Home Depot’s Holiday How-to Handbook

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least that’s how the song goes, right? Well we know it can be one of the most stressful times too. In order to make the holidays easier for you, we have gathered some great tips, ideas and everything you need to make sure you and your home are ready for the holidays.  

From preparing for holiday parties to guests coming to stay and from decorating the Christmas tree to lighting up your rooftop, The Home Depot has you covered.

Here are some great articles and helpful hints on getting your home ready and making it sparkle for the holidays:  

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Snapshot of Inspiration: Add Some Glam to Your Bedroom

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Create a 5-star bedroom retreat for yourself in warm greys or cool beige.  With mirror, silver and texture you can easily achieve this look on your own.  Imagine feeling like a movie star every night! 

Get This Look for Your Bedroom:

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Energy Savings: Insulating Your Home Saves You Money and Energy

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Holiday Gifts Made Easy: Home Depot Gift Cards

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Add the Personal Touch to Gift Cards With Personalized Video

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My gift giving philosophy is all about giving my friends and family want they want or need and sometimes that means giving them a Gift Card to ensure that they get their gift exactly the way they want it.

I know some folks out there think that giving a gift card isn’t very personal.  But The Home Depot has changed all of that with our new Personalized Video Gift Card. Imagine being able to record your message in video telling your loved ones how much they loved or sharing a special video from their favorite family vacation or family event.  These new Gift Cards truly make gift card giving very personal.

Home Depot’s Personalized Video Gift Card lets you record or upload a video for your family and friends to enjoy on a virtual 3D movie screen.  All they need is his computer, a webcam and the Gift Card to view your video.  Even they don’t have a webcam; they’ll be able to view it.

Home Depot’s new Personalized Video Gift Card isn’t available anywhere else so start thinking about the video message you want to share with everyone on your list.  I have quite a few names yet to cross off my gift giving list; so I think I am going to attach some old video excerpts that I have on my computer to those gift cards for a good laugh and warm memories.

Don’t forget…Home Depot’s Gift Cards never have any fees and they never expire.  They can be redeemed online or at your favorite Home Depot store so check out this demo for the Personalized Video Gift Cards today:

The 12 Tools of Christmas: This Season’s Hottest Gifts Are The Coolest Tools

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The holidays are now in full swing and the days seem to go quickly leading up to the New Year. With only 14 days left before Christmas Day, friends and family are upon you and that bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel you were planning to have finished never quite got started. Not to worry, it just gives you more reason to ask Santa for all the awesome tools you’ll need to tackle seasonal projects, honey-do-lists and major renovations in the coming year.

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How-To Care for Your Christmas Pointsettias

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Fresh poinsettias lave long been known to symbolize the Christmas season, both for gift-giving and home decoration. Yet once the holidays pass, many simply dispose of these strikingly pretty plants.  But did you know that with a little TLC, poinsettias will retain their blooms well into the New Year?

The best time to purchase poinsettias is from the end of November through the end of December, when the selection is ample.

When choosing your plants, look for healthy, dark green leaves as well as brightly-colored red, pink or white bracts.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Safety Tips for Using Space Heaters

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With below average temperatures across most of the country today, it seems as though we are all trying to find ways to stay warm.  Space heaters are a great way to warm up a small space or a room without heating the entire house.  But be aware that there are some very important safety steps to take when using space heaters to stay warm.  Check out the video above as Mike walks you through how to use your space heater safely.


Check out more DIY and home improvement videos here on the Home Depot blog and on The Home Depot’s YouTube channel.

Holiday Decorating Essentials: Starting Your Holiday Decorating Toolbox

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Let’s make holiday decorating easier this year!

You know how it goes, you’re out in the cold decorating for the holidays and you think to yourself, next, year I will do this or that differently! I finally did something about that a few years ago and my holiday decorating is much easier now. 

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Join the Conversation Today: Connect with Home Depot

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So how did your annuals do in the garden this past season?  Have a great home project idea but don’t know how to get started?  Having trouble deciding what paint to choose for the family room?  

We have the industry’s top experts here at the homedepot.com to help you with your projects, answer your questions, share ideas & inspiration and more. 

Now we have several new ways to for you to join the conversation online and on-the-go such as

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