Stud Finders Take the Guess Work Out of Indoor Bike Storage

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Stud Finders Make Bike Storage Easy

Via Apartment Therapy: NY

Bicycles are great for individual exercise and bonding moments with the kids. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save on gas, you can use your bike to run errands and to commute to and from work.

Yep! Bikes are pretty great. But, if you live in a small space or have little room for bicycle storage, finding a place for your bike when it’s not in use can be a challenge.

For help with his bike storage problem, Home Depot Community member Cyclist turned to our Forums.

Cyclist posted the topic Where to Install Bike Hooks Indoors. He has a small space and had a hard time finding where to best place his bike hooks. He attempted to follow stud spacing logic – searching a 35″ wall for studs spaced 16 or 17 inches apart – to no avail. Avid cyclist and Forum associate LawnRanger came to the rescue with the names of stud finders sure to do the trick, like the Zircon 61118 stud finder or the Zircon 63918 stud finder.

Community member Casper also joined the discussion, sharing that he stores his bikes in his garage ceiling about the car. Treading dangerously? Maybe, but ceiling storage uses space that can otherwise go wasted.

Use Stud Finders to Use Ceilings for Bike Storage

Image of David Baker’s loft via Dwell

Ceiling, wall, or garage – how do you store your bike?

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Utah Military Family wins $20K through Home Depot Contest

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The Dilley family of Clearfield, Utah will be making some much needed repairs on their home now that they are winners of The Home Depot’s Give the Gift of Good contest.

Tyrena Dilley in the spotlight after winning the Home Depot Give the Gift of Giving contest

A group of Home Depot associates was on hand this week at store #4413 in Salt Lake City, Utah to present Tyrena Dilley a $20,000 Home Depot gift card. Her husband, Sgt. Kevin Dilley, is currently stationed in Greenland, after deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s next expected home in July.

The family of seven is looking forward to fixing up their 1950s-era home with roofing repair, adding insulation to the attic, and replacing an old, cranky heating and air conditioning system.

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Unique DIY Themed Christmas Tree on Display in Michigan Home Depot

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The world famous Home Depot Christmas Tree in Canton, MI

The type of Christmas tree you choose is certainly important, but it’s how you decorate it that makes a statement, as you’ll see when you visit a particular Home Depot store in Canton, Michigan.

The Home Depot offers all sorts of artificial Christmas trees — we have pre-lit trees, pink trees, tall ones, short ones and even slim Christmas trees, which are very popular this year. And The Home Depot is the largest seller of fresh cut trees in the U.S., including our trees available online and at tree lots at Home Depots across the country.

But one Christmas tree that really caught our eye stands majestically in The Home Depot #2703 in Canton, Michigan. It features what you might call a “Do-It-Yourself” theme.

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Two Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Mason Jars

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Whether you’re a Grinch during this time of year or a veritable Cindy Lou Who, you can’t help but love the delicious fare that accompanies the holiday season. Roasts, pies, cheeses, chocolates, peppermints – the list goes on. The holidays are tied to the joys of food, family and friends which is why giving food as a gift is a tradition around the world. This year, wrap your food gifts in a fun and unexpected way. We have two gift wrapping ideas for food– both turn Mason jars into unique gift presentations. One is very easy. The other a little more involved.


Two Mason jars decorated to become beautiful gift presentation for food


See the simple step-by-steps here.


Wrapping food gifts

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How To Save On Home Heating Costs

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Between traveling and presents and decorations – the holidays can get a little expensive and many of us are looking for ways to cut back on expenses. One of the easiest ways to save money (and energy!) is to make smarter home heating choices. Check out this short video to learn exactly how to save on home heating costs.

Saving money on your home heating costs is a lot easier than you think. There are many simple tips you can use to reduce these costs while staying warm this winter. Easy solutions such as closing doors to rooms that are rarely used, changing air filters once a month, and considering vent-free gas heaters are just a few of the money-saving ideas in this video. Make sure to also visit for even more alternative energy solutions for your home.

