New Lighting Collections: Definitely Not Your Grandma’s Lighting

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Fall has arrived and winter will soon follow. Cooler days mean more time spent indoors, making fall the perfect time to complete projects around the house. Since the holidays are right around the corner, it’s even more important to complete some of the do-it-yourself projects on your list. Just make sure a lighting update is included.

Changing indoor lighting fixtures is an inexpensive way to update to your décor. You can do a lot with lighting – create ambience, illuminate a piece of art or even transform a room. The ideas are limitless! The only question is what’s your lighting style? Answer that, and you’ll be on your way to a fabulous redesign inspired by a simple lighting upgrade.

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Chemical Storage Safety Tips

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Home Depot Store Associate, Atlanta, GA 

This time of year outdoor projects seem to multiply. There’s the last pressure washing session to clean up after summer and get ready for winter, cleaning off the deck and storing the lawn furniture, and fertilizing the lawn (if the grass type allows). It’s also time to close up the pool and spray down the weeds. And last but not least, let’s not forget all those gas-powered outdoor projects: blowing, sawing, trimming, cutting, edging, lopping and pruning!

Many of us store these necessary chemicals and supplies in the garage or outdoor shed.  All of these products are excellent in their own right, but frankly they do not play well together. Things can quickly get hazardous, poisonous or even deadly. Be sure to thoroughly read the labels on the back of the package. Product Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available online for more detailed information.

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Planting Fescue Grass

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Fescue grass is a hardy variety and very popular among homeowners for creating a lush, green lawn. Fescue is a grass that tolerates some shade and stays green all year. Since it is a non-spreading grass, Fescue needs to be overseeded in the fall to thicken and fill in. Here’s what to do when planting Fescue grass.

Prepare the yard before seeding by aerating the soil. Aeration is the process of piercing the soil surface to allow air and water to penetrate deeper into the soil. This will result in better moisture retention and the development of deeper roots. Since powered aerators are specialized and relatively expensive, it may be best to rent one from your local Home Depot Tool Rental Center.

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NY And NC Residents: Storm-Relief — Appliance Rebate Program

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[Editor's Note, 10/05/2011 - The funds for the North Carolina Hurricane Replacement Program have been exhausted. Visit for up-to-date details.]

Many people along the East Coast are still trying to rebuild and recover from the widespread flood and wind damage caused by Hurricane Irene. But, there is some relief for certain New York and North Carolina residents. These states are offering appliance rebate and replacement programs* for residents who suffered storm-related property damage.

If you are a resident of a storm-affected area of New York or North Carolina contact your local legislature for program details as certain state-specific restrictions apply:

New York Storm Relief Rebate Program

North Carolina Hurricane Appliance Replacement Program

Hurry, funds are limited and the program will be closed when all funding has been exhausted! Visit your local Home Depot Store for our large selection of home appliances.

*The appliance rebate and replacement programs apply to in-store purchases only.

Top Outdoor Power Equipment Brands Delivered To Your Home

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Riding Mowers with White Glove Dealer Delivery Service at The Home Depot

Buying mowers and snow blowers just got even easier with White Glove Dealer Delivery Service*.  The Home Depot has teamed up with Ariens, John Deere and Toro to have your equipment assembled and delivered to your home by a local, professional dealership. Shop all eligible products now.

White Glove Delivery Service includes:

  • Unpackaging and setup at your home
  • Connect and check battery
  • Set tire pressure
  • Check and fill fluid levels
  • Test start and check safety start systems
  • File product warranty information
  • Brief how-to instruction and explanation of the user manual
  • Removal of all shipping debris

Toro Zero-Turn Mower White Glove Delivery Service

A local professional from Toro can deliver and assemble your zero-turn mower.  Your new mower includes  home delivery, set-up and haul away.

Ariens Snow Blower or Zero-Turn Mower White Glove Delivery Service

Enjoy your new purchase without the stress of putting it together yourself. Purchase an Ariens Snow Blower or Zero Turn Mower and have it delivered to your home.

Browse’s extensive collection of outdoor power equipment, including Ariens Zero Turn Mowers, John Deere Zero Turn Mowers, Toro  Zero Turn Mowers, and Ariens Snow Tek Snow Blowers.

