Labor Day Shipping Calendar

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FREE SHIPPING on over 100,000 items – last day to get it in time for Labor Day!


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Blinds Safety 101

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Home Depot Store Associate, Chicago, IL

A couple I met in the store recently needed to invest in some new blinds after their three kids’ rough-housing had damaged several of their old ones. The conversation reminded me of the importance of selecting blinds that are safe for use in a house full of young children.

Am I Safe Already?

That all depends on what type of treatments you currently have for your windows and how old they are. As of 2001, safety regulations for all blinds sold and produced in the U.S. went through a major overhaul. Any window treatments made today are much different than their older counterparts. One major difference is in the structure of their pull cords.

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Give Your Front Porch A Facelift

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Home Depot Store Associate, Atlanta GA

I’ve been seeing those “lifestyle facelift” commercials and advertisements all over the place. While I intend on keeping my face intact, my front porch will be getting its own facelift! There are quick and inexpensive ways to update and transform the look of the front of your home.

An updated front porch will make your guests feel welcome and improve your home’s curb appeal. You are only a splash of color, a quick coat of paint, and a few simple accents away from a totally new look. 

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Get The GE Adora Advantage Exclusively At The Home Depot

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Is your stove on its last leg? Is your refrigerator too small for to accommodate your growing family’s grocery list? Does your dishwasher use too much energy and waste too much water? Does your microwave take up valuable counter space? If so, it’s time to give your kitchen an appliance makeover. The GE Adora series of appliances is exactly what you need.

GE Adora is a product line available exclusively at The Home Depot. The Adora line offers flexibility, innovative technology, improved functionality and contemporary style at a great value.

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Husky Storage System – Advantage: Home Depot

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Ok, I admit it. My garage is a mess. I make sure to keep the door closed for fear of the neighbors catching a glimpse of my jumble of garden supplies, tools, sports equipment – you name it! I already decided that enough was enough, and had been shopping around for the perfect garage storage system, when I discovered Husky’s steel garage organization storage solution.

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Kitchen Organization Made Easy

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Home Depot Store Associate, Atlanta GA

I recently completed a long-overdue home-improvement project, which would have been done much sooner if I had been able to figure out the best storage solutions. Luckily, my next project is in my kitchen and I already have 3 great storage ideas that are sure to make my life (and yours!) much easier: 

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Renewing Your Deck – Spray, Roll Or Brush?

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Home Depot Store Associate, Atlanta GA

One of the most common questions I hear this time of year is, “Do I spray, roll, or brush to apply deck stain?”

My customers typically really want to know which one will allow them to make their deck look good while spending the least amount of time on the project. Renewing the finish on your deck can be a challenging DIY project.

When done properly it includes removing grilling stains, dirt and mildew from the wood, as well as applying two coats of stain to renew the look of your outdoor oasis.

So, which one do you choose?

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Superior Paint Brands – Advantage: The Home Depot

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Does your home need a major change without a major investment? Painting is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to totally transform any space and there’s only one place to go to get top-rated paint brands at the best prices. The Home Depot has a variety of affordable premium paints that have been recognized by leading consumer studies as a best buy for superior coverage and durability. From Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint and primer-in-one (rated #1 for two years in a row) to Martha Stewart Living paint, we have the brands that you recognize and can trust for all your painting projects. helps you take the guessing game out of choosing the perfect color by letting you order paint samples online. And now you can also buy Behr Premium Plus Ultra online and have any of the 386 exclusive Ultra colors, available in 4 different sheens, shipped directly to your door! Home Depot also offers a huge selection of related products and accessories, such as brushesrollers and dropcloths to make your project even easier. Be sure to check out this Project Guide for helpful painting tips and techniques.

The Home Depot Offers Free Paint Workshop

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At The Home Depot, we’re here to help you tackle home renovations, big and small. Painting walls is an easy project, and you can do-it-yourself. Choose from Behr, Martha Stewart Living and Glidden paints & attend one of our free weekly paint workshops in your area.

Upright vs. Chest: Which Deep Freezer Is Right For You?

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Most (if not all) of us have heard the fable of the ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper wasted its time during the warm months while the ant worked tirelessly to store food for the winter. Oh the virtue of hard work and saving!

Even in the real world, it’s always smart to take the road of the ant and build up your food stores. If you have a garden with field peas, collards, squash and other vegetables, you can reap the fruits of your labor for months to come. If you hunt deer, rabbit, duck and other game, you can store delectable meats for months of main courses.

About the only concern you’ll have is where to store the harvest. Maytag provides the answer with its selection of deep freezers available now at The Home Depot.

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