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Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Family Weekender

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If you have a member of your family who loves to get everyone outside for fun weekend activities, or enjoys fulfilling weekend home improvement projects, consider yourself fortunate. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift they can use during those weekend endeavors, as we’ve accumulated a great selection of gift ideas for you to consider.

Before you begin shopping for Christmas gifts for your family’s weekender, here are 5 gifts every “coach” would love to have:

Gift Ideas: Cuisinart’s Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

5. Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker- Help your family cool down next summer with Cuisinart’s Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker. It features a fully automatic operation. Simply pour in ingredients, turn the dial and enjoy! It makes delicious ice cream, yogurt, sorbet and sherbet.

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3 Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

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Every year, the world tells us we need to go out and buy Santa, snowflake, and sparkle-flecked paper to adorn our holiday gifts. Rather than settling for the same old paper you used last year, what about thinking outside of the box to wrap up your box?

One of my favorite ways to make my holiday gift wrapping stand out is to use unconventional approaches to gift wrap. I blogged last week about recycled, holiday gift tags, but I also love to use unusual paper. For many years, I’ve used whatever newspaper I had hanging around as the gift wrap and jazzing it up with a big colorful bow and some sparkly ornaments. This year, I’m going simple, so I headed to The Home Depot for DIY gift wrapping ideas.

Holiday gift wrapping ideas from Home Depot

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Keep Christmas Trees Fresh All Season Long

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A Christmas tree


The aroma of a fresh cut Christmas tree is a staple in homes all around during the holiday season. To keep the scent of your fresh cut tree strong and aromatic, you’ve got to take care to preserve the tree. The Home Depot Forums associate BostonRoots shares tips for keeping your Christmas tree fresh for the entire season.

1. Add preservative.

Your fresh cut Christmas trees will drink over a gallon of water within the first 24 hours. Add tree preservative to the water to keep the tree vibrant and fresh. Tree preservative sells quickly so buy it when you see it in the stores. You can also make your own tree preservative using Sprite or 7Up and tablespoons of bleach [recipe]. Be sure to label the bottle and store it at room temperature.

2. Don’t let your tree dry out.
Keep water levels above the trunk line. If the water level goes below the trunk line, the tree will dry out and the sap will seal up.

3. Use tree stands.

Tree stands have generous water reserves. They will make it easy to keep your tree in proper position and to keep it watered and fresh.

4. Keep your tree away from heat sources.

Heat will make your tree dry out. Do not put your fresh cut Christmas trees near fireplaces. Find a cool corner to place it, as this will help to keep the trees from drying out.

5. Keep pets away.

Place fresh orange peels under the tree to keep cats away. Keep dogs and puppies away by placing bells on the lower branches. The noise from the bells will act as an alert and keep them away.

Shop fresh cut Christmas trees at or at your local The Home Depot store.  Don’t forget to shop tree preservatives, Christmas  tree decorations, Christmas ornaments and more.

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Photo by Laura Bitner under Creative Commons license.

Clever, Chalkboard Gift Tags

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Last week, we offered an easy, eco-friendly idea for making your own homemade gift tags using your computer printer and some recycled cardboard. Well, today, we’re back with another way to whip up some homemade gift tags in a jiffy.

Behold, Ashley’s post on 7th House on the Left for some easy, homemade gift tags made from chalkboard spray paint:

Clever gift tag made with chalkboard paint

Check out her simple step-by-step using card stock or chipboard, a hole punch, scissors, and some Rust-Oleom Chalkboard Spray Paint. So cute and creative!

See her post here!

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Meet The Material: Spray Paint

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There’s no end to the uses for spray paint. And, as it turns out, you can even use it on food. However, PLEASE don’t try this at home – unless you’re using a spray paint safe for consumption like Essalack Food Spray. [via THECOOLIST]

What is spray paint? Spray paint, or aerosol paint, is paint that comes in a pressurized can that is released in a fine mist when you press down on the spray cap. And, those things that rattle around in the can when you shake it are called “peas”; they help stir the paint in the can as you shake it (just in case you were wondering). [via Wikipedia]

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