The Home Depot Offers Free Paint Workshop

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At The Home Depot, we’re here to help you tackle home renovations, big and small. Painting walls is an easy project, and you can do-it-yourself. Choose from Behr, Martha Stewart Living and Glidden paints & attend one of our free weekly paint workshops in your area.

Upright vs. Chest: Which Deep Freezer Is Right For You?

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Most (if not all) of us have heard the fable of the ant and the grasshopper. The grasshopper wasted its time during the warm months while the ant worked tirelessly to store food for the winter. Oh the virtue of hard work and saving!

Even in the real world, it’s always smart to take the road of the ant and build up your food stores. If you have a garden with field peas, collards, squash and other vegetables, you can reap the fruits of your labor for months to come. If you hunt deer, rabbit, duck and other game, you can store delectable meats for months of main courses.

About the only concern you’ll have is where to store the harvest. Maytag provides the answer with its selection of deep freezers available now at The Home Depot.

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Flower Power (Episode 7): New For The Garden 2011

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Watch episode 7 of The Home Depot’s web series for a quick look at some of the cutting-edge plant and flower varieties available for your garden this year.

Attracting Happy Hummingbirds

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Home Depot Store Associate, Atlanta GA

Recently I saw several hummingbirds feeding at the home of a friend. We drank coffee and watched them dart around the feeder with the precision of a small invasion. I have to admit I was mesmerized by the display. I asked how she was able to entice the little birds so close to her home and how she managed to attract so many of them. Here are some secrets of her success at attracting hummingbirds:

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The Big Bath Makeover — Advantage: The Home Depot

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So, you’re planning a bathroom makeover. You’re going all out…new bath vanity, new floor tile, new faucets…even new bath lighting.  You may be wondering if investing the time and money in a bath refresh will be worth it in the end. The short answer is yes.

At The Home Depot, the many advantages of remodeling your bathroom have never been more present than during the Renew and Redo Your Bath event, going on now at Home Depot stores and online at Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience when you shop The Home Depot for products to help create an ideal bath space:

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Design A Beautiful Bath Around A Vanity

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No matter how large or small your bathroom may be, it can be tiresome to look at the same old décor day in and day out. If you’ve decided that a bath makeover is in order it can be hard to know where to start. The aspects of a bath refresh that can leave us bewildered include theme, color scheme and borders (to name just a few).  The questions surrounding a bath makeover and redesign can somehow seem endless.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is choose a focal point for the bath space.  Your focal point will help set the overall tone of the makeover, providing built-in style to design around.  The perfect focal point is a bathroom vanity.

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Helpful Tips For Planning Your Small Garden

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Now’s the perfect time to begin planting for most fall vegetables. Even if you don’t have a large yard to plant “grandmother’s garden,” you can still enjoy getting your hands dirty in a smaller area. Below are a few tips to help you determine your needs and conditions before you plant. 

Examine Your Soil
Survey your yard. As you look around your back yard or side lot, search for a small area that is suitable for gardening. The most important factor in growing healthy plants is soil quality. Is the soil very dry, clay rich or moist?  Is the grass (or weeds) growing plentifully? If so, then you likely have soil that is ready for tilling. If you notice that the soil is very dry, rocky or compacted, you do have other options. Dry soil can be replenished with an irrigation system or you may consider a raised bed garden, using compost to prepare the soil for planting. Fertilizers can be added to restore nutrition to most soil types.

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Flower Power (Episode 6): From Runway To Garden

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Watch episode 6 of The Home Depot’s web series to see how global fashion trends influence the breeding of plants and flowers we bring to your garden.

Taking Care of Garden Tools

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Home Depot Store Associate, Orange County, CA

It’s something most people never think about but it’s important to take care of your garden tools. Why? Because if you take good care of your tools they will last longer and perform better for you.  Have you ever tried to cut a board with a rusty saw? Aside from being hard to use and taking twice as much energy to accomplish the job, the rust will start to degrade the tool. That nice sharp edge on your saw will not be as sharp as it should be to work properly and your garden may suffer for it. So take the time to clean your equipment!

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10 Dorm Room Must-Haves

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Even though the dog days of summer are upon us, before long the seasons will change and it will be time to head back to school….before you head off to hit the books this year, here is a list of important items you’ll need to create a comfortable home away from home.

Surge Protector

Your radio, TV, alarm clock, laptop and a host of other gadgets are items that you depend on every day. Don’t let a power surge or electrical fault ruin your precious electronics. Take a surge protector with you.

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