Choose the Perfect Gift For Dad This Father’s Day

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I don’t know about your dad, but the last thing mine needs this Father’s Day is another tie that he’ll probably never wear!  After all of these years, I know him well enough to know that nothing makes him happier than fixing things around the house.  On the weekends he’ll gather up his tools, disappear for a while and then reappear to proudly tell everyone that he finally finished building the deck or that he unclogged the sink in the guest bathroom.  That’s why this year the easy part was deciding that I want to give him the convenience of not having to aimlessly search for his tools when he needs them.  The hard part will be choosing from all of the handy tool kits and combos available today.

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Flood Safety: Ways to Protect Your Home and Your Family

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A home in the middle of a flood


Severe weather can strike any time of the year, and whether you’re facing a hurricane or heavy rainfall, flooding a significant danger. If flooding and water damage threaten your home and the safety of you and your family, take a look at the steps you can take to ensure maximum safety:

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Give Her a Happy Mother’s Day

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This year, why not celebrate Mother’s Day in the great outdoors and turn her backyard into a relaxing al fresco retreat? 

The Frame it All 10-1/2 ft. Raised Garden Bed is the perfect accent to any backyard.  A raised bed gives you more control over soil conditions, as well as weed and pest control, making it easy to grow healthy plants and flowers that Mom is sure to love.  If she has a green thumb, she’ll also enjoy how a raised bed makes it much easier to access her garden so that she can tend to every single plant with ease. 

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Tips on Gardening

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At the recent California Spring Trials we caught up with Jimmy Turner, Sr. Director of the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, for a few gardening tips.  Watch and learn as Jimmy dispenses advice that can help you in the garden this spring.

The Story of Viva! Pt. 2: What’s New For Your Garden in 2011

Posted by: on May 1st, 2011 | One Comment

Looking for something new and different to plant this spring that will add style to your garden? Check out these offerings from our Viva! line of flowers and plants available exclusively at The Home Depot. Bred for superior flower power and garden performance, our Viva! plants and flowers represent the best in new varieties chosen from top plant breeders around the world.

The Story of Viva! Pt.1: Choosing The Best In Breed For Your Garden

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Viva! plants represent the newest innovation in flower breeding available today and are available exclusively at The Home Depot. Watch our live goods merchants and some of the nation’s top plant breeders explain what it takes for a plant to become a part of Viva!

Cooling System Service for Summer

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Oh, the thrill of summer – backyard barbeques, watching the kids run and play outside, or just simply relaxing on the porch and enjoying the warm weather.  But after coming inside from all that fun in the sun, we want our homes to be … cool.  The best way to keep the heat outside where it belongs is to make sure that your Heating & Cooling System (HVAC) is running smoothly and efficiently.

It’s recommended that you have your HVAC system checked twice a year, at the beginning of each cooling and heating season.  Here are just a few benefits to keeping up with these regular checkups:

  • Ensures system is working at peak performance level
  • Saves energy usage and utility costs
  • Prolongs the life of the system
  • Prevents expensive repairs

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Home Depot Severe Weather Center: Summer Storms

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Preparing for Natural Disasters
No matter what area of the country you live, natural disasters are an unfortunate but expected part of life for most of us. Most times, we are alerted before severe weather strikes. Early warning systems offer ample preparation time as they warn us before bad weather events like floods and severe storms approach, whether blizzards, summer thunderstorms, flash floods or hurricanes.

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Stylish and Functional Outdoor Lighting

Posted by: on April 27th, 2011 | One Comment

Now is the time to add light, style and pest control to your deck or patio with outdoor candles and torches.   The Home Depot has a wide and whimsical collection of fun tiki torches such as King Luau and King Kona and the classic South Seas Bamboo Torch.   We also now offer torch fuel canisters that burn in color….you can choose from a beautiful blue, green, yellow or orange flame.

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The Home Depot Introduces the New Windows Phone 7 App

Posted by: on April 26th, 2011 | One Comment

As smart phones get smarter and smarter these days, no one has time to wait around for information anymore.  That’s why we love our apps!  They give us the tools to perform everyday tasks faster and more efficiently.  In the never-ending race to keep up with this new technology The Home Depot has, once again, emerged as the leader of the pack.

We have made history by becoming the first brick and mortar retailer to offer apps for three of the hottest major smart phone platforms, the iPhone, Android and now the latest version of the Windows Mobile operating system – Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

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