your programmable thermostats, appliances and clocks

It’s important to adjust the time on these household products to ensure energy savings. If you don’t adjust the time on your thermostat, your heater will kick on one hour late. If you forget this step, you may wake up to a cold house. Likewise, adjust the timer on your kitchen appliances and clocks to make sure your alarms and programmable cooking timers are correct.

3. Adjust the time forward one hour on your sprinklers and security lights

Don’t forget your outdoor timers!  Make sure your security lights turn on at dusk, which arrives an hour later this Sunday. Also, adjust your irrigation sprinklers to ensure they turn on at the correct time of day.

Places: Eco-Friendly Kitchens

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Ekokook Eco-friendly kitchen concept

Image via Ekokook


Creating a healthy home is a vital component of living a healthier lifestyle and protecting the environment. Eco-friendly homes not only save you money by wasting less, they can also help to improve the health of your family and the environment.

As the kitchen has increasingly become the focal point of many modern homes, serving as a multi-functional living space where families cook, eat, work and entertain, health-conscious homeowners are seeking green, renewable, sustainable alternatives for use not only in the kitchen, but all throughout their home.

In the not too distant future, led by forward-thinking designers like those at the Faltazi Lab who developed the Ekokook kitchen concept (shown above), we may see affordable, intelligent modular solutions for waste management, kitchen health, food storage and radically reduced energy consumption.

Manufacturers are already creating new, eco-friendly kitchen options, from real wood cabinets and flooring, to low-voc paints, water and energy saving faucetslighting and appliances, and kitchen composters are now widely available at prices comparable to most of the conventional choices.


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Lawn Mower Maintenance

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Spring and summer are fast approaching and that means lots more time spent outside – be sure to properly maintain your lawn mower to extend its life and the well-being of your lawn for many seasons to come!

Luckily, The Home Depot has put together this video to guide you through lawn mower maintenance to keep your mower in tip-top condition. Watch now for helpful tips on keeping your lawn mower clean, how to check the air filter and change the sparkplugs, how to keep lawn mower blades sharp and how to change your mower’s oil. Whether you need a walk behind mower, riding mower or a commercial mower, you can find it at homedepot.com along with a huge selection of other outdoor power equipment. The Home Depot How-To Community Forum is also the place to find our expert associates for more information regarding your home improvement projects. 

See more DIY and home improvement videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

Designer Diaries: Our 2012 Patio Furniture Collection Start-to-Finish

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The Home Depot’s design team is dedicated to bringing you the patterns and colors that will make your home beautiful and comfortable. You can see their expertise and designer’s eye in all of The Home Depot’s home decor products, including our new 2012 patio furniture collection. 

We sat down with Sarah Fishburne, our Director of Trends & Design and lead designer for our 2012 patio furniture collections, to discuss how The Home Depot patio furniture collections are conceived, created and sold online and in Home Depot stores across the country. Here’s what she has to say about designing for The Home Depot:

Most people don’t realize this, but we begin planning each year’s patio collections 18 months before they even hit stores. There is a lot of attention to detail that goes into each design, and by the time a collection hits the stores, we have hand-selected every aspect of the final design.

The design process always begins with inspiration! We gather inspiration from around the globe, but most of our patio collections are inspired by COLOR!

Color inspiration for Patio

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DIY Project: Space-Saving Herb Garden

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flower pots with herbs hanging on a vertical trellis


Vertical Gardening is quite the trend this year. From salad gardens built on hanging wooden planks to the inventive use of hanging shoe organizers. And why not? It is the classic cook’s conundrum: You want to have fresh herbs at arm’s reach, but you haven’t got the space for an entire herb garden—or you live in an apartment with very little outdoor space. So, we created our own simple DIY solution that props your herb garden up with basic yard lattice.

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Meet the Material: Stainless Steel

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 “The proponents of stainless steel … exude the same evangelical loyalty as longtime users of Apple computers. In their hearts, they know they have a superior product … and they want to convert you to their way of thinking.”

