Gardening 101: Is Your Garden Shade or Full Sun, or Everything In Between?

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What does it mean when a plant tag says full sun or shade? One of the most important things to consider in Gardening 101 is exposure. This is very important in selecting plants for your garden. Long-time gardeners know this, often because they had to learn it the hard way. Reading the plant tag before you buy will help you make the right decisions for the plants that you choose.

Here is some helpful information to get you up to speed on just what your plants will need as far as light:

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Gardening 101: How to Use Rain Barrels in Your Garden

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Gardening 101: Gardening Advice on Getting Started

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At The Home Depot, we want everyone to enjoy digging in the dirt, and we’re ready to offer you the gardening advice to make your thumb as green as you’d like. Here we take a quick look at the basic ingredients of gardening: Light, soil, mulch, water and fertilizer.

Light is important

Most gardens fall into two categories – sun or shade.  Sun loving plants generally need a minimum of 8 hours of sun a day, while shade loving plants will be happy with just a minimum of reflected, ambient light. Sun or shade, the location should also be easily accessible to properly tend, maintain, and enjoy. Plant tags will tell you if the plant is sun or shade – and often tags will be more specific and tell you ‘partial sun’ or ‘half day shade’ – whenever you see a tag like that you should be more careful with the planting location. Look at the role that house exposure plays, with planting against east facing walls generally being cooler and more gentle that west facing or southwest exposures that get the full impact from hot afternoon light. Planting tubs on a sunny deck or patio will have the double effect of sun reflecting back off the deck surface – so use more ‘sun’ plants in patio and deck plantings unless you truly know that it is a shady location.

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Gardening 101: Gardening Advice, Videos and How-to’s for Your Garden

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Gardeners come in many levels of experience and expertise. Some of us can name a Phytophthora mold from a mile away. While others of us enjoy growing tulips, but can’t be bothered to remember if they’re called Beauty of Oxford or Vlammenspel. There is also a large group of people who want to start a gardening habit, but just don’t know how to get started.

Here at The Home Depot, we want everyone to enjoy digging in the dirt, and we’re ready to offer you the gardening advice to make your thumb as green as you’d like. Here’s a round up of some very useful information to get the novice gardener started, and the long-time horticulturalists refreshed.

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Gardening 101: How-To Start Composting

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Water Conservation: Rain Barrels Can Really Help Your Gardens Grow

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While rain barrels have been around for some time, they keep growing more and more popular. They have become a critical gardening tool for those of us who live in drought susceptible areas and earth-friendly gardeners. Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water and water utility costs throughout the entire country.

So why is a rain barrel a good investment?  

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How-To Transform Your Kitchen with Home Depot’s Kitchen Planner

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The kitchen is often the most utilized space in the home, serving as a place for meals, conversation and gathering of family and friends. If you are considering upgrading your current kitchen or are considering a full-scale remodel, The Home Depot is here to help you throughout the process – from start to finish!  Our newly-launched Virtual Kitchen Showroom is a one-stop destination for creating, planning and refreshing your kitchen space.

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Kitchen Design Made Simple with Our New Interactive Kitchen Planner

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Home Depot Inspiration Martha Stewart Living Kitchen

The Home Depot’s Interactive Kitchen Planner is an online design tool that gives you the power to design and build your dream kitchen. Whether you are in the market for a complete kitchen overhaul to match your lifestyle or are just an interior design fanatic, our free Interactive Kitchen Planner is a planning tool you definitely

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Save Water, Save Money with WaterSense Labeled Products

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Water bills around the country continue to rise.  Every time you get that water bill, you start to notice it going up and up.  You also start to notice how often the spouse waters the garden or lawn, how many times this one leaves the water running while they get a glass or wash their hands or how long they take in the shower. 

All of that really seems to add up quickly, right?  All of that wasteful water usage does add up, but there is a water hog in your home that  many people don’t think about when they start trying to reduce their water bills…the toilet!

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BEHR Premium Plus Ultra is the #1 Top-Rated Paint and Primer in One…Again

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BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA®, exclusive to The Home Depot, is the #1 top-rated paint and primer in one, for the second year in a row.

It’s no surprise to me; I’ve been using BEHR paints for years now with nothing but success. And now when I use BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA I can get the job done with fewer coats which saves me time and money. So for me it’s always been #1.

In the March 2011 issue of a leading consumer testing agency’s magazine, BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA has come out on top of their rigorous, independent testing for the second year in a row. 

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