Inspired: Industrial Decor Elements

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The Industrial design trend features metals and rough, reclaimed wood.

Illustration: Laura Sullivan


Raw metals and reclaimed wood are at the center of the industrial trend. Luckily, the rough edges and materials look all the better when pitted against polished, soft interiors. So go ahead and incorporate as few industrial decor elements or as many of the pieces as you like.

Top row (from left to right)

Is there no end to the creative uses of chalkboard? This Slate Coaster Set from modern design store West Elm has us smitten (for the umpteenth time) in their rough-and-ready take on the craze. Write your guests’ names or initials right on the coasters to avoid cocktail confusion.

One of the best ways to add a dash of industry to your space is to look up: Warehouse-worthy ceiling tiles add interest in the prettiest of spaces. And factory-inspired lighting will cast new style on a room.  The chiseled steel Hampton Bay Warehouse Pendant with its brushed nickel finish adds contrast to a kitchen or workspace. The metal details on this Progress Lighting Nickel Mini-Pendant give it just a dash of hardcore. This Home Decorators Aged Bronze Cage Pendant manages to be both heavy duty and vintage in a way we dig.

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Napkin Rings for Your Next Dinner Party

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We love the idea of taking a very common material and using it in a very uncommon way. Which brings us to today’s installment of Repurposed: copper pipe fittings.

Copper is such a gorgeous metal. Not only does it have a rich, warm color when new, but this metal ages beautifully.

Next time you are in the plumbing aisle browsing for interesting entertaining ideas, how about picking up some simple $3.74 napkin rings?

Repurpose a copper pipe fitting as a napkin ring

Simply roll your napkins up tightly, and slip them through the pipe coupling. Voila! a beautiful metallic napkin ring.

Repurpose a copper pipe fitting as a napkin ring

You can use these napkin rings to add a little shine to your everyday place settings, or to inspire an entire copper color palette at your next dinner party. If you’re interested in giving the copper a nice patina before using them, use a combination of vinegar, ammonia, and salt to give the copper a green powdery finish using this faux aging method.

How do you feel about copper? Do you like it’s shiny, warm finish? Or the green patina it has as it ages? Would you use these copper fittings as a napkin ring?

[Editor's Note: Repurposed is a series dedicated to showcasing clever, new ways to use products we all know and love.] 

Home Depot Style Guide: Inspiration For Our Spring Color Palettes

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Antique sepias. Dusty apricots. Revolutionary reds. Fresh, airy blues. The colors that The Home Depot Trend and Design team chooses for its fall and spring palettes serve as guides for new decor items and paint colors. You’ll see this reflected all across the Home Depot Style Guide for Spring 2012.

“We always start with the palettes then we move to the products,” said Sarah Fishburne, Trend and Design Director for The Home Depot. For her, the palette is important because there aren’t really any new colors out there. It is how the colors are combined that is fresh and on-trend.

With the release of this year’s interactive Spring 2012 Home Depot Spring Guide, comes four rich and distinct color palettes for the season: Trailing Wisteria, New Bloom, Heirloom Tulip and Cherry Punch.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at the process of putting them together:

Trailing Wisteria

Inspiration for the Trailing Wisteria palette, an outtake from the Home Depot Style Guide.

















Fishburne traversed Europe for three weeks to soak up trends, including an important trip to Maison & Objet, the Paris design show that sets the agenda for home decor and furnishing. She saw a wonderful display of what she calls “superneutrals,” neutrals with color added. “They are really chameleon colors,” said Fishburne. When you put these paints on the walls of different rooms, they take on different tones—and designers like that, she said.

Another inspiration for this palette comes from antique colors that are making a come back—inky, dusty colors like sepias, which conjure the nostalgic feeling of an old photograph. The overall result of this palette is a lovely Old World charm with a modern twist, a look that the Home Depot Style Guide recommends with stainless steel, reclaimed wood and other rustic finishes.

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Perk Up Your Patio With Outdoor Lighting

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Image via Landscape Design Advisor

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your patio is by using low voltage lighting. Well placed outdoor lighting fixtures can help define your backyard space by illuminating walkways and beautiful gardens. It will also improve the functionality of the space by allowing you to enjoy it well after the sun goes down.


Sketching first is the best way to plan your garden light layout. Image via Elmastudio


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First Look: Clopay Garage Doors

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When it comes to choosing garage doors, you can go one of two ways. On one end of the spectrum, you have the flimsy tin-can types, and on the opposite end, sturdy well-built models. Clopay Premium Garage Doors definitely fall into the latter classification.

Each and every premium door Clopay makes has 3 layers: Outer steel skin, insulation layer and inside steel skin. Often, it’s that middle insulation layer that makes a difference in terms of quality. Your best bet is to choose a door with a high insulation R-value to help protect the contents of your garage.

