When Daylight Saving Time Ends, Fall Back and Check Three

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Changing the battery in a smoke alarm


With the end of daylight saving time in the U.S., we have shorter days and temperatures are looming. That’s the time to check a few important items to protect your home and family and to save money on energy bills. Just fall back and check three:

1. Check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors are only as good as the batteries that power them. Check the batteries twice a year. It’s easy to remember, if you test when the time changes. So the weekend you turn your clocks back an hour, take a moment to push the test button on your detectors. If they respond with a loud siren or flashing light, they’re good to go. If not, replace with fresh batteries and retest.

2. Adjust the time back one hour on your programmable thermostats, appliances and clocks

Just as you change the clocks, remember to change the timer on your programmable thermostat. If you don’t , your heater will kick on one hour early and begin blowing warm air while you are still asleep, wrapped up in your blanket and comforter. There’s no reason to pay for that extra hour of heating. Likewise, adjust the timer on your kitchen appliances and clocks to make sure your alarms and programmable cooking timers are correct.

3. Adjust the time back one hour on your sprinklers and security lights

Don’t forget your outdoor timers! Make sure your security lights turn on at dusk, which arrives an hour earlier when we go to standard time in the fall. Also, adjust your irrigation sprinklers to ensure they turn on at the correct time of day.


Free Home Improvement Workshops At The Home Depot

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We all know that The Home Depot is your one-stop-shop for all of your DIY needs. But it’s also a great place to go to learn all about how to take on specific home improvement projects. Every week The Home Depot offers free workshops that teach you all about a particular project so that you leave with the confidence to tackle any task around your home. We also offer free Kids Workshops on the first Saturday of each month so that your little one can learn a new project while having fun with family.

This Saturday we’re offering a Kids Workshop that will teach your child how to build and paint picture frames for Veterans Day. And for all you adults, this weekend we also offer workshops on installing outdoor security lighting, cabinet transformations and installing a tile backsplash. Be sure to check your local Home Depot store for specific workshop details in your area.

Meet The Material: Granite

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What is granite? Granite is a quartz- and feldspar-bearing igneous rock that is made up of crystals. It is one of the most solid types of igneous rocks and comes in an array of colors from pink to gray, depending on its chemistry and mineralogy.

What are some cool properties of granite? Granite is heat and water resistant, as well as resistant to mold. It’s very strong and durable and easy to clean – making it extremely sanitary to use. Granite is also very popular because of its attractiveness, especially when polished.

How is granite used? Granite is most commonly used as a building material in buildings, bridges, monuments, etc. It is also used in smaller quantities in interiors and as landscaping accents.

What can I use it for? Kitchen Countertops and Islands, Fireplace Mantels, Cobblestones for Courtyard Spaces, Kitchen Backsplash, Bathroom Sinks, Tabletops or Desktops, Fountains, Planters, Outdoor Paving Stones, Tile Floors, Stair Treads, Accent Stones.

How to buy granite? Check out homedepot.com for our selection of granite and other building materials.

Bonus fact! Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones? This structure is more commonly referred to as the “American Stonehenge” and is located in Elbert County, Georgia, just a couple of hours drive from The Home Depot Headquarters. It’s a huge 20 feet tall monument made up of six granite slabs that weigh more than 240,000 pounds. A set of 10 guiding principles are engraved on the Guidestones in eight different modern languages and four ancient languages, including Classical Greek and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

[Editor's Note: Meet the Material is a series designed to introduce you to some of the everyday goods sold at The Home Depot. Is there a material you'd like to know more about? Just let us know in the comments!]

Add A Layer Of Comfort And Savings With Insulation

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With fall’s arrival the days become increasingly shorter, leaves turn and autumn winds begin to blow.  It’s also the time of year to stop thinking about all the little things that need to be done around the house to prepare for the colder days and nights ahead – and to get started doing them.

One of the best ways to increase the comfort level in your home year-round is to make sure your attic is properly insulated.  Like a good down-jacket in the wintertime, insulation traps air in little pockets, forming a barrier against the outside temperatures.

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Real Stories, Real Doing: Pumpkin Artist Joel Svendsen Scores a Bigger Than Expected Halloween

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Pumpkins in Halloween display

When Joel Svendsen pulled into The Home Depot a few days ago, he had no idea he was about to score big. His Halloween celebrations were about to get quite a bit more elaborate.

It happened at The Home Depot #2805 in Bloomington, Minnesota. Joel stopped in to pick up some light bulbs and a couple other items. He didn’t really have Halloween on his mind. But the impressive selection of pumpkins in front of the store caught his eye.

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Bathroom Upgrades to Create a Virtual Day Spa at Home

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A beautiful spa bathroom in white

You deserve to kick back and relax a little. Life can be a little crazy sometimes. Your job is stressing you out, you have to shuttle the kids back and forth to practice, and can you believe that those hectic holidays are almost here? Going to the spa is one of the most enjoyable things to do to unwind. But what about those of us who don’t have the time or money to rush off to a spa whenever we feel a little rundown? Having a spa day at home is the perfect solution!  Here are some simple bathroom upgrades that will create your own tranquil and rejuvenating bathroom retreat.

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Real Stories, Real Doing: Ted the Bed

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Here at The Home Depot, we have a special admiration for the men and women who get things done using their own two hands—the hearty folk who measure twice and cut once and aren’t afraid to get a little saw dust in their hair. There are lots of people like that, and we like to tell their stories. It’s something we call Real Stories, Real Doing.

The Home Depot shopper Ted Antal poses by his workbench.

The Home Depot provides Ted Antal with everything he needs. 

Take for instance Ted Antal. Ted’s worked as a carpenter, he’s sold real estate, and he’s been in the IT industry, but he insists he’s now “semi-retired.” You wouldn’t know it, though, from all the projects he’s into—everything from building meditation platforms to experimenting with solar energy heating.

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Order Last Minute Decorations For Your Halloween Party

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Think Halloween is a holiday that only the kids can enjoy? Think again. It’s the perfect excuse for grownups to indulge in a little make-believe of their own – if only for one night!

Halloween parties are a fun way for adults to get together and show off their silly side. So why not host one of your own? It’s easy. Just invite a group of friends over, ask them to come decked out in their scariest/funniest/craziest costume, and let the festivities begin! But don’t forget to make sure that your home is haunted house ready before those ghouls and goblins begin to arrive.

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Beautiful Kitchen Decor Options From Martha Stewart Living

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Shorter days, cooler temperatures … we’re only a month into fall and already you’re probably spending a lot more time indoors. That means that the high traffic family meeting place we call the kitchen is even more popular than ever. And now is the perfect time to breathe some new life into this space with the recent expansion of the Martha Stewart Living™ selection of wood finishes and PureStyle colors only available at The Home Depot.

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LED Bulbs: The Next Best Thing In Home Lighting

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What if you could buy a light bulb that would last up to 46 years?  Or, get 20,000 to 50,000 hours of light from the same bulb  – a bulb that also consumes up to 85% less energy than the standard incandescent light bulb, while providing superior light quality?

How about never having to climb another ladder to change a blown ceiling light, or an outdoor security light on the edge of your rooftop?  And just how many books you could devour in those 46 years – warmed by the ambient glow of soft white light from your favorite reading lamp?

Now, imagine this bulb also emits light from small computer chips made of semi-conductive material, allowing it to produce ultra-compact, highly efficient light while giving off very little heat?  Would you be impressed?

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