Happy Father’s Day!

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My dad loves to stay busy around the house. That’s why some of my fondest memories with him are long conversations while I passed him this tool or that, or simply sat and watched him in action. I remember thinking that he could fix anything. He was my superhero back then and he still is! So in honor of Father’s Day, here are some special memories of dad from the Home Depot team:

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Dealing With Odd-Shaped Windows

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Have you recently moved into your new home and just as everything starts to fall into place you notice that one window that is completely out of place and in the oddest shape imaginable? Well, you’re not alone! My house has at least six different windows like this and each one was the bane of my existence for a long time. If you’re in a similar situation here are some answers to a few common questions that customers often ask:

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We’ve Got Dad Covered

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re thinking of getting Dad a new grill The Home Depot is your one stop shop. We have a variety of options for you to choose from. Visit us here for grills from Aussie, Brinkmann, Char-Broil, Weber and more! The Home Depot has the largest selection of top-rated grills that are in stock, fully assembled and ready to cook on!

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Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Appliances

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Think back to your childhood…which room in your house gave you the most lasting memories? For me and a lot of others, nothing comes close to the kitchen. In the kitchen, our respective Moms cooked great meals and made our favorite treats and snacks. Family fellowshipped over dinners, and the kitchen was a dependable source of happiness whether it was morning, noon or night. As we got older and had to start cleaning dishes and making our own meals, our relationship with the kitchen changed. There is no reason, however, why you can’t rekindle that magic in your own kitchen.

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Seasonal Maintenance For Your Fruit Trees

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Hello to all my fellow gardening enthusiasts!

Spring has a foothold across this great land of ours and summer is almost here.  That means that there are certain tasks that you should be putting on your current “To-Do” list.  For instance, when was the last time you took the time to aerate the lawn around your fruit trees?  To aerate means to allow air to penetrate and circulate through materials such as dirt and soil.  This process is made easier by using a variety of lawn and garden cultivating tools.

In many areas, soil may have a tendency to compact and allow water to run off rather that penetrate into the ground.  Compacted soil will not allow air, water or nutrients to percolate into the ground and reach the feeder roots of the plant or tree.  If water does not reach the feeder roots of your fruit tree, you may experience fruit drop, a condition where the tree will drop its fruit prior to being fully grown or ripened due to lack of water.

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Sprinkler System Installation Made Easy With Orbit

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We’re not the only ones who get parched in the summer heat.  Our lawns and gardens get thirsty too and regular watering is the key to making sure that they stay lush and healthy all year long.  But for those of us who have larger sized yards to take care of, this is much easier said than done when you have to drag the old hose out every time you need to water.  The most convenient and efficient solution is to install a sprinkler system on your property.  But to the average homeowner this job can be complicated and a little overwhelming – until now.

It’s no surprise that Orbit has led the way in making every step of this process straightforward and simple.  From sizing up your yard to the actual system setup, this world-leading manufacturer and supplier of irrigation and watering products has made installing a professional-quality sprinkler system as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

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Home Improvement Gift Ideas from Steve Harvey

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Author, comedian, and radio talk show host Steve Harvey is putting a fresh new spin on favorite things with his top home improvement picks.  The best-selling author has partnered with The Home Depot to bring you “Steve Harvey’s Favorite Things”. Among his picks are five products chosen exclusively by Steve:

Husky 20 in. Pro Tool Bag with Tool Wall

This Husky tool bag features a tool wall that lets you store and easily reach your most used hand tools and power tools without rummaging through the bag. The tool bag is spacious with 32 internal and 11 external pockets. It’s durable and has a handle, making it perfect for use at home or at a busy construction site.

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Flower Power (Episode 2): Selecting The Best-In-Breed Plants and Flowers For Your Garden

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Watch Episode 2 of The Home Depot’s web series chronicling our selection process of the most innovative new plants and flowers with the best garden performance at the 2011 Spring Trials.

The Home Depot Helps Rebuild Joplin

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Some of you may have already heard about this in the local news, but we have opened a drive through lumberyard in the parking lot of our Joplin store, and we’ll be opening a bigger temporary store in just a few weeks.

Although we’re calling the current operation a lumberyard, it has other supplies such as shingles, other basic building materials, and even generators. Mainly things we know customers will need immediately as they start the very early stages of repairing and rebuilding.

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Beautify Your Garden with Bare Root Roses

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I love roses – all types, colors and varieties.  But I decided to try my hand with bare root (packaged) roses this year.  These are roses that are sold without soil or foliage.  They are generally less expensive and can be planted earlier in the season, which suits me fine because I am ready to start planting!

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