*White Glove Delivery is only available on John Deere , Ariens, and Toro brands including Ariens Zero Turn Mowers, John Deere Zero Turn Mowers, John Deere Riding Mowers, Toro  Zero Turn Mowers, and Ariens Snow Tek Snow Blowers.

**In some cases, a customer order for equipment may ship directly to the consumer as a ‘curb drop’ if there’s no Authorized Service Dealer in the area. White Glove Delivery is available in most areas.

Plant MSL Bulbs Now For Beautiful Spring Gardens Later

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The end of summer is almost here but that doesn’t mean that it’s too early to start thinking about spring. In fact, fall is the perfect season to plant spring-flowering bulbs! That’s exactly why the Martha Stewart Living™ bulb collection recently made its debut in The Home Depot Garden Center.

The new bulb collection is available online and in select stores. The collection offers a Cut Flowers category with bulbs best suited to create indoor arrangements, as well as outdoor arrangements including Border, Deer-Resistant and Fragrant bulb categories.

When planting bulbs in the fall for a stunning spring display, it’s important to consider the following questions:

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Celebration Of Service: September 11 – Veterans Day

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200 Service Projects in Two Months to Improve the Homes and Lives of Veterans

Today, The Home Depot Foundation if officially launching a sixty day “Celebration of Service” that will end on Veterans Day (11/11/11). The campaign includes 200 service projects directly aimed at improving homes, facilities and community centers where veterans and their families live and receive services.  From Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, Calif., thousands of Home Depot associates will renovate the homes of disabled veterans, upgrade the facilities of American Legions and VFWs and make much needed repairs for organizations that help veterans successfully transition from military to civilian life.

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Update Your Kitchen With KOHLER

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The kitchen is more than just a room where food is stored and prepared. It’s the heart of most homes and usually the most popular gathering place for families. Since you and your loved ones spend so much time there, why not make it as beautiful as possible with the new line of KOHLER® Whitehaven™ Self-Trimming™ apron-front kitchen sinks?


Each of the apron-front sinks from KOHLER®’s Whitehaven™ collection is made out of durable cast iron material guaranteed not to chip, crack or burn for life. They are also available in a variety of color options, ranging from timeless whites to gorgeous, hand-applied hues that are sure to look just as stunning in a traditional country farmhouse as they do in a modern urban loft. Visit us here for a look at the full collection.


KOHLER® knows that looks aren’t everything so they also made their new line with function in mind. Each Whitehaven™ kitchen sink features a 9” deep basin big enough to clean, handle and hold most large kitchen items. They also include a basin that slopes towards the drain to eliminate water pooling, as well as an offset drain that can serve as an extra work surface space when needed. KOHLER® also helps to keep your home eco-friendly by making its Whitehaven™ sinks out of at least 80% recycled material.

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Make Your Home Sparkle With Martha Stewart Living Project Paint

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A chair sits in front of a wall with mouldings painted in metalic silver

You know all about how to easily make over a room. You’ve taken a boring, out-of-date space and breathed new life into it with just some paint, a brush and a little elbow grease. And you should be proud of yourself – it looks great! But do you ever get the urge to take it a step further?

Martha Stewart Living project paints can quickly and easily inject a high-end shot of glitz, shine or texture to walls and even objects. The metallic paints and glazes can add either a vibrant metallic gleam or a more subtle shiny gloss to any space. You can also add a bit of shimmer by using glitter project paint that dries clear to reveal the base color in a glittery sheen.

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Cleaning Up After Hurricane Irene

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Home Depot Store Associate, Atlanta GA

Hurricane Irene has passed and now the clean-up has begun. Your property may have sustained wind, rain, and flood damage. What items do you keep, salvage, or throw away? What do you need to do when restoring your property and getting your life back on track?

Photograph or videotape your property before starting to clean. Keep track of your activities and follow the guidance of your insurance company and local government authorities.

I’ve heard one of the most common injuries when cleaning after a flood is cuts to the feet. Be sure to wear proper protective equipment, including boots or work shoes, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, rubber or work gloves, rubber boots, proper eye protection (safety glasses or goggles), and possibly a hard hat until the situation has stabilized.

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