10 Tips For Enjoyable Black Friday Shopping at The Home Depot

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Tips for Black Friday Shopping at The Home Depot

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the best times to pick up great values at The Home Depot. Here are some tips to help you have an enjoyable, productive shopping experience.

1. Be comfortable.

Whether you are shopping online or in store, you need to be comfortable. At the store, they’ll be lines and long walks as you peruse the shelves.  Wear sneakers and loose fitting clothing. This is not the time for stilettos or steel toe boots. At home, set yourself up in a comfortable chair with good back support. You’ll be going through page after page of deals on small appliances, lighting, bath products, area rugs and more.

2. Get enough rest.

You won’t enjoy shopping in store or online for a new stove, refrigerator, grill or other items if you are tired and sluggish. Thanksgiving Day will be a busy day. Make sure you take the time to get a good night sleep.

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Gift Ideas: Bathroom Vanities, Whirlpool Tubs and More

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Gift Ideas: Get a new bath vanity and sink combo for your bathroom

For an out-of-the-box holiday gift idea, surprise your family with a bathroom makeover. Re-doing your bath can be a quick simple touch up, a complete transformation or something in between. Take a look at these bath remodel-related gift ideas.

For a complete makeover, start with a new bath vanity and sink combo. Next, picture yourself soaking in a whirlpool tub with separate shower. Ah, that’s the ticket. Lastly, a new water saving toilet on top of a new non-slip tile floor would be a great addition.

For quick updates, start with a new paint color. Next, change out the cabinet hardware for a great new look. Lastly, update your old bath faucet to one with a modern finish such as oil-rubbed bronze.

We even have a few half bath refresh packages where you can transform your half bath at various spending levels ranging from $250 to $1000.

To help you decide which bath update is right for you, check out our bath buying guides for help with choosing your new fixtures and staples. If you prefer doing the work yourself, we have over 30 bath project guides with helpful step-by-step instructions and handy tips to make the work go as smooth as possible.

For more great gift ideas, check out our online Gift Center. And when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with eGift Cards.

Meet The Material: Concrete

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Translucent concrete via Litracon

What is concrete? Concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel and cement (usually Portland cement). Concrete and cement are often thought of as one in the same, however, cement is actually a binding agent used in the creation of concrete.

What are some cool properties of concrete? Concrete has the ability to be molded or cast into nearly any shape, design or pattern. Decorative concrete options such as overlays, colored concrete and concrete stamping, as well as concrete dyes, paints, acid stains and polishes all present an almost limitless creative palate for giving any concrete surface unique appeal.

How is concrete used? Concrete, literally and figuratively, is a foundational building product widely used in the construction of high rises, bridges, roads, homes and a host of other things we use every day. You can also see some of the more creative and unusual ways concrete is being used today after the jump.

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Check Our Appliance Buying Guides Before You Buy

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Appliance Buying Guides

The appliances in your home represent a major investment. So when you’re ready to replace or upgrade your old appliances, you want to know how to find just the right appliance for your needs and your budget. Before you buy, check our appliance buying guides.

Before buying a new refrigerator, research the latest technological advances. Today’s models are designed to use less energy while offering more features. Check out our refrigerators buying guide and learn about all the latest bells and whistles.

If you need a new dishwasher, we’ve got a dishwasher buying guide for that too. Did you know there are dishwasher models with two drawers where each one functions as its own separate dishwasher? Who knew!

How about a new washer/dryer? Today’s models come with all sorts of improvements, such as steam cleaning, anti-vibration and ultra quiet cycles. Find out all you need to know in our washers buying guide and our dryers buying guide.

If those don’t quite match what you’re looking for, we have more than 20 other appliance buying guides, project guides and videos that will help you learn about the latest in appliance technology.

Make Your Fried Turkey Dreams Come True When You Buy Online And Pick up In Store

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Buy a turkey fryer online at homedepot.com and pick it up in your local store

All year long you’ve been dreaming of that fresh, plump turkey. Thanksgiving is finally here. You’ve decided you want to do something different this year. You want a tender, juicy turkey…not smoked… not roasted…but fried.  That’s it! A fried turkey will set the stage for your perfect Thanksgiving dinner. There’s just one problem. You don’t have a turkey fryer.

Don’t dismay! Here to save the day is The Home Depot’s Buy Online Pick up in Store service. Simply go to homedepot.com. Select your local store. Search turkey fryers. Order the one you want. Select the option to pick up it up in the store. Go get it. Come home and cook.

It’s that easy! Visit homedepot.com to order your turkey fryer today.


Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Family’s Sports Fan

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Do you have a die-hard sports fan in your family? Are they the type who plans their weekend around what time the big game is on TV? We can definitely relate. To help you find a great gift that scores a touchdown this holiday season, we’ve accumulated a great selection for your browsing pleasure.

Before you begin shopping for some great sports-themed gift ideas, here are five gifts priced under $100 every sports fanatic would love to have:


Gift Ideas: Team Grill Cover

5. Team Grill Cover- Protect your grill and display team spirit with the Team Sports America 60 in. Team Grill Cover. Made of durable PVC material, these UV- and mildew-resistant covers are perfect for year-round use.

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Kohler Numi Gives the Porcelain Throne a Royal Makeover

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Kohler Numi Toilet

Once upon a time chamber pots were considered high end toilets, available only to most noble and elite in class. Later, water closets took over offering even more luxury in the form of privacy. Soon, the bathroom complete with a flushable toilet (now an everyday necessity) became the hot commodity designed for the elite.