Watch Clopay’s Jason Preston and Home Depot Associate David Donaldson demonstrate Clopay Garage Doors versus a competing brand in this video:


Our First Look series highlights videos our store associates watch to learn about the new products and services available at The Home Depot. We share them here so that Home Depot customers, especially professional builders and serious do-it-yourself enthusiasts, can see what’s new in the aisles at The Home Depot.

Colorful Tea Kettles Add Interest to Your Kitchen

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Small kitchen appliances and accessories are an easy way to add a punch of color to your kitchen. Like a scarf to your overcoat, colorful tea kettles can make a big, colorful statement in your kitchen without much commitment. Get tired of the color you picked? No big deal, just leave your scarf in the closet for a while — same goes for your colorful tea kettle. For little money and even less effort, you can really give the most useful space in the house a little extra zing!

Colorful tea kettles

Center: BonJour 2 Qt. Polished Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Copper Bottom; Clockwise: Mustard Yellow Kitchenaid 9-Cup Tea Kettle; Mustard KitchenAid 6-Cup Tea Kettle;  Yellow Rachel Ray 2Qt. Curve Tea Kettle; Old Dutch Tangerine Cast Iron Kyoto Tea Kettle; KitchenAid 1.5 Curling Tea Kettle in Green; Rachel Ray Curve Tea Kettle in Green; KitchenAid 2 Qt. Globe Tea Kettle in Turquoise; Rachel Ray 2 Qt. Curve Tea Kettle in Blue; KitchenAid 9-Cup Tea Kettle in Midnight Blue; KitchenAid 9-Cup Tea Kettle in Red; KitchenAid Gourmet Essentials 8-Cup Tea Kettle in Red;  Rachel Ray Curve Tea Kettle in Orange

Browse more Tea Pots & Kettles here. What color will you pick?

Grill It: Do I Really Have to Clean My Grill?

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A: Outdoor cooks agree that it’s best to use a stiff-wire brush to clean most grills — to keep your food tasty and to ensure that the grill stays around for longer. (For porcelain-coated grills, the weapon of choice is a brass-bristle brush.)

Allow the grill to heat up for about five minutes, then scrub with the grill brush before you get cooking. Simple as that. If you don’t have a brush on hand, crumple up some aluminum foil, hold it with grill tongs, then use it to scrub the funk off your grates. After cooking, you can crank up the heat for five to ten minutes to burn off any food pieces, too.

If you’ve got an “emergency grade” cleaning job, try this trick: tightly wrap cooking grates with aluminum foil, shiny side facing out. Place inside your hot grill for 15 to 30 minutes. After the grate cools, unwrap and see if your problem has disintegrated in the foil.

[Editor's Note: Grilling Tips is for all you grill fanatics out there. Whether you swear by propane, charcoal or gas, our BBQ tips have you covered. If you're in need of an upgrade - shop Grills at ]

How to Remove Moss, How to Encourage It: Two Views of a Rootless Plant

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So is moss a good thing? Or a bad thing?

There’s been a little back and forth on this recently on The Home Depot’s Community Forums, with some handy tips not only on how to remove moss, but also how to encourage the growth of moss.

It started when Forum associate LawnRanger mentioned in his post, Get the Moss Out, that he’d been getting questions from Community members about how to get rid of moss from lawns and patios. “Moss is nice and green, but as with all weeds, if it is in the wrong place, it has to be removed,” LawnRanger astutely pointed out.

Moss is nice, but if it’s in the wrong place, it has to be removed.

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How To Create A Disappearing Water Fountain

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You’ll soon be spending a lot more time outdoors, so why not make it as enjoyable as possible? Few things are as relaxing as the sound of running water. And by installing a water fountain in your patio, deck or backyard, not only will you be able to enjoy this soothing sound but it will also help to beautify your outdoor space.

Installing a disappearing water fountain feature is not as difficult as you may have thought.  In fact, if you use a pre-made fountain it’s actually very easy to do and this video shows you how. The simple steps include assembly, filling it and plugging it in. There are a few important things to be aware of, however, and you’ll learn how to properly position and level the fountain, select the correct type of outlet to use and ways to conceal the cord. For more advice on how to install a fountain, or any other outdoor feature like a hot tub, sauna or pool, feel free to ask any of our expert associates on the How-To Community Forum.

Check out more DIY and home improvement videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

Places: Closets With Chandeliers

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Chandelier closeup shot image

Image via Citified


Chandeliers aren’t just for grand dining rooms or lofty foyers anymore. Today, these beautiful, often extravagant hanging works of glass and light come in a huge array of sizes, styles, colors and designs. Chandeliers of all sorts are being used to create a statement in almost every room in the home, from kitchens and bathrooms, to bedrooms and … closets?

The idea of hanging a chandelier in the closet sounds a bit over the top. But think about it: for the one-act play of life, the closet is kind of like the wardrobe department; it’s where we hang our costumes. Why not dress it up with some dramatic lighting?

And as you will see in the examples we found, you don’t need a palatial walk-in the size of condo to add a touch of glamor to the lighting in your closet.

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