Flower Power (Episode 6): From Runway To Garden

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Watch episode 6 of The Home Depot’s web series to see how global fashion trends influence the breeding of plants and flowers we bring to your garden.

Taking Care of Garden Tools

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Home Depot Store Associate, Orange County, CA

It’s something most people never think about but it’s important to take care of your garden tools. Why? Because if you take good care of your tools they will last longer and perform better for you.  Have you ever tried to cut a board with a rusty saw? Aside from being hard to use and taking twice as much energy to accomplish the job, the rust will start to degrade the tool. That nice sharp edge on your saw will not be as sharp as it should be to work properly and your garden may suffer for it. So take the time to clean your equipment!

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10 Dorm Room Must-Haves

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Even though the dog days of summer are upon us, before long the seasons will change and it will be time to head back to school….before you head off to hit the books this year, here is a list of important items you’ll need to create a comfortable home away from home.

Surge Protector

Your radio, TV, alarm clock, laptop and a host of other gadgets are items that you depend on every day. Don’t let a power surge or electrical fault ruin your precious electronics. Take a surge protector with you.

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Flower Power (Episode 5): Raising Vigoro and Viva

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Watch Episode 5 of The Home Depot’s web series to get a behind the scenes look at how The Home Depot’s plant merchants work with independent breeders and growers to produce our exclusive Vigoro and Viva plant brands.

Save Energy And Money This Summer

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A thermostat

As the temperature goes up, so do our energy costs and air conditioners are usually the biggest culprits during the hot weather months. In fact, during the summer air conditioners often account for more than half of the average electric bill. Thankfully, there is a way to stay cool and save money with these simple energy-saving tips:

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Flower Power (Episode 4): Performance Testing

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Watch Episode 4 of The Home Depot’s web series for a view of the global and regional trialing process our plants and flowers undergo to ensure they will grow successfully in your garden.

Decorating With Red, White & Blue

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The Fourth of July is here and I’m sure that many of you out there are planning an outdoor activity or two and what better way to spruce up your outdoor space and show your patriotic spirit than by decorating it red, white and blue? After looking through homedepot.com I came up with some pretty awesome red, white and blue themed outdoor décor ideas! Take a look:

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Flower Power (Episode 3): The Science of Beauty

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Watch episode 3 of The Home Depot’s web series for a glimpse of the technology that goes into producing best-in-breed plants and flowers for your garden.

Encourage Physical Activity At Home With An Outdoor Play Area

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Back in the “good old days”, children would wake up, throw on some play clothes, gobble down their cereal and head outside. They only returned when it was lunch or supper time…and that was only when called! Unfortunately, nowadays most kids are glued to their favorite gaming systems and ‘tween TV.

Eloise Elliott, Ph.D, and Steve Sanders, Ph.D, in a PBS.org article on children’s activity, wrote that the National Association for Sport and Physical Education advises that kids need to be physically active for at least 60 minutes per day. Sixty minutes should be pretty easy, but in a world where more and more kids are getting less exercise and becoming more sedentary, parents often struggle to find ways to keep kids physically active at home. 

One solution for this dilemma is to create a fun, engaging outdoor play area at home with a variety of activities to keep kids interested and active for long periods of time.  Below are a few ideas as to what to include if you want to create a fun outdoor play area for your kids:

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Improving Air Quality For A Healthier Home

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Summer is a fun time for most, but can be a source of dread for others. It’s usually the time when people will go outside and enjoy the wonderful weather and blue skies. But for some of us it’s that time of year to stay inside and count down the days until winter again.

Most people who prefer to stay indoors in the summertime do so due to harsh allergies during this season. But, unfortunately, just because you’re safe inside doesn’t mean you’ve completely avoided all of those pesky allergens!

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