Could bathrooms and toilets get any better?

Kohler says yes, unleashing its most innovative toilet yet… the Kohler Numi. This toilet gives new meaning to the term “royal flush.”

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7 Places Around The House To Put The Area Rug You Buy On Cyber Monday

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Black Friday Savings on Area Rugs

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to update your floors? Do you want to give your living room a bold new look? Would you like to take a guest bedroom from humdrum to spectacular? If so, The Home Depot is slashing area rug prices by 20% just in time for Cyber Monday, and offering free shipping on select area rugs, too. All you have to do is shop homedepot.com to save on select area rug styles.

Not sure if you really need an area rug? Are you unsure about where to place them? Here are seven places around the house where you can incorporate area rugs to give your home a new look.

1. Living Room / Den

Area rugs are excellent style upgrades in living rooms and dens.  They are affordable options for floors that need an update when there’s no budget for a flooring makeover.

2. Bathroom

An area rug can add character to a bathroom. Use a small area rug as a rug runner in front of the bathroom vanity. For larger bathrooms, place an area rug at an angle in the center of the bathroom to make it a focal point.

3. Bedroom

Place a runner-style area rug at the entrance to your bedroom. If you have a seating or reading area in your bedroom, use an area rug there to set the space apart from sleeping area.

4. Foyer

Place an area rug that compliments your design to add a touch of boldness. The right area rug placed in the foyer can add warmth and really make guests entering your home feel welcome.

5. Dining Room

In an eat-in kitchen, place the area rug in such a way that it adds provides separation while blending the kitchen and dining room décor. In larger dining areas or in eating areas separate from the kitchen, use area rugs to add drama.

6.Kitchen Runner

Place an area rug in front of the kitchen sink. Water resistant options are stylish and affordable. An area rug adds style and function to an otherwise bland kitchen design.

7. Under the Christmas Tree

You can stylize a Christmas tree with an area rug. Better yet, you can place an area rug under the tree as a gift.

Take advantage of area rug savings during the Cyber Monday sale TODAY at homedepot.com.  Select area rugs are available at 20% off and other select area rugs ship free.


From The Forums: 10 Fast Facts About Poinsettias

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Buy Poinsettias at The Home Depot

Every year around the holidays, poinsettias make their debut in homes across America. This holiday staple is just about as popular as the Christmas tree. Boston store associate, Grow2Girl, as she calls herself online, provides some interesting facts about poinsettias in the Community Forum on homedepot.com. This week’s From the Forum Friday post is inspired by her poinsettia article and video. Here are 10 facts about poinsettias from Master Gardener Grow2Girl.

1. Joel Poinsett introduced poinsettias to the United States in 1825 after returning from a trip in Mexico. He cultivated the plants and gave them as Christmas gifts and the tradition of poinsettias at Christmas was born.

2. Poinsettias are the number one potted plant sold in the United States. All those poinsettia sales are made during the holidays.

3. National Poinsettia Day is December 12.

4. Poinsettias are economical gifts. Pick one up at your local The Home Depot store or online.

5. Poinsettias flowers are not red or white. They are actually yellow.

6. The Home Depot garden associates water poinsettias from the bottom so the leaves aren’t discolored.

7. Historically poinsettias have been used to make dye and antiseptics.

8. Roughly 60-80 million poinsettias are sold in the U.S. annually.

9. Poinsettias can be red, creamy white, reddish gold and pink in color.

10. Poinsettias are not poisonous.

There you have it … a few facts about a traditional holiday plant that may be more popular than the Christmas tree.  Stop by the Forum at homedepot.com and check out Grow2Girl’s Poinsettia video and article. And remember, your local The Home Depot Store has a garden center filled with these beautiful plants.

Deck Your Walls This Season With A Mirror Collage

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Decorating with mirrors is one of the easiest ways to add visual interest to an empty wall. Mirrors work double duty by visually expanding a small space and enhancing natural light to add brightness to dark corners of your home. And if only one mirror can do all of that, imagine what a few mirrors can do!

A mirror collage – multiple mirrors grouped together on the same wall – is an artful display that gives a strong decorative punch to any room. There are many ways to go about planning your collage. Do you want just a few mirrors confined to a small out-of-the-way nook or do you want to cover an entire wall to create a dramatic focal point? Will you be using an eclectic arrangement of frames or will you only use Victorian-era mirrors to enhance your traditional style décor? Large mirrors, small mirrors or both? The possibilities are endless!

Mirror collages will work well in many parts of your home, but there are a few specific areas that you may want to try out this design idea:

Hallways and Entryways

These spaces are typically long and narrow and a mirror collage can enhance the close quarters while giving them a feeling of spaciousness.


Many people struggle with what to put on the walls of their stairwells and a mirror collage is the perfect solution. It will brighten up this often-neglected space by bouncing light around, while also giving you something visually pleasing to look at every time you go from one floor of your home to another.

A Room with a View

Placing a mirror collage on a wall opposite a nice view of a beach, your garden, or even a cityscape will only double your pleasure. No matter where you look in this room your home’s beautiful view will seem to go on and on forever.

Visit homedepot.com to find The Home Depot’s Fall Style Guide for even more unique decorating ideas. You can also go online to find other stylish wall décor solutions.