Places: Converted Sheds

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Image of the Shed of the Year Winner 2011

Image via Reader Sheds


History does not recall when or where early man constructed the first single family home. But what is fairly certain, whoever this first Homo sapiens home owner was, he built the first backyard shed shortly after moving in. Mankind has been building sheds in one form or another ever since to store and organize the stuff that we need to live civilized lives.

For many of us, they are the spooky wooden shacks that haunted the back corners of Grandpa’s yard, filled with cobwebs and old paint cans. While for others, the shed was a favorite hiding place, or the place they watched and learned how to make and repair things with a parent or relative. Nowadays, sheds can fill so many different functions, are easy to construct, and can be an enhancement to the home, not only functionally, but also aesthetically.

Take a look at the many different converted sheds we found –  like the one above from the UK site Reader Sheds– the prize-winning pick for Shed of the Year 2011– to the creative shed redo’s that give outdoor living spaces new life.

Never thought you’d need or want a shed in your backyard? Just take a look …

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It’s Still Friday, Spring Black Friday

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It’s been Friday for days! At the Home Depot, the Spring Black Friday savings continues online through April 11, with incredible deals that will save you cash while greening up your life for spring.

Fire up the season with big savings on a new grill, like the Brinkmann 4 Burner for just $169. You can’t beat free shipping on most grills, which continues through the 11th as well.

Save up to 40 percent on select patio furniture—and get shipping thrown in for free. These patio specials are priced to impress, like the 5-piece Hampton Bay set and 7-piece Anselmo dining set both going for $299.

Turn the backyard into a fun zone, with up to $300 off selected playsets. There are toys for you too: $50 to $150 off select lawn mowers and up to 25 percent off pressure washers. With 20 percent off our bestselling outdoor sheds, you’ll have somewhere to house all of your new things, too. Treat yourself to a John Deere riding mower and get a free cart with the purchase. Oh, and get free shipping on all riding and zero turn mowers on the site, too.

All major appliances over $397 are still at 10 percent off—and there are major steals for washers and dryers, lighting, fixtures, blinds and furniture.

Available while supplies last – cash in on the Spring Black Friday savings before, well, the holiday is over.

Deck Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

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The weather’s warming up and it’s time to start extending your living space into the great outdoors. Decks are great for dining, entertaining or just relaxing with family. So take care of your deck by protecting it from the elements with just a few simple cleaning and maintenance tips.

This video offers detailed instructions on how to properly get your deck ready for regular use. It walks you through all of the necessary steps including, sanding to remove loose wood or finish, safely applying a cleaner, using a pressure washer to rinse, and applying a stain or sealer. It also includes helpful tips about wearing protective gloves and safety glasses, and how to choose between the different types of cleaners. Our expert associates on The Home Depot How-To Community Forum can also answer any other DIY questions you may have. And be sure to visit our Garden Center to get everything you need to beautify your outdoor space all season long.

Check out more DIY and home improvement videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

How Does Home Automation Benefit You?

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Smart home smart phone app

Let’s be honest. We all grew up with inspired dreams of what “the future” would be like.

Hovercars. Jetpacks. Teleportation. Casual space travel.

While those particular innovations might remain beyond our grasp, we can still enjoy a bit of “the future” today with home automation. Put simply, home automation allows you to access and control critical systems and appliances from a remote or centralized location. With a few taps on a touchscreen panel or a couple of voice commands in your home (or even your smartphone!) you can set temperatures, turn off lights, and tweak your home’s security among other options.

While it may sound fancy – and maybe even frivolous – there are very real and immediate benefits to using home automation systems.

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Home Automation: The Home of the Future is Here Today

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Home Automation may sound futuristic (and maybe even a little daunting). But don’t let that stop you from embracing it.

Smart homes are just that: smart.

Today’s technology cleverly merges your family’s lifestyle with networks that control your TVs, security systems and appliances. But still – the term “home automation” has a lot of us scratching our heads. What exactly is home automation and when did smart home technology first appear?


Many people first heard of Home Automation…in a Saturday morning cartoon.

