Places: Decorating Small Balconies

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Small, but colorful balconies on a condo in Toronto

Photo by Michael Gil


The balconies of many of today’s apartments and condos are often not very big, and they can present somewhat of a design challenge. That’s why The Home Depot has a section on our website dedicated to creating big style in small outdoor spaces, including balconies, terraces or small patios.

Take a look at some of the great shots we found to show you how just a few pieces can make your small balcony the perfect outdoor lounge.

Image of a colorful small balcony

Image via HGTV

Balconies, even the small ones, were made for morning coffee (preferably with a newspaper), evening stargazing or enjoying a breath of fresh air anytime of day or night. And the beauty of a small balcony is you need little more than perhaps a couple of brightly accented chairs, some plants and the company of a good friend to create a colorful, cozy outdoor living space.

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Meet The Material: Wicker Or Rattan?

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Phoenix Rattan Roadster Concept Car image

Image: photos courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue via Gizmag


In 1844, Cyrus Wakefield noticed a pile of discarded rattan on Constitution Warf in Boston. Used as packing material for product shipped from China to the U.S., Wakefield wondered what this flexible cane material might be used to make … furniture, perhaps? Not long after taking a pile of it home, Wakefield quit his job as a grocer, formed the Wakefield Rattan Company, and by the 1860s cornered the market on the wicker furniture business.

Henry Ford is lucky ol’ Cyrus Wakefield didn’t decide to build a rattan roadster like the one above that product designers Kenneth Cobonpue and Albrecht Birkner dreamed up. The auto industry might be very different today.

What is wicker? Wicker, which is made from a variety of materials including bamboo, rattan, reed, willow, plastic or resin, is not so much a material as it is an ancient weaving technique passed from Egypt to Rome and then throughout Europe.

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Inspired: Moroccan Accents Speak to the Moroccan Decor Trend

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Moroccan Decor Inspiration Board
























The intricate patterns and opulent domes of Morocco are sweeping the world of decor.  We’ve collected our favorite examples of the Moroccan decor trend in a soft, modern palette.

Left side:

The undulating waves of The Wallpaper Company’s Modern Geometric Design could have adorned the walls of an opulent Moroccan palace. And, the rich aubergine color reminds us of a spiced eggplant dish—a common food in the country.

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Lawn Mowing Tips

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Nothing boosts your curb appeal like a beautiful yard with a healthy lawn. Mowing may not be top on your wish list of things to do in the upcoming months but it’s essential to a maintaining a healthy lawn. Don’t worry – keeping your grass green and well-kept is a lot easier than you may think.

There are a few tips to consider before you break out that lawnmower. This video offers some things to think about to ensure that your lawn mowing technique is correct from the start. It’s important to mow regularly and frequency will depend on your local weather and watering habits. Be careful not to remove too much grass when you mow and make sure that your mower is cutting at the right height for your specific grass type. Visit for our huge selection of lawn mowers, including walk-behind mowers, riding mowers and commercial mowers.

Check out more DIY and home improvement videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

Walking the Aisles: 5 Things to Know About Durazone Weed & Grass Killer

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Durazone Weed and Grass Killer on display at The Home Depot

We have a new product in the aisles of The Home Depot garden section: Durazone Weed & Grass Killer. It has some innovative features that make it a winner for taking on serious tasks in the yard—and doing yard work less often per year.


1. An Application Lasts for Six Months

Durazone aims to be the longest lasting weed and grass killer on the market by providing a six-month “continuous action” barrier that stops virtually anything from sprouting up. This innovation is the result of a proprietary formula, which makes this product unique.

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Training A Vine Over An Arbor

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Beautiful vine covered arbor

Image via Jess Beemouse


Arbors are wonderful outdoor structures that can greatly enhance your landscaped yard by adding visual interest and beauty, shelter, shade and privacy. And as long as they are properly trained to do so, flowering vines will find your arbor to be the perfect spot to grow and flourish.

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First Look: The Home Depot 2012 Riding Mowers

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In today’s First Look video, Home Depot associate Tim Seymour unveils our line of riding mowers for 2012.

We are the exclusive national retailer for Ariens, Toro and Cub Cadet riding mowers. Tim highlights each brand and specific model features such as Ariens 22 HP V-Twin engine, Cub Cadet’s durable 9-gauge steel frame and Toro’s Smart Speed Control System.

See it all here in this video:


The riding mowers featured in this video:
Ariens 42 in. 22 HP Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Engine Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Cub Cadet LXT1045 46 in. 20 HP Kohler Courage Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Mower

Toro TimeCutter SS5000 50 in. 22HP Smart Speed V-twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower


Our First Look series highlights videos our store associates watch to learn about the new products and services available at The Home Depot. We share them here so that Home Depot customers, especially professional builders and serious do-it-yourself enthusiasts, can see what’s new in the aisles at The Home Depot.

Grill It: What Makes a Good Grate?

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A: First, bars tend to sear better than round rods. The best choice would be wide bars that are close to each other. Stainless steel and cast-iron grates are thought to be the best, since they’re sturdy and tend to resist rust.

Stainless steel grates are an expensive upgrade, but they are good for the lazy outdoor chef, since they are low-maintenance and they live for a long time.

Bare cast iron will create a nice grill marks but it will need to be seasoned with cooking oil pretty regularly to avoid sticking. Porcelain-coated cast iron grates are a popular choice because they retain the most heat and are relatively easy to clean by comparison (just don’t use a stiff wire brush, which could damage the porcelain).

[Editor's Note: Grilling Tips is for all you grill fanatics out there. Whether you swear by propane, charcoal or gas, our BBQ tips have you covered. If you're in need of an upgrade - shop Grills at]

DIY Jewelry: Repurposing Brass Hinges

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The hard working aisles of plumbing materials and lumber at The Home Depot may seem worlds away from the the dainty filigree and shiny surfaces of a jewelry store, but we have a DIY jewelry idea that turns a common piece of hardware into something beautiful to wear.

The very crafty Grace Atwood masterfully combines girly aesthetic with the down-to-business hardware supplies. We posted a few weeks ago about Grace’s DIY jewelry project, using valve handles to make a statement necklace. She’s back with a DIY bracelet made from shiny, new brass hinges! Check out the full step-by-step on her blog, Stripes + Sequins.

DIY jewelry: a bracelet from brass hinges

In total, the project cost Grace $10 and 10 minutes! A pretty awesome investment for a beautiful bracelet!

Thanks for letting us share, Grace!

Editor’s Note: Repurposed is a series dedicated to showcasing clever, new ways to use products we all know and love.

Places: Converted Sheds

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Image of the Shed of the Year Winner 2011

Image via Reader Sheds


History does not recall when or where early man constructed the first single family home. But what is fairly certain, whoever this first Homo sapiens home owner was, he built the first backyard shed shortly after moving in. Mankind has been building sheds in one form or another ever since to store and organize the stuff that we need to live civilized lives.

For many of us, they are the spooky wooden shacks that haunted the back corners of Grandpa’s yard, filled with cobwebs and old paint cans. While for others, the shed was a favorite hiding place, or the place they watched and learned how to make and repair things with a parent or relative. Nowadays, sheds can fill so many different functions, are easy to construct, and can be an enhancement to the home, not only functionally, but also aesthetically.

Take a look at the many different converted sheds we found –  like the one above from the UK site Reader Sheds– the prize-winning pick for Shed of the Year 2011– to the creative shed redo’s that give outdoor living spaces new life.

Never thought you’d need or want a shed in your backyard? Just take a look …

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