- James Halliday, Contrarian Metal Resources 

What is stainless steel? Stainless steel is an iron-based steel alloy consisting of at least 10.5 percent chromium, along with other elements such as silicon, nickel, carbon, nitrogen and manganese. It is milled into coils, sheets, plates, bars, wire and tubing for a variety of applications.

There are several different types and grades of stainless steel and they are classified by their crystalline structure. Austenitic stainless steel, also referred to as 18/10 stainless, is by far the most common type, used in making flatware and a variety of other commercial products.

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DIY Looks with Moulding and Decorative Trim

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Decorative Wood Moulding

Decorative wood moulding has been critical design element in architecture for decades, but it doesn’t have to be stuffy or traditional. In fact, one of the best ways to add interest to a wall is to add some kind of moulding, whether it’s a chair rail, crown moulding, or wainscoting. If you’re looking to give a tired old space new life with a fresh look, consider moulding as an affordable option.

Decorative wood moulding

If you aren’t sure where to begin, first consider adding crown moulding, which is the wood moulding that ‘crowns’ the top of the wall. It sits right where the ceiling and wall meet, and often, the addition of crown moulding can make your walls appear much taller, giving the illusion of a larger room.

Decorative wood moulding

If you already have crown moulding in your home, think about something more dramatic, like the moulding shown above which creates almost picture frame-like panels on the wall. To learn more about the types of moulding, and what they’re called, explore our Fall Style Guide.

Decorative wood moulding

When dreaming up the possibilities for decorative trim on your wall, the possibilities are really endless. Consider different shapes and sizes, and more importantly, think about the style you’re trying to achieve. If you’re going for a more traditional look, stick to wainscoting and think door and window trim. If you’re looking for something a little more unexpected and dramatic, consider creating panels with trim or using ceiling medallions to create a pattern on the wall.

Decorative wall treatment | ceiling medallions

Have you ever thought about using a common home element in an unexpected way? These ceiling medallions (usually used to visually anchor a light fixture to the ceiling) were first painted then adhered to the wall to create a pattern. Pretty chic, right?

Moulding projects are usually very affordable, and The Home Depot offers dozens of types of moulding to get the look you want to achieve. Browse our ceiling medallions and moulding online, or check it out in stores. For how-to instructions for creating the looks you’ve seen here, visit Moulding 101.

Get the Faux Bois Trend

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Wood grain tiles

Contemporary interiors are associated with a sleek, muted aesthetic – think crisp whites, sleek fixtures and appliances, and a much more minimalistic approach to accessories. It’s because of this clean look that the faux bois trend has become so popular. Among the melamine and the stainless steel and the glass and the edited furniture, you need some natural elements like wood. Faux bois does you one better though by giving a space a hint of quirk – is it real or isn’t it? The cheeky pattern feels fresh and fun, but it still evokes the natural feel of real wood.

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Inspired: Bold Geometric Patterns

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Illustration: Laura Sullivan



























We are transfixed by the spring trend of graphic, bold geometric patterns in the home: on unassuming staircase baseboards in Chevron stripes, in the bathroom tile patterns and on smaller accent pieces. Here are some ways to incorporate the trend that will make an impact.

Top row (from left to right):

This Lenox Barrel-Back Chair tips classic toward contemporary, especially in this playful, angular print.

Geometry is bringing spring fashion into sharp focus—and Ann Taylor’s highly wearable new Geometric Shift Dress is a case in point.

The simple, modern shapes and cheerful color of the Dixie Pillow is a chance for the pattern-shy to add a bold trend piece to the room — without the commitment.

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Consider this When Choosing a Rug

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Above even color or style, the most important thing you need to consider when choosing a rug for your home is the material. There are so many different fibers used to make area rugs today, each with its own advantages. Here’s how to determine what type of rug you want.


How to Choose a Rug

From left to right: Mohawk Home Villetta Accent Rug in Butter Red; Home Decorators Collection Pueblo Design Area Rug in Cocoa and Natural; Artistic Weavers Sofia Beige Wool Area Rug; Safavieh Barbados Natural Jute Area Rug

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