If you were born before 1990, you’ll remember the animated TV show, The Jetsons. George and Jane Jetson lived in a futuristic smart home complete with flat screen TVs that slide into the ceiling, conveyor belt walkways, automatic tooth brushes and — our favorite — a cooking device called the “Foodarackacycle.” (A nifty appliance that produced meals instantaneously with the push of a button.) The series was set in the year 2062, 100 years into the future from the show’s debut.

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Easy, DIY Privacy Screen for Your Patio

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DIY Privacy Screen

Porches and patios are a great way to add an extra space to your home without having to take on an addition. One common problem with porches and patios, however, is their proximity to the neighbors. While you may enjoy their friendship, it’s still nice to have a little privacy as you sip your coffee on the front porch reading the Sunday morning  newspaper. Fortunately, there are easy ways to create a division between your outdoor space and theirs.

We’ll show you how to craft this easy, striped privacy screen from a drop cloth, and this DIY privacy screen cost only $48.84 to create!

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Inspired: Modern Bloom

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If you think that flower decor has to be “flowery,” like gaudy-wallpaper flowery, better reset your Swatch watch to 2012. Simple, modern flower accents freshen up a room with their pretty, streamlined shapes. Find some easy inspiration from The Home Depot, The Home Decorators Collection and around the web:

Top row (from left to right):

The colorful pattern of this Spiral Mosaic Rug reminds us of a pixelated close-up of a flowerbed—even if the design only hints at it.

The understated tulip shape of this Checkolit Art Glass Hanging Pendant sends a subliminal message of spring to the rest of the room. Made of delicate hand-blown glass with a satin nickel finish.

The stylized, modern bloom on this decorative pillow gives it cheerful advantage. Handcrafted in India with jute, cotton, felt, velvet and other materials, the Fusion Pillows also create interesting texture.

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How to Install Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts

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Mounting your flat screen on a TV wall mount can get a little tricky so be sure to watch this video for instructions on how to do it as securely as possible. You’ll learn about the three main requirements you need when properly installing your tv – good ventilation, a solid wall and two wall studs. This tutorial will also walk you through how to select the right wall mounts, locate the wall studs, slide the tv onto the wall plates and everything else you need to know to complete this project safely. If you have any more questions about securing your flat screen to wall mounts just ask one of our expert associates on The Home Depot How-To Community Forum. also has plenty of audio & video accessories for you to choose from, including cables, speakers and remote controls.

Check out more DIY and home improvement videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

First Look: OdoBan Home Deodorizer & Disinfectant

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The nose knows, as do loyal OdoBan customers. When pleasant smelling scents like flowers, laundered linens or the kitchen at dinner time hit your nostrils, your olfactory epithelium alerts your brain, leaving your mood elevated and happy. However, when you take in foul smelling scents like ripe fish, skunk spray or mold and mildew, you cringe, your eyes water and your mood turns sour. When those horrible odors strike, you need a deodorizer to neutralize those odors…OdoBan. It’s also great for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing your home.

Watch OdoBan’s Steve Davison and Home Depot associate Dahlan demonstrate the power of OdoBan as they contend with Steve’s funky smelling friend Ralph in this video:


Our First Look series highlights videos our store associates watch to learn about the new products and services available at The Home Depot. We share them here so that Home Depot customers, especially professional builders and serious do-it-yourself enthusiasts, can see what’s new in the aisles at The Home Depot.


First Home Depot on the Moon to Open April 2020

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home depot on the moon posterThe Home Depot announced today it plans to boldly go where no retailer has gone before by opening the first home improvement store on the moon. Plans for the lunar store, presently dubbed Home Depot X, have been on the drawing board for several years. Company executives say they expect the first Home Depot on the moon to open on April 1, 2020 on the Sea of Tranquility, just a short lunar rover drive from the location of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.

“The Home Depot has always been about anticipating customer needs,” says newly named Vice President for Lunar Operations Vernon “Jules” Bradbury. “We see big possibilities on the moon in the coming century, and we want to be up and ready to help the new inhabitants of the moon save more and do more. Opening a Home Depot on the moon is pretty much a no brainer. And setting up shop near the historic site of the first Apollo lunar landing, well, we’re just over the moon about that.”

Home Depot is prepared to commit billions to their lunar expansion. Certified Nursery Consultants in the garden center at Home Depot store #1859 in Webster, Texas  are working on a proprietary line of revolutionary new home improvement products that can be grown in petri dishes.

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